New Grids and Ribbons

New Grids and Ribbons

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. First Clarity TV shows of the New Year today on HOCHANDA!

Here are the times: 2-4pm, then 6-7pm and 8-9pm. Tomorrow bright and early again at 8-9am. 12-1pm and 4-5pm. And don’t forget, there’s a cheeky little SHAC-Shac LIVE on Facebook squeezed in there at 10am.

All set for a busy couple of hours this afternoon! I hope you like the new Happy Alphabet stamps and Groovi. What’s not to like though!

Let’s take it slowly, take it easy. I’ve made my mind up to travel gently through this new year. I cannot and will not pedal like a lunatic for another year, so let’s try the more mellow approach and see if that works….

At 6pm, we’ve got something new and exciting if you’re a parcher, and you like beautiful, lacey gridwork. Josie Davidson has come up trumps with a superb new collection of grid plates, which are designed to allow beautiful ribbon weaving. Really lovely. And since they are quite substantial patterns, we have made them into larger plates. A4 square. Much easier to use – you’ll see. Great introductory price too! 4 for 3.

The cool thing is that you don’t have to turn the corner either! Just stop!

Here’s a little gallery of beautiful samples created by members of the talented Groovi team. Having studied these plates for a while now, I can tell you : this is very achievable.

And look out for the lovely ribbon packs – the perfect width for weaving through your new parchment patterns….

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Anyway, must dash. Have I got time for a quick session on the pottery wheel though…..hahahaha! Already been there!! Lookie lookie! Nothing like a quick turn on the wheel for slowing the head down. That, and sitting with Ragnar and Erik in the kitchen.

Actually, I’m working on something else which is really exciting. Started it yesterday evening. Coloured porcelain. We shall see. All the work is at the front end, preparing the porcelain. I ’m really not sure what I’m doing, but I’m figuring it out as I go! Ought to have googled this before I started! Ah well. Why not be an explorer! This is definitely like throwing the map away and going off piste!

I made a couple of funky plates out of the scraps, the offcuts from my layered slab, which are pretty cool. Let me fire them first, and see if it worked. If they would only stay like this…. but they won’t.

That’s it, isn’t it. You do the safe thing, the thing you know you can do, like the thrown pot pictured above. And running parallel, you try something new. That’s how we improve our game, whilst establishing our foundations – the basics. The foundations, upon which we can build.

Same with anything. Parchment too.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “New Grids and Ribbons

  1. Barbara, what great grids and pottery. Hope you’ve made loads as I see these flying out the door very quickly. Better get on so I can watch later.

  2. Wow those new plates look fantastic, I wonder how they will look after firing ? A bit like us taking the plunge to try the Gel Plate technique – unpredictable art.
    Let 2021 be the year for learning something new along with improving what we already know.
    I have decided to use some of my ever growing stash. Had projects for Christmas decorations that I had put away to do later but found them the weekend before Christmas when I cleared my craft room for Mom to stay. Will do them now & put away completed ready for Christmas 2021 – well that is the plan as of 3rd Jan !!
    I now have 2 hours to get some jobs done before sitting down to watch your first show !!

  3. You’re very talented. Love the new lace plates the ribbon idea is brilliant makes them look so pretty. Will be watching the shows. Too icy to step outside today.

  4. New grid plates look amazing , might have to dip into savings ha ha , get paid in 2weeks so can just borrow from it . xx

  5. Looking forward to the shows and the groovi plates – voucher at the ready. Your plates remind me of the handkerchief bowls. X

  6. Love the “handkerchief” bowls – very stylish.
    I have been putting money aside in anticipation of some new items for 2021 – just as well – looks like a heavy spending weekend. The alphabets and lace plates are definitely going in my basket tonight. You do bring us some superb products.
    Travelling gently is the way to go, it gives time to enjoy life and things still get done one day at a time.
    Stay safe 🍒

  7. Wow. Love what you are doing with pottery. Ready and waiting for this afternoon and this evening. I think I might need those plates tonight and possibly the stamps this afternoon. I don’t have a stamp alphabet yet. How did that happen?! Lol. Hope the shows go well. Hxx

  8. Hi Barbara I just love those ribbon grids. The results they give are fantastic. I also love the pottery you are making. I hope all the shows go well you are very busy. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  9. Love the stripey plates! Also so admire your willingness to just have a go. I feel very timid sometimes – worried about getting things “wrong”. May have decided on a New Years resolution just now!
    Stay safe yes – but take risks when being creative!

  10. Had a good laugh when I read you will doing all not in a rush this year!!
    Already 3 shows today and double hours and tomorrow again 3 shows and the Shac!!!! If that is what you are calling no rush…..
    Love the new grids and the alphabet is gorgious!!
    Have a peaceful evening and your pottery is beatyful too. You are a stunning lady!
    lots of love,Trijntje Huppel

  11. You know how to hit my bank balance, bring out some grids. My favourite type of parchment work. I have spent this afternoon practising blending inks. Getting better but enjoyed the process so that is the main thing. Like seeing your pottery results, bet you don’t let those kittens anywhere near your clay. xx

  12. I absolutely love Josie’s duet plates and was so excited to see the new ones. I just happened to get enough Christmas money to buy the full set, so I can’t wait to receive them. They are stunning.
    I was planning to finally get some housework done tomorrow, but with the SHAC and the ODS shows, I don’t hold out much hope! Hugs. Annette X

  13. Your pottery is fascinating. Bea still has a slate vase bought from you back ? at the beginning of the century (or just before) she thinks at the Penshurst show? I doubt this is anything like the same as you are doing now, but it’s interesting that you are back working with ‘hard’ designs.

  14. Hi Barb,
    If this is your idea of slowing down , then heaven help us!! The new alphabet is lovely and Josie’s new grids look fantastic. I like the bigger size too. The ribbon colours are beautiful and such a nice width. Your handkerchief plates look really cool and am looking forward to seeing them finished. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  15. That stripey plate is so cool. Sometimes it helps not to know the rules I think – more happy accidents and new ideas if you can remember what you did!

  16. I loved the TV programmes – particularly the alphabet and numbers stamps – another order will be on the way shortly!!!! And your pottery is super. For what it’s worth, back in the day when I tried my hand at pottery, I made a fruit bowl similar to your stripes dish (mine wasn’t stripes though) and to keep it that shape before firing, I supported it with screwed up paper balls…….if you get my meaning!

  17. More great shows today – thank you. Best way to start the New Year. Mind you, have you read your own memo about travelling gently and slowing it down…?? That’s a serious TV schedule you’ve got there, plus the SHAC shack. Take care xx

  18. Hello Barb, the shows yesterday were just super. Love the stamps. I think there are going to be some really happy Parchers/Groovi followers out there. The new plates look beautiful and what fabulous samples. You need to take it easy too, love your plates. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Looking to take parchment craft up again did 2 days craft class 22 yrs ago. Would love to be able to create the pejects I see. Been into card making box making mix media and memory books. Need something to be able to do from a hospital bed for the rest of this year. Hubby not bothered how much I need to spend to get everything I need. If you could give me a list please x

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