A real Tree-t

A real Tree-t

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers, right? If you actually watched the Christmas Day TV Show on Hochanda, you will have seen this double- set of fabulous tree and deer stamps which I showcased early that Christmas morning.


They are both available individually – the positive and the negative sets – but there is still a super duper saving on the double pack. I checked on the Clarity website, to make sure it’s still in place. And it is. You get the positive set FREE!! And since this is Bloggy Tutorial Month, I thought I’d shine a little light on this oh-so-exceptionally good tree and landscape set.

You may recall this demo on the day, using the Winter Wonderland block stamp. I wanted to clarify that this tree scene is not just for Christmas!

Today I want to focus on the single Tree block stamp. Love this with a dusting of gold on black.

The middle size stampboard is perfect for this.

  • Stamp the tree block using back Archival.
  • Sprinkle a tiny amount of fine gold embossing powder over the image. It will catch, believe me! In fact, I tapped and blew quite a lot off before heat embossing!

All I wanted next was a gold line around the oustside. Decided to put the thick gold Posca pen through its paces. B I N G O. You can make gold lines of varying thickness by simply digging the nib into the edge of the board further in or out. Very very easy to do.

  • This is a must have. The silver is excellent too. They come in thick nib or ultra fine nib. I thought I’d try to make a thicker gold border, to see whether the gold was gold, not yellow. It is gold. Lovely, metallic gold.
  • Lay down a strip of low-tack masking tape where you want to stop the gold, then lightly run the pen in sweeping motions along the whole length of the board.

So here’s the good news:

we’ve got the fineline gold and silver pens in stock.


Here’s the other good news:

the thick nib gold and silver are on the boat, and due to land at the end of the month. They’re like hen’s teeth at the moment! We have been waiting months! So we are putting them on the website, for you to pre-order today, if you would like a pair.

We will send them as soon as they come in. They won’t hold up anything else you order; we’ll just put them on back order for you, so you get them as soon as they come in. CLICK HERE TO PREORDER>

I think a simple sentiment from Barb’s sticker booklet will hit the spot.

This too shall pass. It will. It surely will.

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being lovely, tiptoe through the tulips lovely, and 10 being dire, dark and dank, where did your today land? Mine was a definite growing day. Not dire. Nobody dired! But not a bowl of cherries either. So I’d give it a solid 6.

Thing is, THIS TOO SHALL PASS !! And I know for sure that even what I consider to be my worst days are better than millions of peoples’ best days. In fact, how very dare I even THINK that I’ve had a shitshittershittest day! When nothing really even happened except in my head !!!

Where’s your attitude of gratitude, Gray?!

And on that happy note I shall love you and leave you – and go track down those two Vikings and a husband. Great title for a book: Two Vikings and a Husband.

Stay safe,

Love Barb xxx

15 thoughts on “A real Tree-t

  1. Four weddings and a funeral…. Two Vikings and a Husband…Yip, that could catch on! I’ve had a good day of crafting but most days are ok at my end at the moment. I just stay at home, keep my head down and carry on. My most stressful days is Saturday when iMovie starts mucking me about but I get there in the end! Have a nice relaxing evening. Lots of love, Hxx

  2. OOh must get those pens. I think mine was a 7 or 8 today, probably compared to others it was a 10. Saying that I did crack a code word puzzle we’ve been looking at on and off for a couple of weeks so perhaps I should definitely think it’s an 8 ! Just seen great-niece and nephew on local BBC news at their nursery school … xx

  3. Had a little anxiety wobble this morning but hopefully the practice manager at my doctors will sort that out tomorrow, but still giving my day an 8 as I spent most of it colouring teacups. Thank you Barbara xxx.

  4. WOW – thanks Barb. I loved these when you first showed them and I already have the first, original set, so I’ve just rushed over to Claritystamp.com and got the blocky one (plus a couple of random other bits and pieces!). Have a good night with the viking boys – oooh Mrs…that sounds a bit cheeky.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. Well my day has probably been a two as I have been sitting and playing with crafty stuff all day after watching the very calming Shac shac this morning. I felt so much better for that hours chill out that I just thought blow it I’m not going anywhere and I don’t want to get wound up again listening to all that’s going on so I’ll just carry on crafting- it worked a treat. Hope you have a lovely evening will Dave and the boys xxx

  6. Thanks, Barbara. Given no one died (15 in ten months) and no one made it into hospital, I’d give my day a solid 9. I stayed in, drank tea, bought a knitting pattern for an expected baby, answered e mails, generally caught up and tried the World Book Day application. Peace.

  7. I love that artwork today. Have experimented with sprinkled embossing in the past, but never got an effect like that. It snowed today, and I’ve been a bit poorly, but all in all my day was a 3 or 4. More to be grateful for than many others x

  8. That is so beautiful! My day’s been about a 7 – on zoom meetings all day with the new organisation I’m now working for part time, but they are lovely people so it was good. No time for crafting today, but will get my fix tomorrow afternoon 🙂

  9. A great step by step again. Watched the show from Christmas Day so stamps are already on their way ETA any day now. Already have posca pens & stamp board so am ready to attempt the project as soon as they arrive.
    I haven’t watched the news today, just crafted & done a load of washing. We are also binge watching ”The Queens Gambit” on Netflix so the day has passed pretty quickly so I have a lot to be grateful for.

  10. I’d have to say that today turned out to be a 3 which is unusually good for me, as I struggle with negative thoughts and feelings. I got a call from the GP to go in this afternoon for an examination and she agrees with me so is putting in 2 referrals to the hospital, such a relief!
    Take care and be kind to yourself

  11. Beautiful piece. I’d say today landed as a 6/7. Got through 5 online live lessons OK and thought on my feet when a worksheet assignment prepared for two classes had somehow vanished. Got home to catch up with The Great Pottery Throw down which is filmed less than five miles from my house. Day off tomorrow too.

  12. Hello Barb, lovely artwork. Will invest in the stamps when I can. My day was about a 6. Various things stressing me out a bit. But at least we have a home, we have food, none of family are ill with Covid. So yes this too shall pass needs to be my mantra until my mind gets onto an even keel. Hope the Two Vikings and a Husband were found and make it to print one day. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Loving the art work the posca pens are great they write on almost anything lots of colours too.
    If I’m a bit stressed
    I tidy my craft room or kitchen cupboards the order from the chaos helps a great deal but all in all I’m very lucky so an 8 at the moment xxx take care all

  14. Hi Barbara those stamps are gorgeous. I love the artwork that has been created with them. I do have those Posca pens I ordered them just before Christmas. I do love those pens. Have a good day. Hugs xxxx

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