….and the winner is!

….and the winner is!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you if you tuned into the Hochanda TV shows the past 2 days and supported Clarity.

If you missed the 2pm show, you can watch online HERE and it continued at 3pm HERE

If you missed the launch of the One Day Special, you can watch online HERE

But now on to the Elf Hunt!! Remember searching for those little imps on the website in the run up to Christmas? I know from all your Facebook comments, that you had a lot of fun tracking down the cheeky little elves! Some were trickier than others. I know that too. I couldn’t find them – and I wrote the clues!!!

This year we had over 700 entries. That’s massive. Thank you so much to everyone who entered. Well the time has come to announce the winner of our Annual Elf Hunt 2020

All the correct answers were put into a hat, one name was pulled out of said hat, and the winner is………………………………………


You correctly noted the 24 hiding places of our cheeky little elves.

Please get in touch and we will sort your Clarity Gift Hamper worth £200!

If you are wondering where they were all hiding, then click HERE for all the answers.

Time to get ready for one more HOCHANDA TV show at 4pm.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

30 thoughts on “….and the winner is!

  1. Well done Vicki Overton, hope you thoroughly enjoy the prize, one lucky lady! Thoroughly enjoyed the Elf hunt again so thank you Barbara x

  2. Loved the shows this weekend and was lucky enough to win one of your clarity books last year. Congratulations Vicki, enjoy your lovely prize!

  3. Wow 700 entries – congratulations Vicki on winning the hamper.
    Decided to put Christmas away this morning after we finished the SHAC shack but it too a bit longer than I thought so missed the 12 noon show. Will catch up with todays shows after I have watched the 4pm show.

  4. Congratulations Vicky – well done! And Thankyou Barb for giving us such an opportunity as well as a lot of fun…… must go as I want to watch the 4pm show 🤹‍♀️

  5. Enjoyed the shows as a final treat before I go back to work tomorrow – still working from home and looks like that will be the case for a while yet in Scotland. Congratulations to Vicki !

  6. Wow, that just goes to prove how many more supporters Clarity has gained this year! Well done Vicki! It was really great fun! Well done Barb and the Clarity Team for another successful Elf hunt! 😍

  7. That was an amazing number of entries and congratulations Vicki on winning. It was great fun, so thanks for putting it all together for us.
    I haven’t had chance to watch the shows today, but will catch up with them in anticipation of my duet plates arriving. Yay!! I can’t wait. Hugs. Annette X

  8. Congratulations Vicki. You will have lots of fun using your new goodies. I thoroughly enjoyed the Elf Hunt and I found lots of bits and pieces I want to buy. Looks like we might be headed into lockdown. Lucky us we have the Shac Shack and Clarity. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Congratulations Vicki, well done.
    I am so pleased to see all the answers as there were 3 I couldn’t find despite trawling the site many times. Perhaps I need new glasses – again!!!! At least it gave me the opportunity to be reminded of all the lovely products.
    Enjoyed the Sunday afternoon and ODS shows, going to start crafting again in earnest now that the ‘festivities’ are over.
    Looks like Boris is going to introduce a tier 5 at 8pm on telly tonight. What a fiasco this is turning into.
    Stay safe everyone.

  10. Barbara, I think you got the name wrong 🤣😂👋. Well done Vicki, enjoy.
    I watched the first half yesterday and emptied my account, couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore. Love the products, a little to much if I’m honest. Its my birthday this month and asking for clarity vouchers. I always NEED more.
    Fran xx

  11. Congratulations Vicky. Enjoy your fantastic prize. I always find the Elf Hunt such fun. Thank you Clarity x

  12. Congratulations, Vicki. Excellent prize. Enjoy it. Thanks Barbara and co for organising it for us. Glad the shows went so well. You can go and lie in a darkened room now! Lots of love. Hxx

  13. I think there is one very Happy person out there! Congratulations! Vicki.
    The shows were brilliant over the weekend. Love the ribbon threading groovi plates, one for my list once I get to have more time. I need another total lockdown!😂 I just dont know where the time goes!! Oh for more daylight.

  14. Wow – 700 entries is amazing! Congratulations Vicki – enjoy your goodies. Barbara, I hope you’re getting a bit of down time after your weekend marathon, maybe in your pottery room…

  15. Congratulations, Vicki. Enjoy your hamper.

    Thanks, Barbara. It is great to have the elf hunt as a tradition and to see so many people get to the end.

    I was so pleased to see the sell out on the ODS. You and Josie had worked so hard for it. Talk about taking it to the wire right at the end of the 4 pm show. Very well deserved and amazing for such specialist kit. Can Steve come out now? He’s been in there months! Actually, I suppose he still has the alphabets to do…

  16. Bet your excited Vicki, well done. It’s such an amazing prize, I can’t think of anything better. You will have hours and hours of creativity. Enjoy. xx

    Watched all the shows Barbara, they were brilliant. I am staggered by the amount of work that goes into them from yourself and everyone involved. You definitely need some chill out time to recover.

    Take care xx

  17. Gosh 700 people entered. It is a great competition. I didn’t do as well this year. Congratulations Vicki. You will have fun. Enjoyed your shows Barbara . You really need a rest now. See you Wednesday. Xxxxx

  18. Well done Vicki, what a lovely start to the New Year, Enjoy your prize. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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