Wonderful Mixed Impressions…

Wonderful Mixed Impressions…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Are the days whizzing by, or is it just me? No sooner have I sung Rise & Shine!!! out of the bedroom window at 6am (the neighbours love me xxx), than it’s already dark again, and I’m knackered!

Maybe it’s an age thing. Other than that, things are just peachy. The cats got the snip today. Ahhhhh. Yep, our two little ginger Vikings went on an expedition to Vetland, beyond the forest. The Vet warned me they might be very tired and would probably sleep a lot when they got home. Yeah right! They were flying round the kitchen like loonies! Backflips and cartwheels! And we could not slow them down! Probably really happy to be back home in familiar surrounding – with or without balls!

This week’s Youtube Tuesday offering showcases our super duper Mixed Impression stamps, and Tina Cox’s fab floral bouquet.

Love these stamps. In fact, I decided to leave the kittens to Dave, and escape for an arty hour….

Since I used the Dot n Spots stamps in the video, I thought I’d go for the other beauties – the Florals in the Nature range.

Starting with the smallest stamp, and partially gold embossing the black Versafine or Archival ink. The trick is to let the black ink dry a little before you sprinkle the fine gold powder on, or tap the card until loads falls off again. You want the black ink to show through. Heat from underneath, so the powder doesn’t ping off altogether. Mmmm. How does she know these things? xxxx

Now let‘s go to the largest stamp, the beautiful A5 texture mat. Dab with 3 muted lovely Distress Oxides. I like Frayed Burlap, Hickory Smoke and Walnut Stain. Spread the colour with a make up sponge.

Plant the stamp as is on a large sheet of Stencil card.

Now, without adding any more ink, let’s spritz the stamp with water and plant again. Compare the watery one on the right with the first generation print on the left. Same stamp, same ink.

Now let‘s make a couple of cards….

We can use the two elements together. Or not…YOU decide.



Yes. They pack more of a punch separate, I think. And I’ve still got the watery background for another day.

I like these Mixed Impressions stamp. They help me create really arty, grungy work very easily.

Check out the range:

Wonder if it’s safe to go back in the kitchen…..

Stay safe,

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “Wonderful Mixed Impressions…

  1. Love these stamps, so versatile.
    Two more orders arrived today so it’s been playtime again.
    I finally sussed where to get the list of clues for the Elf hunt. I missed seeing the link on the page – the new glasses don’t help any more than the computer mayhem. Still 2 clues I can’t work out but by trawling the site again I did find another 2. Perhaps when things quieten down here I can apply my poor tired brain the clues.
    Stay safe.
    to solving

  2. The vikings must make you smile every day. Lovely to have them in your lives especially in the current situation.
    See you in the SHAC Shack tomorrow. X

  3. Had to smile when I saw the embossing powder, went to use mine today and, after doing a bit more clearing up and out, found them only to find they’d ‘gone off’ I know I haven’t done anything with them for years but Sod’s law I thought, anyway they’re all in the bin now and I’ll just get a couple instead of the dozen or so I had !

    Glad the kitties recovered well – obviously not bothered by anything ! Hope your kiln worked well again, look forward to hearing about the glazing tomorrow. X

    1. Hubby has just ordered some Clarity vouchers for my Christmas present, ( well he has had enough hints) and the stamps will be on my list. Love the examples.

  4. So Dave’s the bad guy eh?
    Are you SURE you don’t have a secret camera in my house – you always seem to showcase what stamps I’ve just got?
    The powers that be say we need vitamin D at the moment, if you feel tired, just add a bit of D! (not Paramour!)
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. Hi Barbara the artwork is gorgeous and so are those stamps. It sounds like the kitten have recovered from their ordeal. It is a good idea to get them sorted. Have a fabulous evening. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  6. Like the touch of embossing powder to the stamped image. Mind you I can do that technique quite easily – it happens every time – tap the work to knock off the surplus & it all comes off. Think its time to open the new embossing ink pad although you have used the black ink to hold the powder. Another project for the new year.
    Hope the boys had calmed down when you went back into the house – they were just making mischief to show Mom they weren’t happy with their afternoon trip out.

  7. That sounds like two worried boys! Just as well you could escape. Interesting to hear about the mixed media stamps. I bought Dots to try and must use it more. Partial embossing powder has always got things tossed out before, so it is nice to have permission to use it somewhere.

  8. Hi Barb,
    Ah, poor pussy cats! Still it’s for the best. It seems as though they haven’t suffered any side effects anyway. I’m with you on the texture stamps – I love them all although I haven’t used them enough – I’ve promised myself that in the New Year I will play more! Went for a 4 mile walk around the river in Durham this afternoon. The weather was gorgeous- 1st time we’ve seen the sun for ages. Felt really proud of myself. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  9. Poor little lambs, but seems they had no ill effects running around like that. Much better to get it over with while they’re young. Have that set of stamps, I did the same one as you did with Tina’s floral stamp, loved the card. Must get them out again and use in a different way, I forget I have them, sometimes I think we have too much. There again when we go looking through our stash it’s a nice surprise, like having something new all over again.xxx

  10. Hello Barb, hope the boys will calm down soon. Love your arty offerings, I have my eye on these stamps, but will have to wait a bit until things improve. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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