Make a Wish

Make a Wish

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Yep. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse – they do. The only thing that we can rely on is that this too shall pass.

Our Mark called me earlier from San francisco. “Thank God I didn’t come home! What a shitshow!” were his exact words. Absolutely. What a shitshow this is indeed.

And then, on the way home from work in the dark and in the pouring rain, there was a gruesome collision between a van and a little car. The little car definitely lost that battle. And I thought to myself. “Yep. Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse…” . I do hope they are okay. Poor souls. Life is pretty harsh sometimes.

So I sit here in our nice, dry, warm little SHAC-SHAC, and am very mindful of what I am wishing for. I wish, I wish, I wish…

Be very careful what you wish for. Or should I say, be very careful how you formulate your wish. Especially on a night like tonight, the Winter Solstice, the longest night and the shortest day of the year. When all the spirits roam free….

So instead of saying it can’t get any worse, let’s turn it around, let’s agree to say that things are getting better now. Things are already improving….it’s that Law of Attraction again.

Do you believe in good and bad energy? I do. I have spent many years trying to modify the tone of my thoughts, in order to change the energy I am emitting from negative to positive. SOme days it works better than others.

This evening I am going to light a candle, and have a good think. On one piece of paper I’m going to write down all the good things that I want to manifest, to bring about. And on another piece of paper I shall write down all the bad things I want to expel, get rid of. That piece of paper I shall throw in the fire. The other piece I shall fold carefully and put in my handbag.

Maybe, if you feel inclined you can do the same thing. It’s not some Pagan ritual! I just made it up!! But I think it is a pretty symbolic use of thought, paper and fire!

Make a Wish.

We have a beautiful, magical quartet of dies, 3 of which our Mel drew, and the 4th one I drew. No prizes for guessing which one I penned…

The hares are superb. These really are little works of art. I see these behind glass on a wall. Beautiful papercuts, next to each other. Even simply cut out of black. Perfect. The art does all the talking. It speaks volumes. Look closely….

Let’s have a bloggy offer on our Make a Wish Collection. Let’s say half price for just 48 hours. Plus club discount. Just for the Winter Solstice.


Time to go light that candle. Will you join me?

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

13 thoughts on “Make a Wish

  1. My candle has been lit since the afternoon. Isle of Skye candle, spruce and fig. It smells amazing, mingled with the homemade apple crumble. I really do believe you can make yourself happier by thinking happy thoughts and using more positive words and spreading kindness. You do all those things so well. And Mark is so right!!! X

  2. What a very apt blog today. I had a little car prang- not my fault and very naughty language to the idiot who hit me. The shac certainly becalmed me for awhile. I shall sit and write lists as you and Breathe! Much love

  3. Lit a candle today for Lockerbie, 32 years ago, I remember the evening and then going into work next day to find out one of our students was on the plane. Will never forget. Some of our alumni are on Univ challenge tonight so that will be nice to see. I think Mark got it right ! Lovely dies. X

  4. I purchased two candle manufacturers advent calendars.I kept one and sent one to my sister in law with the instruction to light everyday and know she’s loved and thought of. I do the same every evening. Just remembering family and loved ones.

  5. I have the dies but I must get them out again. Mark is so right. I think the positive and negative lists are a good idea also casting the negative thoughts into the fire, banished. I enjoyed the SHAC this morning and bringing Presh alive. Have a relaxing evening.
    Where are the Elf hunt clues, I am rather behind?

  6. Yes I do believe in good and bad energy!
    I think it’s a great idea to write down the good and bad things on a piece of paper and burn the bad one. One small problem–don’t have a fire place….
    Every day when days start to shorter I lit a candle for those who are gone to a better place without pain and sadness.
    Stay save and healthy and take care!!!
    See you on Wednesday!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  7. My candle is lit here and thinking of all who find themselves scared in the dark .The light is within us regardless of country, creed or colour.Warmest wishes to all from Dublin Ireland.
    Stay safe and craft.My clarity sale goodies arrived today and as I unpacked them I was once again struck by the quality of each and every product !
    Another plus was using my water brushes to moisten my envelopes for posting made light work of that task !

  8. Having made the decision over a month ago to postpone face to face meetings till it is safer, with a June barbecue, perhaps, the latest news was not such a blow for me. Like many others, I really miss hugs from my family and friends and it is a shame we cannot get together, but safety comes first. Mark is so right.
    By the way, the people in that little car may not be as bad as you fear. Having seen the state of the car in which my son had his accident earlier this year, you would have expected that he and his passenger would have been seriously injured, but, although you could see where the impact was, the majority of the damage was where the fire brigade cut away large parts to be sure that they could release him without risk. He was fortunate to sustain only soft tissue injury, although he still has no memory of anything until he came out on the spinal board to see the air ambulance circling above. One of the things I can look back on this year with thankfulness that he survived so well.
    If we look back, I think many of us have things to be thankful for. We need to focus on those happier things to keep us sane. Perhaps we should all make a date to raise a glass or a mug of coffee together at the same time, and know that we are all one lovely family on Barbara’s bus. How about it? xxx Maggie

  9. Really hope those folk in the accident were ok. How awful for them. I used one of the hare dies tonight, the one with the owl, to make a picture. They are really nice. The one with the sunflowers, I used a few days ago to do the same. Trapping the scrap! So glad you came up with that plan! Stay safe. Hxx

  10. Hello Barb, I do hope the people in the accident were ok. Everything is difficult right now and I know a lot of people are not coping, so I keep them in my prayers too. Love the dies, but just have to hold back a bit. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. I too try to keep my thoughts positive and was always told write the bad or negative on a paper and throw them away then the spirits know they are not wanted thoughts funny what you are brought up to believe xx
    The hares and birds are beautiful xx

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