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Thanks for popping in. Tuesday’s blog rolls back the hours, right? Well let’s look back at this day last year, and see what was going on, shall we?

Blimey. Just glanced back at last year’s blog, because it is like a diary of sorts, isn’t it. Took the bus to Brighton and back a year ago today. Went shopping down the Lanes. It was a crisp winter’s day.

And yesterday evening, we went up to London and spent a rare evening with Sir Ian McKellen. Wish I hadn’t looked now! Amazing how things can change in a year, isn’t it?

Oh. And tomorrow a year ago, we had our wonderful Clarity Christmas Party at the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells.

Well, there you go. There’s not much I can add to that really, except I suppose I should be grateful to have had those experiences. Sticks in the throat a bit today, I have to say. The theatres are closed, the Spa Hotel is closed. Even me, with my ever hopeful attitude is sucking on that one. Makes you realise how much our world has shrunk.

Can you remember what you were up to this time last year?!? Ahh… the benefits of writing a daily blog!

One thing I am realising this year is how much I’ve lived Life, but also how much I’ve taken for granted. Glad I did when I could, I guess. Note to self: Get grateful.

So many people never leave their village, or even their home. And that was before Covid. We get to experience their kind of life now. Perhaps we will gain a little more understanding, empathy, for the person who lives alone and always celebrates Christmas alone. Think about that. There are many thousands of lonely, hungry, frightened people right now. And they aren’t far away.

Things will come good again. The bus to Brighton still stops outside our front door! In fact, unbelievably, Brighton is still in tier 2, as is Crowborough. So strictly speaking, I could get on that Number 29 bus and go Christmas shopping in Brighton! And I could hop off in Lewes too! Nah. I’ll pass. I’d rather throw a few pots alone in the garage.

But today I understand a little better why some folks are clinging to their Christmas plans, why they are perhaps flouting the law and ignoring the guidelines. I can feel their frustration today. Perhaps they NEED a bus to Brighton. Perhaps they NEED to get out. Perhaps they really really NEED to be with friends and family. Not everybody likes their own company. And not everybody adapts well to change.

So I shall just stay in my lane, wear a mask, wash my hands every 20 seconds for 20 seconds, and not be judgemental. They are not me, and I am not them. They do what they do. And I do what I do. Live and let live.

Enough rambling. Tomorrow’s another day, eh.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

12 thoughts on “Empathy.

  1. Blimey, it is hard to believe that it was a year ago, as I remember so well you writing about it. As you say, a lot has happened since, but at least you have the lovely memories from those special times.
    Very wise to stay in your happy place and know that you are staying safe and helping to keep others safe by your actions. As you always tell us, this too shall pass, but boy, it is hard some days, isn’t it? Have a lovely evening and see you in the morning. Hugs. AnnetteX
    PS. I was thrilled today to see that I had won the SHAC set of Polychromos on the Clarity Matters blog. Guess who will be joining in the colouring in the new year! 😀 Thank you Stuart!

  2. Today I saw my friend Eva in more than 3 months for a socially distanced walk around the lake in Trentham Gardens. Other than that I have been at work or home. Hugs. Good that we have our escape rooms whether shed SHAC or pottery studio.

  3. My Facebook post from last year popped up in my news feed of my trip back down south to see my friends and parents. I echo your words, not to take anything for granted in the future. Haven’t seen mum and dad in person for 12 months now, but we’re trying another video call for Christmas day! X

  4. I keep a daily diary – have done for about 40 years – but haven’t looked back at last year. I suspect I was doing exactly the same as this year as I am not fond of going out as I can’t walk far and hate my 90 year old friend pushing my wheelchair, but she can’t walk unless she does! Easier to stay home really. We are content with our lives, love our elderly dogs, our craft and other hobbies and we go for a drive when we really need a change of scenery!

  5. If nothing else this pandemic has taught me to be mindful of others and their needs. Well maybe not entirely the pandemic but because of the pandemic I met you Barbara and you have taught me so so much. However, I’m well and truly on the Clarity circuit now and loving every minute of it. I’ve had a bad few days this week, very quick to tears and I’ve several friends who’ve also felt that way. I must thank my lucky stars I have a husband to share this with and family who although I can’t meet with them (they are all in Tier 4 and I’m in Tier 2) they are constantly in touch and we’ll look forward to zooming on Christmas Day. I’m also very thankful that I’m welcomed on the bus every other day so I’ve bucked myself up and plastered a smile on my face and will make the best of what we do have. There are so many with so much less

  6. Hi Barbara it is good to look back. Last year we were in Brighton with our friends to see the Bootleg Beatles in concert. In fact this year we were back at a socially distanced concert no singing no dancing. It was still lovely to be there. The Bootlegs were thrilled to be playing again. We didn’t go round the shops. We walked on the beach and we had socially distanced meals and drinks. Before we did so much and we took it all for granted. We are still in tier 2 just like Brighton so we could go. I think life is going to be different from now on. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Hi
    This time last year we had just completed on our new house. Having spent 5 months with a an elderly friend who kindly put us and the cats up whilst the house was finished. The stress told and Jackie struggled with mental health issues. So despite the pandemic we are actually in a safer and secure place now so something to be grateful for we also have mum living with us and am grateful that she is safe and not lonely.
    We are in tier 2 so ok but family cannot visit but they are all safe and well so definitely grateful for that.
    Love the blog Barbara read it everyday don’t always comment but love to hear your positive spin on things.

  8. We have so much to be grateful for. We are alive and well while many lie linked up to oxygen and struggle with Covid. If we had nothing else to be grateful for, that would still be a biggie! Hugs. Hxx

  9. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I’m so late! I can’t remember what I was doing last year but probably it was limping around Newcastle doing some last minute shopping. I know the week before I had been told that my knee op had to be postponed until New Year (&that was before COVID!) I could still go up to Newcastle today but won’t because of the crowds although the shops I go in are very well organised as is Eldon Square. I took some of Linda’s 3D Christmas trees to 4 of my friends ( very socially distanced outside their houses wearing masks) and they were so grateful. They all sent me photos of where they have put them and they do look pretty lit up! Their joy really cheered me up but it did bring it home what we are all missing! I am grateful to be safe and well and am looking forward to better times(hopefully) in 2021. Love and hugs Alison xx

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