This too shall pass.

This too shall pass.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Been gutting my artroom today, clearing out, filing, putting back this year’s piles and piles of art and work and stamps and stuff, which I neglected to put away tidily as I went. It‘s not the way I roll. When I’m in the arty zone, chaos ensues.

But it’s fine. Nothing that a couple of days won’t sort out. It’s quite thereapeutic, I have to say. No noise, no music, no radio, no nothing. Just me and the mess.

Have had all day to think, to put things to bed in my head too. All in all a productive day.

And yes, This too SHALL pass.

Been on the SHAC SHAC bus this afternoon too, just getting ahead of the game for tomorrow at 10am. I do like the little Güd people; they make me smile. Good for the soul.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “This too shall pass.

  1. ‘This too shall pass’ has been mine mantra for some time, as it has been for so many this year. You, Barbara, and all the Shackers, have helped keep me sane in these very challenging times. Stay safe everyone, and keep on ‘shacking’! x
    Debbie Lee

  2. Hi Barbara a good tidy is so good. Getting started is horrible and it gets worse for a while but in the end it is better. I know when I have a sort out and a tidy I feel better in myself. I love the Gud people. I can’t stop drawing them. I have done one on Kraft card and I will make him into a card. I will be late tomorrow I am helping at a Felting Workshop. I say helping I am working on a Nativity set. Last week I made gnomes. Have a good evening. Hugs xxxx

  3. Hi Barbara, you are a big part of us keeping sane ,so missing the craft group i run and the two i go to ,not seeing grandchildren is hard as they are 6,5,3,and9months Christmas wishes are sent to you x
    I’ve been following you for about 25+ years xx🥰xx

  4. Yep sorting things out is always therapeutic and gives time to sort things out in your end xx love the Gud family really enjoying them xx thank you for everything xx

  5. Glad you’ve had a productive day in more ways than one. Lots of love, Barb. I have a dental appointment in Oban tomorrow so, sadly, will have to leave here just after 10 a.m. I’ll pop in and say ‘ hello’ in the morning and then I’ll need to head off for an 11.30 appointment. I’ll have a couple of hours to get some food shopping and then I’ll have to head back so that I’m back down the road before it gets dark! Hxx

  6. I’m in the middle of a big tidy and clear out, a little bit every day. I went to get a Groovi plate earlier and ended up staying to do more sorting – 45 mins later …
    The mess is working around the room, hopefully will end up out the door ! There are bags in the boot for the Charity shop, some for recycling bin and some just rubbish ! Glad you had a productive day. X

  7. I kept promising myself that I would watercolour my wreath today but I stayed with the Gud family instead. They make me smile too and it’s what I needed today. Looking forward to dressing them tomorrow

  8. Following an comment from a shac shaker on putting her gud in a bikini. I had a dream last night of Australian gud. Gud day. He’s got a red skull cap surf board and uses his beard as a mankini. Am really going to try and draw him. Think he,ll make a fun Christmas card. Xx

  9. I have spent the day assembling Christmas gifts using copies of my SHAC Shack doodles. I have framed doodle hearts that we did in black & white with the patterned ribbons for my granddaughters & I have also framed 4 enlarged pictures of our Christmas Village. I plan to wrap presents tomorrow then I can tidy up. Trying to get organised in case our daughters house move goes ahead before Christmas in which case it will be all hands on deck to get that done.
    I always think that if you can see what you have done after several hours of tidying it makes you feel much better – but its hard not to go off on a tangent when you find something you had forgotten about.
    Must go & get my Gud family transferred to card. See you tomorrow at 10am.

  10. Hi Barbara,

    Not been on the Shac Shack bus for a while as work has taken over, but caught up with the Gud family last night. I adore them & can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring. I’m learning so much from you and love the time I spend with you as it were, just relaxing, chilling, listening to all your funny and often personal stories and hanging out with like minded people. Keep up the fantastic work Barbara. You are a true inspiration! X

  11. I have to say I hate sorting out but sometimes it is necessary to do it and it does feel good when everything is where it should be. Glad you have had a productive day with your tidy up Barbara. x

  12. Hello Barb, well this has just made me think that I need to do some sorting out too. Maybe it can wait until after Christmas. Love seeing all the drawings of the lIttle Guds, they are just so cute. Have not got started on them yet. Would love to see the summer/beach one. Your card shown is just perfect for how I am feeling at the moment, so thanks for reminding me of that saying. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Loving all the gnome pictures – I have a tree ornament somewhere from Norway with gnomes on it. No tree to put it on this year though! One day I will catch up with the shac YouTubes. Happy sorting out day too x


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