A Stay Safe Postcard

A Stay Safe Postcard

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Good to have your company again. Just came out of the Live SHAC Shac, and am heading over to my parents with their Christmas Shopping. Bit early I know, but yesterday evening was the closest delivery slot to Christmas I could get. Blimey! We will have eaten it all by the 24th!!! I made a good start on it yesterday evening anyway; had to make room in the freezer!! Milk’s good for you, right?

Anyway, before I shoot off, I would like to post a little From Me to You blog.

You may have noticed that recently we have been popping neat, arty postcards and stickers in your order boxes. Just a random gesture, from us to you. Just a simple little thing to brighten your day. Lucy, Lisa and Stuart are loving making them for you, I know that.

Well, this is the latest one, and I would say it is VERY apt. From our house to yours with a light sprinkling of snow, a lovely moonlit night, cosy and safe indoors.

We will be sure to pop this postcard into any order placed between now and the 31st December – the end of the year. Pin it on your fridge, and keep saying the words out loud:


Love and Hugs

Barb xxxx

27 thoughts on “A Stay Safe Postcard

  1. Hello Barb, I loved my postcards. Hope Mum and Dad are safe and well. Mmmm Christmas shopping, am I the only one that does not really feel like going out right now? Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  2. Thank you for my postcard – I’m expecting another one soon!!! Had to break off this morning from Shack Shack as grandaughter arrived to collect Christmas parcels. I’ve put a card of the Gud family in for them to open Christmas Eve as we won’t be together and I thought it would make them all smile. Love and hugs everyone xx

  3. Out of sorts at the moment. I have not been able to make it to the SHAC but hope to catch up up. Love the gesture of the postcards. What a wonderful company you are. Have a good day with your parents. xx

  4. The postcards and sentiments have been a beautiful addition in recent orders, thank you all at Clarity for such a lovely surprise! Guess I’ll be making another order soon!
    Best wishes to your Mum and Dad, Barbara. So pleased to hear they’re getting their jabs soon!
    Take care all and Stay Safe

  5. According to my GP, we are better drinking coffee with full fat cream than tea with milk, due to the lactose in milk! Not sure why it’s not in the cream!! Comes from the same source!! Lol. Shopping all done here, too, so set up for a 6 month complete lockdown or a big freeze!! Lol. Have a good day with your mum and dad. Lots of love, Hxx

    P.S. I suspect there might be another order on Christmas Day!! Hxx

  6. Merry Christmas to you, Dave your family and of course all at Clarity who work so hard.
    You are appreciated I know by all your loyal followers.
    You love your music so name you
    Clarity Rock Chick!
    Hugs Nadia x

  7. I really enjoyed watching and listening to you this morning Barbara! I will be a very late starter with actually joining in with the Shac – for now it really helps me to just hook-up and watch and listen. You never fail to lift my spirits. It was great to hear about the antics of those kittens last night, and then the complete opposite of their behaviour today, when the anaesthetic had completely worn off. Bless them.
    I loved hearing about your online shopping experience and your ‘hyper’ joy about the wonderful news that your parents will shortly be getting their jab. Keep on being your totally wonderful self and enjoy your time with your parents today. Hugs, Gilly x

  8. Glad your parents can have the magic potion so soon and hope you have a lovely time with them today.
    I have enjoyed the various postcards – thank you to the team and I love the latest one too.
    I do NOT fancy going out at all in this endless rain.
    Stay safe and dry! xx

  9. What a lovely gesture xx my friend had a similar problem with her delivery she ended up with 9 packs of bananas instead of 9 bananas so about 90 in all lol they were surprised she wanted so many xx enjoy your afternoon with your parents xx

  10. What a lovely thought, especially when you must be run off your feet!
    You were lucky to even get a slot for your shopping! OurChristmas plans are changing daily, soI haven’t even got a thing in yet! It could be a Christmas on our own due to families isolating! I usually love the build up to Christmas but these past weeks have been so difficult due to family members health, that I am hoping the new year will improve dramatically! Thankyou for being there for us all. Merry Christmas and happy new year! X

  11. I hope my parents will be called for their jabs soon too. Glad you will get to see your mum and dad today, even if it is to deliver food. Just a few years ago you and your mum were out in Germany for the Christmas shopping trip – thinking about you taking the trolley into the hotel lift still makes me laugh! X

  12. Enjoyed decorating the gnomes today. You are very funny with the milk -made me laugh – but it is easy done. You will have to make rice pudding!

  13. It is a lovely gesture and I really appreciated my ‘Thinking of you’ postcard. This latest design I drew onto buff or blue paper and made into Christmas cards, which the recipients loved, so thank you for the inspiration.
    Best Christmas wishes to your parents. Hugs. Annette X

  14. Lovely to find a card in your order made wth love.
    Hope your Mum and Dad will be okay and we have a great Christmas although we cann’t be together. So it will a lovely Christmas with my two cats without tree or flowers, because only supermarket, butcher and bakery are open–all other shops are closed till end of januari.
    Stay save and healthy everyone!!!
    Lots of love! Trijntje Huppel

  15. Loved the thinking of you post card in my last parcel – thank you Clarity Team for doing that.
    The are a few more parcels on their way so I will look out for more surprises !!
    Had to smile over your milk order – must remember to tell OH as he is the one who does the food order !! Reading the comments above there was mention of bananas & I am sure a similar thing happened to us .
    Have a lovely afternoon with your parents

  16. Good to hear your mum and dad are still doing well. I think that Grace and Mark will be with you in spirit if not in the flesh.
    Larder stocked, freezer full to overflowing, bread flour and yeast in the cupboard to make our own rolls etc, butchery neing delivered on 23rd, well stocked with reading material and puzzle books, only things to shop for at the weekend are fruit and veg and hope it keeps fresh through the holidays. We are all set for a very relaxing worry free fortnight.
    Received my last club pack of 2020 today. Signed up for next year a week ago.
    Looking forward to 2021 in the hope that we crack this pandemic and get back to near normal.
    It was lovely to receive the various postcards in my orders and very thoughtful of you.
    Stay safe.

  17. We had a delivery today & have a delivery next week, luckily I just have to pop out to pick up the meat order on Wednesday & its done.
    Because we had issues getting shopping at the beginning of lockdown hubby has been hyper vigilant checking the online ordering every night if necessary to book orders for us.
    Thank you for the lovely postcards and please pass on my thanks to the team, they are gorgeous and really made me smile. Love to your mum & dad too xx

  18. Hi Barbara what a lovely thought to put postcards in the orders. I will just have to order something and that isn’t going to be hard. Doing the Elf Hunt has opened my eyes to lots of goodies. I do online shopping for my parents who have a live in carer they both have dementia. Anyway in mid November we noticed that the Christmas slots where available. The closest we could get then was this coming Saturday. I wasn’t expecting that. Have good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  19. so lovely to find a postcard in my order that arrived yesterday – thank you! Excited as I’ve still got another parcel to come

  20. A nice parcel of goodies arrived today with the surprise postcard. Thank you very much.
    Enjoying the guds, so many lovely ones on fb too.
    Need good daylight to do the embroidery,( with a few eye probs), so tomorrow’s the day I hope. So kind of you to be in the shac Shack on Christmas Day…I , and lots of others really appreciate you giving your time.
    Many thanks

  21. I don’t know of any other company that does so many kind and thoughtful things as Clarity. You all go above and beyond so thanks for everything. I have another sale parcel on its way so I am hoping there’s a postcard inside.xx

  22. The postcards are a lovely thought. I’m going to post any I get to show people what Clarity is like. So thoughtful and unusual.

    I haven’t caught up with the milk mishap but I love custard! Buy yourself a cheesemaking kit off Amazon? It’s easy and fun and suitable for Brexit – and you would not believe the amount of milk it uses. Cheese Monkey do one with 25 cheeses and you can’t possibly have enough milk to do them all, so will have extra for emergencies. It will be healthy cheese as I expect it is semi-skimmed rather than full fat. Is Stuart’s church serving coffee at the carols drive in for 300? Failing that, there must be a food bank feeding kids over Christmas. I’d suggest you make yoghurt but I remember it came by the bucket in lockdown!!

    Hope you had a great day with your parents. I am so glad they will soon be protected even if the full effect is a month later.

  23. I wondered why I had a postcard in my last order….thank you. So pleased to hear your parents get their jabs this week, such a relief. Loving the Gud Family Gnomes, definitely will be repeating these and thanks for all the laughing yesterday. You are such a tonic Barbara Gray and yes I had seen Linda Williams post on FB re the hairdo and can’t wait to see your creation! Enjoy your milk…..I also make errors when online food shopping! Xx

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