True Love

True Love

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Was just working on a quick little demo for tomorrow’s TV show on Hochanda 2pm-4pm, to highlight the Framework shapes stencil set. So basic, so simple! But really effective when overlaid too.

Just in case I don’t get to them tomorrow, here’s how they work…

They fit inside each, so you can overlay colours. Use ink or paint. Use a Gelpress too. Here I’ve just used the square and heart frames together, with brushes and ink. Then I tried the same with the round ones and less ink.

I love stencils. To be able to create something so subtle and gentle with a pair of stencils. Then take the same pair, and crash out something this arty, grungy, painty and different. Look:

All the time I was playing with the ink, I was trying to remember what I had done last time. Could not recall. Then it hit me. I had used the little elderly couple stamp on paint!

Here’s the thing. before working that out, look who I had reached for again. Yep. True Love. I always see my Mum and Dad in this stamp.

And one more thing: what card did I use for both of these projects? The Clarity Stencil card. It really is ideal. Works with ink, paint, water colour, sprays, alcohol based pens, pastes – everything. It’s one for the stash. Comes in two sizes. 7”x7” . Or the larger 8.5”x11”

Have a great Sunday.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “True Love

  1. Oh barb i love that ,we are becoming that old couple ,we been together 50 years ,married 54 not all pain sailing ,i sent hubby packing and you sent me a post card when i had to cancel being in your stamping club ,18 months on and a bit of talking we were back together and better for it ,3 children and 4 grandchildren now we are soul mates ,i still have your post card it shows your kindness ,happy new year to you and yours xx

  2. These are lovely Barbara. I suspect I may be buying the new alphabet stamps tomorrow as I can see so many ways to use them. Stencil card is my goto card stock now. Over the years I have tried so many others, but keep coming back to the stencil card as it takes everything!
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow x

    1. Thank you for the tip re stencil card Fiona. Now I know the most useful card to buy for my stash. …
      vouchers to spend! My family got the message this year!

  3. Hi Barbara I love that stamp. I do have the die. Cards I have made with it have been very popular. When we went to our friend’s forest funeral I could see in the distance I could see an older couple on a bench silhouetted against the sky. This couple had their grandchildren running round them. The image stuck with me because I knew our friend would never be able to do that. That is why I bought the die. I might just have to get the stamp. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. Love the stencils, didn’t get them so thanks for the reminder. Have a good day tomorrow, looking forward to it. I take it you meant have a great Sunday tomorrow and not today ! My neighbour thought it was Sunday today ! X

  5. Hi there, I think I bought those stencils the last time they were on. I must look before I buy any more! Lol. I definitely prefer the more subtle approach with the inks and brushes. MUCH MORE CONTROL!! Lol. I will have a go with the gel press again, one of these days but with inks rather than paints to see if I prefer the results. I admire what others do with the gel press, including what you do, but I am never happy with my results but then I think that, as with everything else, it is down to practice. Hope you have a good Saturday. I will wait till tomorrow to have a good Sunday! Either that or I am running a day late!! Someone would have told me! Lol. Back to work for me now. Take care. Hxx

  6. Really looking forward to the new shows on Hochanda. The new alphabet and groovi plates look very tempting.
    Have these stencils but not used them yet.
    Had a very quiet and extremely different Christmas and New Year, just not very enthused for some reason. We both slept a lot, talked a lot and generally chilled out. Not much crafting done though lots of books read.
    Hoping for better things in 2021 if the vaccine programme gets it’s act together.

  7. Love the way these stencils work – going to check to my stash to see if I already have them if not I guess I’ll just have to get them. Really looking forward to the shows tomorrow and Monday. xxx

  8. Looking at all the sneaky peeks of the samples the shows tomorrow & Monday look exciting. Have the stencils & the wee folk stamps so need to get the inks & paint out now I have found my craft desk !!
    Here’s to a great crafty 2021

  9. Hello Barb, these are super stencils, love the images you have shared. I just need to check that I don’t have them yet before I duplicate (that has happened a few times). Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. One of my resolves for this year is to really get to grips with the gelli plate. Had the smaller ones of sometime but got the larger one in the Gray Friday sales. The stencils will be great with it I think

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