Haven’t been out this year…

Haven’t been out this year…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just realised that there is a particularly lovely set of Clarity Christmas Stamps (and in Groovi too) which haven’t been out at all this year. That’s what happens when you have such a vast selection; there just aren’t enough opportunities to show everything off!

I love these aperture stamps. 2017 or even earlier…

Here’s a little how to I have dug out, to show you how they work.

Cor! Here’s the leafy canvas too.

I found this canvas step by step from March 2017 here too!

Here are all the Aperture Stamps and Groovi Baby equivalents in our range:

I remember doing a really cool Snow globe with these stamps too! Let me find it.

Well, Wednesday’s blog from me to you, right? So here are two little canvases I made way back when, which I’m happy to give to anybody who wants them!

Just think of a ABC name for the stag in the picture and post it below. So first person to post may like Andy, then the next person will go to B – Bertie for example. Etc… Like the hurricanes – except we’re on the Deer! Not the beer, Dear, the DEER!! When we get to Z, go back to A. Just like the hurricanes!

We’ll pick two random names for two random winners to receive the pics. There you go! That’s another Christmas Present sorted then!

In the meantime, let‘s also have a fabby little bloggy offer on all these stamps and Groovi Outline designs, for anybody who fancies a last minute pre-Christmas bargain !! All available on their own at a great price too….


Have a good evening!

Love always

Barb xxx

138 thoughts on “Haven’t been out this year…

  1. Ignatious! That’s all my brain will let me think of!!!
    They are all lovely cards to make. Hoping to get a voucher for Christmas and although it maybe too late for this, would be great to be early for next!!!!

  2. Peace – is that an ok name, if not Peaceful Peter ! X

    We are just saying on the Groovi page about the lovely Christmas tree plate (one of the first ones) that some of us haven’t used this year and now someone has inspired us ! X

  3. I would have said Monarch but we are now at R so Rudolph looking a bit lost and it’s so warm where he is that his nose has lost it’s red glow! Lol. Poor Rudolph. Thanks for all step by steps. Hx

  4. Seems that everyone is loving naming the stag/deer. Posted a name quick & still there were 3 of us with B oh well lets see how far we have got now ??

  5. Hi Barb,
    I reckon Gordon ,!
    Love the aperture stamps. I remember you doing these canvasses.
    Love and hugs Alison xx

  6. I adore the snowglobe and saved the step-by-step, it was so special!

    Looks like we’re on the H so – how about Honour?

  7. I loved all those stamps, I can remember them at Leyburn Open Day in 2016!
    I think it’s back to P now – Percival! xx

  8. I came across these stamps the other day when I was searching through my stash. Not been used enough, same goes for a lot of my stamps. Must start using some of them before I buy any more. X

  9. Simon.
    Very busy this week, cleaning and moving my daughter into their house, but I’ll be popping in and out. Elf hunt and SHACSHACK Catchup

  10. Theodore
    Love these pictures and the way the landscape is in the stag.
    How was your pottery this afternoon!
    Lots of love Trijntje Huppel

  11. William after my Dad. Got a lot of those they are brilliant why do we forget they are there in our stash. Must get them out.xxx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Remember having a conversation about these with you at Leybern a few years ago, they are beautiful. I bought the stamps and some of the groovy plates too but haven’t used them this year. I did chuckle at the deer, beer, dear,just like our house! 😂.i expect it’s moved on while I’ve been prattling on but my guess is Xanthe
    Love Diane xx

  13. Hi,
    I’m not sure if my last comment went through, it was Y for Yolanda as it reminds me of a lovely lady I worked with many years ago.

  14. I think he could be called Yule .
    Still making Christmas cards here so many ideas and inspiration from clarity !

  15. Hello Barb, love the samples shown and the step by steps. Added the stamps to my wish list. As the letter in now G, I think we should call the deer Gazza. I think everyone is hoping to get picked for this giveaway. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Hi. Great game. How about Dazzle. We’re all dazzled by the ideas that Barbara presents to us and the miracle that we can produce! Thanks x

  17. Bit behind the race here – how about AUGUSTUS?
    He was a Roman emperor and my Dad’s nickname was Gus.
    Stags have horns so………….
    Dizzy (Gillespie)
    Miles (Davies)
    Louis (Armsrong)
    all famous horn players (suggested by hubby)
    I just did this for fun so please do not put me in the draw as I already have a gallery of the aperture designs and I know that yours will be greatly appreciated by whoever wins them.
    Stay safe everyone.

  18. Love these little apertures, made the snowglobe one when you did them…probably back in 2017! My deer name would be Nicholas. XX

  19. I remember using these at the Clarity Retreat a few years back. Look like we’re back at O now, so I’d go with Owen

  20. S for Struan the stag – good strong Scottish name for him! Loved doing these little scenes at one of the away days – such a brilliant concept x

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