Happy National Christmas Jumper Day!

Happy National Christmas Jumper Day!

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Happy National Christmas Jumper Day!

Did you know that this annual event started in 2012, and this particular National Day is dedicated to Save the Children. That’s right. It’s a Charity Drive to raise money for the Save the Children Fund. Paul was telling me that on one random Friday in December every year, people would go to work everywhere wearing Christmas Jumpers instead of suits, and then put at least a pound in the Charity box. He worked in the city, and said it was a big thing. What a cool idea. Like Mufti Day for adults!

Well, at Clarity, we’ve got a plan too. In case you didn’t join us in the SHAC-SHAC, here’s what we’ve come up with.

We have a delightful Christmas Jumper Stamp set, which our Jim designed years ago. Very lovely and great fun to use. Comes with an all important mask too. I’ll do a step by step project tomorrow, of these wonderful art pieces, designed by our every clever Dee Paramour xxx

Anyway, back to the Stamp set:

If you buy the stampset for £19.99, we will make and send it to you as usual. Here’s the good bit: ALL proceeds – 100% – will go to Save the Children.

So the money you spend on a smashing Jumper Stampset – ALL the money – goes to SAVE THE CHILDREN. We don’t make any money at all, in fact our contribution of course is the manufacture and dispatch of all the stamps you are going to buy! I reckon we will be able to write a handsome cheque for the Children, because I KNOW you get it, and I know you care.

On the news this week, there was a report on how many children are living rough, are destitute. The numbers are staggering. Shocking. It beggars belief, but there it is. We hear those shocking facts, and we think, “that’s terrible, but the crisis is so massive, what can I do? Me on my own?” Thing is, EVERY LITTLE HELPS. As a Clarity Community, as a GROUP of Crafters, of SHAC Shackers, we can actually DO GOOD. Do a lot of GüD!

I just looked, and we have already made over £800. WOW. That is very very cool. Will you help us get it up to over £1,000? THAT would be epic. It’s not millions, but it’s a kind gesture from all of us, and together we are much, MUCH stronger than the sum of our parts.

Jim has added a Just Giving Button to this morning’s SHAC recording on our Youtube channel too. So you can make a donation without buying the stamps too, if you already have them, but you would still like to contribute.

Stay Safe. And thank you for being kind today xxx

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

25 thoughts on “Happy National Christmas Jumper Day!

  1. Ah was just wondering as I’ve already got the jumper set (never used but possibly about to be for a couple of Dec birthday cards!) how to donate so I’ll go and have a look for the go fund me button. X

  2. Brilliant! I love this set and just used it for a birthday card for our son in law!
    Dee’s artwork is stunning! X
    I’m off to find this just giving button as I want to give to this worthwhile charity. It’s so important to me as I have seen children I used to teach living in poverty and know how it can harm them so much!
    Well done for doing this!
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. Over here in Northern Ireland, a lot of schools also have the Christmas Jumper day. The kids don’t have to wear school uniform but put money in for whichever charity.

  4. I telephoned the lovely Jeanine this morning and explained I already had the stamp but wanted to make a donation – I think it was before Jim had the just giving set up. I placed an order but the instructions on the order – not to send as it was a donation. As usual the lovely Jeanine had me sorted out. Thanks again. xx

  5. Such a wonderful thing to do. Ordered mine as soon as Shac was over and I had found the elves. I know what design Christmas cards will be next year xx

  6. What an amazing gesture. I’ve been dithering about that stamp set for years so will dither no more. Will order when I go hunt the elf! X

  7. I’ve always loved this stamp set. Thank you for being so generous as to donate all the money to Save the Children.

  8. Brilliant idea! I bought this set a few months ago, but will add a donation to the Just Giving page. Clarity is such a generous community

  9. I was in tears this week after hearing about a mother having to go through a bin to find food for her children. Had no idea what to do to help. So thank you, thank you, thank you ❤.
    I have gone and ordered them, you are a fabulous lady xx

  10. Will order my jumper stamp tomorrow while I look for the Elf. Thank you Barbara. Also today’s Shac Shack was no 150. Wow. Xx

  11. I Will order my jumper stamp tomorrow while I look for the Elf. Thank you Barbara. Also today’s Shac Shack was no 150. Wow. Xx

  12. order my jumper stamp tomorrow while I look for the Elf. Thank you Barbara. Also today’s Shac Shack was no 150. Wow. Xx

  13. What a lovely generous person you are Barbara. After me saying to Grace the other day, that was it I wasn’t spending anymore this year! well, how can I resist for such a good cause.Many thanks x

  14. Hello Barb, what a generous offer, and one which will be really helpful. Will see what I can do to help a little. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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