Peaceful Sunday

Peaceful Sunday

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Quiet day today. Much needed. If we Clarity peeps are to keep going through the pandemic for another year, keep the business going, keep the Shac Shac going, keep design and production going, we have to pace ouselves. And Sunday is a day of rest, isn’t it?

It’s important for all of us to keep ourselves safe, fed and watered, innit?!?

Exercise, breathing exercises, meditation, Vitamin D, Zinc – the list of things which might help is getting longer. Let me add to it: art, craft, doodling, colouring, jigsaws, sleep, tea. Tea? Mmmm. The jury’s out on TEA today.

Last week ie the first week of 2021, every single day brought with it a new drama, something else to worry about. Both at Clarity and worldwide. From missing shipments and ensuing delays to covid alerts and sickness. From Brexit clouds to Capitol Storms, each issue was superseded by the next one, and we just kept rolling with the punches, going with the flow.

By this morning I was ready to skip a day, and just stay in bed till tomorrow! But that dreamy idea was cut short instantly when I spilt a full cup of tea everywhere. Caught it with my pillow. FFS. A lie in? Twas not to be. Leaping around in my nightie trying to mop up a pint of tea dumped on a cream bedroom carpet, and get rid of the stains with vinegar for a good hour – relaxing?! NOT.

Ah well, at least we had some vinegar in the cupboard and I got some exercise. Tell me PLEASE. I’m not ready to drink tea through a straw yet, am I ??!?!?!

I’ve got a great and very apt Harley T-Shirt, which I’ll dig out…

One day at a time, eh.

Stay safe

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

28 thoughts on “Peaceful Sunday

  1. Oh boy it has certainly been a week of drama. I can just image the scene over the spilt tea. I hope it hasn’t stopped you drinking tea. Have a good evening. A day to recharge is good for us all. Then it all starts again. Take care. Hugs xxx

  2. I can just see you hopping around trying to clean up the tea. You are to be commended for all you have done during this surreal crazy time to help others take a step away from it all. Thank you dear Barb!!!!!

    stay safe my friend.

  3. Aww heck! Not a good start to the day for sure! That’s just the sort of thing I do too! Without the jumping around bit though. Hope you got all the stain our the carpet. Carpet might be cream, but I bet the air was defo blue! Trust me – I know that bit too!

  4. Well, disaster reigns! Lol. It’s the milk that does the damage! I’ve got a stain on my cream carpet from a double strong espresso (with milk) from last March. It wasn’t even me! Still trying to remove the stain and with a puppy in tow I have to keep saying ‘it wasn’t the dog’ It looks like New Zealand!
    Tried white vinegar, bicarbonate, and tartare Any more ideas greatly appreciated.
    I’d live a lie in. Average waking time at the moment 5am.
    Stay happy. This too shall pass x x

    1. Don’t know if it will work as you have already tried with other things but Vanish Carpet Cleaner worked for me when some clumsy crafters upset some grungy mixtures on my light coloured carpet. Worth a try.

  5. Your long lie with a cup of tea sounds like my baking yesterday.
    I never usually buy a kit, preferring to bake from scratch, but when I saw parma violet cup cake kit I thought “yummy”. The cupcake bit was fine, but when I added too much milk after miss reading the icing instructions, it just got worse when I thought I would just add more icing sugar. Only I added more flour as I keep everything in tupperware and just grabbed the first one out the cupboard. Thought I had rescued enough flour out, but the icing definately has a flour taste even though I ended up adding a lot of icing sugar to make it work. Should just keep doing from scratch baking as it’s less ikely to go wrong. Earlier in the week I made up a merangue kit, but I don’t think the water added as directed was warm enough as it didn’t whisk to stiff peaks in 5-7 mind, 25 mins later it was still very gloopy. Anyway put I a deep tray, and baked for 90 mins, only to forget to turn off oven, or turned dial wrong way and after 6 hours it was burned. Think I will avoid baking for a while. It will be better for my hips!!

  6. Sorry about the carpet – never heard of using vinegar. I always have a bottle of vanish handy and it has never let me down. Will you be watching pottery throw down tonight. I enjoy watching the talented potters ‘do battle’.

  7. Well you’ve made me feel a lot better – I looked up Spike Milligan’s birthday…..
    he was not a scorpio – he was born in April, who knew? (what did we do before Dr google?) it was probably in Bunty, or FAB208 and I believed it!
    So – drink coffee.
    A cream carpet with kittens!
    I may have mentioned the cat’s puke and poo kit, all our carpets are brown/toned – luckily.
    Trying to work out what to wear for protection at the supermarket, can you buy space helmets? Wish me luck.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

    1. When I went last week, I wore a face mask and a visor. I got some funny looks from people, but I felt safer and I would rather be safe than sorry.
      Anyway, with that disguise, I wouldn’t be recognised again! 😂
      The worst thing was the number of people going in without sanitising their hands or trolleys. Unbelievable. Take care and stay safe. X

  8. No, just try one of those beakers with a lid ! Sorry to hear about the spill. I hope you had a better day than you thought. X

  9. Oh Barb, you poor thing. That was all you needed after such a bad week. I shall stick to gin, as it doesn’t stain! Mind you, drinking that in bed in the morning would be a bit much 🤪 and I do like to have a cuppa and read, especially as for me, 6am is a lie in. Have a relaxing evening and see you in the SHAC tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  10. Why is it a cup of any liquid seems to go much further than you would think possible. Hope the stain comes out ok.
    I have had a very quiet afternoon with a possible nap ( as I seem to have lost an hour) after driving over to mom’s to take her for her vaccination this morning.
    See you in the SHAC Shack tomorrow, hope the rest of your day is less eventful !!

  11. One of those things. Spilling just proves how much you needed a lie in. Blanket on the sofa while the bed dries next time? I like Vanish, though it doesn’t get everything out. Have a good week.

  12. Well I have a toddlers beaker I could send you, in the last year Taylor has outgrown it before he had hardly used it.. The rate things are going not sure Mollie is ever going to use the one I got in ready for her. Still we are all still safe and well. Never knew vinegar got the stains out, useful tip for today. xx

  13. What a start to the day. I use an eco biological stain remover was a bit worried it wouldn’t do the trick but it seems to work on most biological stains and tea and coffee are biological aren’t they. Worth a try anyway

  14. What a shame that your lie in was ruined. I always used vanish or a bit of liquid washing detergent on carpet stains in the guesthouse- damp cloth the rub it in, dry cloth to dab it off. Leave it and repeat- bit like your groovi white work! X

  15. I had exactly the same kind of day mid week. Knocked a new jar of sun-dried tomatoes in oil on the kitchen floor (glass and oil everywhere); lost my mask on the way to the newsagents (good job I was wearing a scarf) and forgot to take the lottery ticket to renew! Thank god I had my three in one, or so I thought, as I went on to rick my back on the icy path and have been in agony ever since. Didn’t win anything either. Up side, no tidying or ironing until my back is less sore.

  16. You poor thing and you so deserve a lie-in. Vanish is great as a carpet cleaner. Once I’m awake I have to get up. I must admit to having had a great weekend in the kitchen, watching Paul and you on You Tube all day today. Brilliant ideas, loved the Harbour scene with the cotton wool for clouds and the scrunched up paper and brayer for the sea (bet it doesn’t work when I try it!!!!) tomorrow is another week xx

  17. Lol. Well, your day got off to a great start. Maybe you need to listen to my reflection for today. The music is calming if nothing else. See you tomorrow. Lots of love. Hxx

  18. Hope you managed to get some peace and rest today after that rather active start! my advice on the stain? …… buy a rug! 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Hi Barbara

    Hope you managed to get to watch the great pottery showdown 🏺this evening. Always worth a watch very brave people putting themselves through this but some great time results.
    Hope you had a better evening than the morning 👍
    Ruth & Jackie xx

  20. Hi Barb, I guess it is on such days that you wish you had chosen a different colour carpet? It happens to us all, and I can imagine you hopping around trying to dry it up. Vanish works, but also try Dr Beckmanns. Aldi has it on offer at the moment, I hope nobody minds me mentioning the shop name. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  21. I dropped some ink pads on the cream bedroom carpet on Saturday but thankfully although some of the lids came off they landed up the right way, so no stains!

  22. Sorry, the spilt tea and visions of you dancing around in your nightie, just made me chuckle! I could just see it! Bet the air was really blue!
    So much for a lie in! Xxx

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