The Clarity Craft Clubs

The Clarity Craft Clubs

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. According to the experts, subscriptions are on the up across the board. My guess is that as people are currently unable to join clubs physically, they are joining them remotely. I imagine that companies are also breathing a lot of energy into their online clubs, since that is the only way to do business for many.

Same with our Clarity Craft Clubs. We also took a good look at them and have made some positive changes and improvements. I personally think they have always been excellent value for money. If you shop regularly with Clarity, then the 10% or 15% discount alone is worth the subscription!

But the Loyalty Discount is only one aspect of our clubs. It’s more of a monthly craft project club, where you receive a lovely full colour, step-by-step double project as well as the stamp or stencil or die or Groovi plate featured in the projects. And when you sign up, we also send you a folder, so that you can collect your monthly tutorials in a binder, and build a compendium of projects.

Just as we have 4 core craft products : Stamps, Stencils, Groovi Parchment and Dies, so there are 4 individual craft clubs within the Clarity Craft Club. You can join any one, two three or all of them – depending on what you want to learn about, or which art type you enjoy.

As we move into the New Year, January is always a great time to join up for a club, don’t you agree? New Year, New Start, New Hobby. And I don’t think there has EVER been a better time than NOW to join a craft club community, and learn something new. We keep you up to speed with new tricks and techniques every month, across all 4 skill sets.

So….have a look on our website. Have a read of what’s on offer. See if it might be something you’d enjoy, that you could get into. Here’s the link.


There are also hundreds of existing projects online, so you can go check out all the back issues. CLICK HERE. If this were a gift for somebody, you could treat them to a couple of back issues and a year’s subscription. Or a whole year of projects in a binder. There is so much on offer!

I have taken just one stencil here, from a past issue. No. 26. Beautiful. The stencil was designed by Mel. That’s another thing. We only ever use BRAND NEW DESIGNS for our monthly club projects. That way, you always get to be the first to enjoy a brand new design, and you know going into it, that you cannot possibly have it!

I have the latest stencil on my desk here. It really is fresh out of the oven. I would love to show you it, but that’s the thing: the New Designs are something to look forward to every month. They are a pleasant thing to look forward to. A nice surprise. Some of you already have this one – others will still be waiting, what with the Christmas post and all. So I won’t spoil it.

The point is that our Clarity Craft Clubs are something special. In a world that has gone online, we still send out envelopes of creative goodness every month. If you aren’t already a Clarity Club member, then perhaps you will consider it for 2021.

If you are, then thank you very, very much for supporting us.


Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “The Clarity Craft Clubs

  1. Hello Barb, I look forward to my envelope every month, just need to remember to call and renew for next year. Take care all and stay safe. Bx

  2. Hello Barbara
    I have already spoken to Jeannine and renewed all four for 2021. They are all fabulous. Throughout the year I save any monies I may be given for Mother’s Day, birthday and Christmas to put towards the cost of the clubs. This way I enjoy all my presents every month for 12 months! Fantastic, and it means I don’t have to find all the cost.

  3. I love getting the monthly envelope full of exciting new designs & projects. I am one of the ones still waiting for my December envelope but my parcel posted the same day has arrived this morning so hopefully it will be here tomorrow.
    As you say its like going to a craft class but in the comfort & safety of our own homes. Thank you to all those involved with getting the club packs out to us.
    I must call tomorrow to renew for next year as I don’t think that option is on the website.

  4. The monthly clubs are brilliant and have taken me, at times, when I’ve been willing to take a risk (Lol), out of my comfort zone and made me do new things. I have already joined all four again this year. Did it online this year as I know Jeannine will have lots of phone calls. Looking forward to the Clarity Club goodies next year and delighted that Linda is on board for Groovi. Love her style. Have a good day, Barbara and Dave. Hope the glazing goes well. Lots of love. Hxx

  5. Mum and I are members of all four clubs (we share!) and thoroughly enjoy receiving the monthly mail. When it arrives, Mum saves it until I’m with her, then we sit down with a cup of coffee and open it together. The first item to get our attention is the friendly newsletter from you, which I generally read out loud. Then we reveal each product with its project sheet – “ooh, that’s lovely”; “look, this one can be done using just the Club stencil”; “here’s a project that combines the stamp and stencil from this month’s Club”.
    Up until a couple of years ago, Mum would always make at least one of the project designs each month – great inspiration for when mojo is lacking. When Dad got really ill, she didn’t have much time or energy for crafting and, since he died earlier this year, neither of us have felt much like doing anything so, I’ll be honest, we have many monthly editions of the Club designs which haven’t even been out of their packaging yet! However, they’ll be there when we’re ready to come back to them – and, in the meantime, they satisfy that other addiction, of merely owning and amassing beautiful crafting stash!!
    Yes, it’s true, many of the designs are not something we would actively seek out and buy – but they expand the variety of our stash and extend our range and crafting style and it’s surprising how often something that we wouldn’t have chosen has proved to be the perfect design for such and such an occasion.
    A couple of suggestions for improving the Clubs – each stamp comes in a packet which identifies its month, but the other Clubs don’t – it would be nice to have the date on each, instead of just the issue number on the project sheet – just a “nice to have”, not a criticism. And I always cheer when a project requires only the basic staples of card, inks etc, but doesn’t use lots of other stamps/stencils/plates … or when there is some crossover between Clubs, so that a project uses that month’s design of stamp and stencil together – rather than needing multiple other stamps/stencils/plates – although I know, when a project requires lots of other products, we can adapt it to use what we already have.

  6. I have been a member of at least 2 or 3 clubs for years. My subscription finishes in December and the renewal is my Christmas present every year!!! This year I have chosen all 4 clubs as I recently got into Groovi. Whilst I don’t like all of the projects all the time, i like at least 10 from 12 and so consider this a superb investment. The techniques on offer are fantastic and there is always lots to learn!!! Great value, great inspiration, a very interesting news letter!!! And lovely to get post as well!!! And if there were to be a problem, you get to talk to the lovely Jeannine in the office and all will be sorted!!!
    Happy Christmas to all,

  7. I’ve been a club member for many years – since you had photocopied sheets with a photo stuck on!!! How things have changed. Still love getting my envelope every month and all the ideas and inspiration xxx

  8. I also renewed online this year not wanting to add to the team’s workload but did miss my annual chat with Jeannine. Not every die or Groovi plate is necessarily something I would choose but that makes me think outside the box! This month’s die is a perfect example. When it arrived I wasn’t inspired but I have already used it to make 4 cards!

  9. Already renewed all 4 clubs. Great value especially when you buy as much as I do.
    A friend from where I used to live rang me this morning. She has started crafting during the pandemic and wanted some advice. We had a lovely chat and decided to have “distanced”
    crafting sessions until she is able to visit. I also referred her to your YouTube projects which I know she will enjoy.
    No-one would believe the country was in virtual lockdown and Christmas cancelled if they saw the number of people crowding the supermarket this morning. So sad too to see face masks discarded in the car park despite the many bins dotted around. Hope the latest measures have some effect.
    Still struggling with 2 of the Elf hunt clues but I will get there eventually!!!!
    We are going into hibernation now until 4th January so I would like to wish everyone a Safe and Peaceful Christmas and a Happier 2021.
    Stay positive, stay safe.
    Love and hugs 🍒🍒🍒

  10. Every month when the club envelope drops through the letter box, I look forward to having a cup of tea and sitting reading the newsletter. It almost feels like I have you sitting next to me with your cup of tea, chatting about what’s happening. I love taking time to explore the projects and while not every month I would have chosen what you have sent, I find that there are ways I would use it, and you are expanding my techniques too.
    I have been a club member for over nine years now and thoroughly recommend it to any crafter.

  11. I think I might join the stamping club; who wouldn’t look forward to a stamp and a newsletter in the post! I have never looked forward to the postman so much..he makes my day! Did I ever think that would be the case?? I think I had better stop smiling at him so much !?!? But….My New Years resolution is to draw something, however small, every day, as I now find drawing free hand both challenging , liberating and enjoyable, thanks to you Barbara. “Come on,” she says, “just line up the noses”, and it works!

  12. I first joined when we got a photo and a stamp!!At first the photo was stuck down, later we had to stick it ourselves. I still have all of those projects. When they started repeating I dropped out, but rejoined several years ago when the new clubs started. Presently my friend and I get all 4 between us, but may drop one of them this year as neither of us do much Groovi (I don’t do it at all now) and my friend has years of plates unused yet. I’ll ring or do it online next week.

  13. i first joined the stamp club as well way back when it was a typed sheet with a phot attached. I did have a bit of a holiday for a few years, but my sons now pay for one of the clubs each year as my Christmas present (and I add another on myself). I love getting the projects each month – as others have said, whilst the stamp or die might not have an immediate use, they often do prove to be just what’s needed at a later point.

    I’ve decided to set myself a ’12 days of Clarity’ challenge over Christmas, to use one month’s stamp & stencil each day over the holiday! We’re now in Tier 4 in east London, so I’ve got more time for crafting!!

  14. Hi
    Had a big birthday this year and saved the monies to join clubs next year. I joined a few years back and always enjoy receiving my package every month.
    Running out of space in the bookcase now so will have to give some of the books to charity. Have a great evening

  15. Hi Barb,
    I love the clubs. I just renewed my subscriptions for 3 clubs last week – lovely Jeannine sorted it all out for me(thankyou). I look forward to my happy envelope coming every month and sit down with my cup of coffee and read the newsletter and then the leaflets. I have wondered whether it would be worth your while to put the leaflets on line to cut costs for printing, but then I wouldn’t be able to sit and read them with my coffee unless I printed them out! Love and hugs,Alisonxx

  16. I too have renewed my stamp/stencil/die membership and indeed it is happy happy post every month! Christmas present all year and encourages me to try new designs I might otherwise not have thought of .

  17. Hi Barbara I love have the Die subscription. Every month the die is gorgeous and the projects inspirational. I will be renewing my subscription when the time comes. I have swapped all my craft shopping to Clarity. Have a good evening. Hugs xxxx

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