Happy days. All Güd Fun

Happy days. All Güd Fun

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Today is a good day. Today is a Güd Day. Correction. Today is an excellent day.

It started when I woke up. Had a lovely dream. That’s rare, so I relished it, and was glad to remember it. Slept well too.

The kiln had cooled down enough to be able to open it. Perfect. Virgin Load 100% successful. Everything bisque fired beautifully. I mean, it’s only little pots n things, but hey. To make something out of a lump of clay, throw it, turn it, and take it right through to firing and beyond – that just turns me on!

Here I’m loading it on Saturday morning…

And here it is, the moment of TRUTH at 6 this morning…

Glazing this evening – then back for ding ding! Round 2! Glaze firing.

The SHAC Shack was fun too. Folks are loving our Nordic Gnomes, our Gud Family…

Then I ticked lots of other little Christmas boxes, got this n that underway, as you do. Had a lovely chat to Leonie. Do love that woman. A total creative. We’re making cool plans for the New year together too. Thing I love about Leonie, we’ll not speak for months, but then we just pick up where we left off. Total respect and trust.

Before I call it a day up here above the garage, just wanted to check in with you, my bloggy-oggy friends, and spread a little positive energy.

Now what was that competition we had the other day…..ah yes! The 2 STAG CANVAS GIVEAWAYS….

Thanks to all who joined in the Name the Stag game! I scrolled down the list and stopped in 3 places. Three?? Well, I found a third Stag canvas, and thought he could go to a happy home too!

So here are the 3 winners of the Stag art:

Sally Pragg – IGNATIOUS

Pauline Eden – VIDAR

Alison Ainger – RAMBO !

Well done ladies! If you email us your addresses, we will get those pics sent out to you straightaway xxx

Time to go cuddle a kitten a two…

All Güd. Stay safe x

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

33 thoughts on “Happy days. All Güd Fun

  1. Firstly, very well done to the the competition winners – I’m not jealous at all! 😉
    I can feel your elation with the kiln, Barbara – your total joy is very tangible. I wish you nothing but absolute happiness – you so deserve it for everything you give to others. I thank you! x 💕

    Debbie Lee

  2. Pottery looks fab and glad it worked well great to have other hobbies xx loving the gnomes and all out doodles xx well done to the ladies who won great names xx
    Love Leonie lovely person xx

  3. Love your pottery. Bet you are chuffed. Congratulations to the lucky winners some good names there. Got my club stamp this morning and I love it. Must rejoin ready for next year

  4. Fantastic pots Barbara, that lid is impressive! I’m on catch up this week the Grandchildren have broken up for the Hols. Gawd they have some energy…xx

  5. Love the pots and the way you are so excited! Erm I’m not sure if I’m a winner as I’m sure I put in Ignatious but my surname isn’t Pragg, it’s Spragg! Anyway of confirming? There could be a Sally Pragg!

  6. Congrats to the winners!
    So happy your first firing went so well. You so deserve it for all that you do for us.
    Love you and the whole company, you’ve made lockdown bearable for me.
    I’d have been in pieces without the shac shack so a huge thank you to all of the lovely team ❤ xx

  7. Wow what a lovely lot of pottery things! Must be so exciting to open up that door and spy all your makes, totally can see the joy in that craft. Bet it keeps your shac a little warmer too! How good are the Güds. Loving these little fellas, putting a smile on a face which will need a lot of crafty or any happies in the coming months. Love to all.

  8. What fantastic results from your first kiln firing Barbara, and can’t wait to see them glazed and fired. Congratulations to the three who won the canvases and I adore those gnomes. x

  9. I have always wanted to try pottery but never had the chance it’s looks to be so rewarding to see it finished..can’t wait to see how it looks all done…you look so happy with your kilm…and having loads of fun…you rock.

  10. Congratulations to the winners!
    I really enjoyed listening to you this morning, and no wonder that you were so pleased about your pot, not to mention the lid!! Your happiness and pride was fantastic to see. I couldn’t be more pleased for you. Keeping everything crossed for the success of the next process. Thanks for being there Barb, and just for being you really. Love and virtual hugs, Gilly x

  11. The pottery creations look great. How exciting for you ! I’m so pleased for you, you give so much time to others you deserve to have some me time,

    Love cats, my Bella 🐈‍⬛ is sitting on me as I type and sends her love to your 🐱 🐱.

    Congrats to the winners and Thankyou for all you do for us.

    Looks like tear 3 is coming so we need you more than ever – we love the SHAC SHACK. Don‘t know what I would do without it.


  12. Great news about the kiln. Congratulations to the winners of the canvases. How is it going with the jumper fundraising? Goodness, you have a lot going on and that is without running the business!

  13. Hi Barbara the gnomes are gorgeous. I am way behind with mine I need to catch up. Your pots look fantastic and the kiln seems to work well. What a lovely hobby to have something completely different. Congratulations to the winners. I have been out with a small group singing carols outside someone’s house in the rain. I need to warm up now. Take care. Hugs xxx

  14. Oh Barbara how exciting for you, you look like the cat who got the cream 😆 will the kiln always look that clean 😆 I’ve yet to catch up on the Gud family . Well done to the Stag winners – good names ladies.

  15. Good news about the kiln, your pottery looks great. On catch up with the Gud family, had to leave early on Friday, to take my dog out for a extra walk, as she came to sit at my side, with a look that said I need to go NOW. Renewed my club membership today, & received my club goodies, love them all. Congratulations to the winners. xx

  16. Congratulations, ladies. Enjoy your canvases. Wow is all I can say to the content of the kiln! Fantastic. You look so excited. It’s lovely to see. Hxx

  17. Having now seen the pictures of your pottery in the I can understand why you were so excited this morning in the SHAC Shack. Can’t wait to see them with their glaze on.
    Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Stag canvases – great number of names.

  18. Congratulations to the Stag Naming competition winners.

    Your pots look great, such an achievement on your first firing, your smile says it all.

    These gnomes are GORGEOUS. I haven’t got to this doodle yet but seeing the results makes me want them in stamps and Groovi. Any chance we could have these some time in the New Year? please please please?

    We had a computer meltdown at the weekend and I lost some e-mails amongst other things. We recoverd a lot thanks to hubbiys belt and braces security but unfortunately not everything. One of the missing items was the Elf Hunt e-mail number 13. Are e-mails from Clarity the only way to get these clues?

    The Christmas jumper stamp set arrived today, have made a few fun cards, not Christmassy, but I really enjoyed myself this afternoon.

    Stay safe everyone.

  19. Hi Barbara
    Oh wow your pots are amazing, what a great collection. Well done. I’m loving the gnomes, I’m hoping to have time this week to catch up with them now the Christmas cards are out the way. Congratulations to the winners.
    Love Diane xx

  20. Hello Barb, oh wow, those pottery results look awesome, can’t wait to see the finished articles. Well done to the 3 winners of the stag canvasses, superb names. As for the Gud family, I am loving looking through all the images on FB, they are just so brilliant. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  21. Hello ,
    You look so happy in those pictures xxx and the pots look awesome. A lump of clay to actual items you can use wow that’s brilliant no wonder you’re buzzing.
    Hugs xxx keep safe

  22. Congratulations to the Stag-winners!!
    Wow your pottery is looking great Barbara!!!
    Enjoy your new day!
    Lots of love!Trijntje Huppel

  23. How proud you should be of yourself Barbara with all that lovely pottery. Enjoy it. And thanks you for picking my name! Chuffed to bits. Stay safe, Happy Christmas and God Bless xx

  24. Many congratulations to the competition winners, brilliant names. Love the gnomes but only just starting them. Your pots look amazing, lovely to see you so happy and smiling Barb.xxx

  25. Wow Barb, so pleased to see you having the best time in your pottery studio. How exciting to see your first firings well done. Look forward to seeing lots more photos of your makes.
    Loved the Gud Gnomes very addictive xx

  26. Well done to the 3 winners! Love to see you so excited testing out your new kiln – you know we all feel like that with new stamps don’t you? X

  27. That look of sheer glee as you showed us your kiln….I wish I could bottle it and sell it. Excellent tonic for those a bit down in the dumps. Cheered me that’s for sure xx

  28. how cool is that kiln!! lol.
    what interesting clay items! I really like the looks of the top left front pot with the asymmetrical rim. Looking forward to seeing your glazing.

    thank you for the shac shac shack. It certainly has helped a whole bunch of us isolated folks. God Bless and happy Christmas to you and your personal and work families. And may the good Lord grant us a better safer and healthier new year.

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