How they grow!

How they grow!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog from me to you, right? Well, here’s a little Kitten catch-up from me to you!

It’s crazy to see how quickly our little Vikings are growing! To think that Ragnar and Erik were this tiny when they came to live with us…

Within a week they were already starting to change,

and they’d definitely taken to the wicker chair in the kitchen..

Great launchpad!

They like a bit of crafting too, so they’re right at home here!

Playful is a word. Full of mischief and so much fun ! And quick!! Any box, any basket, they’re in it. They don’t care whether it’s a laundry basket or a Mulberry handbag – it’s ALL interesting, and they HAVE to get IN IT, ON IT, and UNDER IT!

You know how you’re all over the website looking for elves? Well I’m all over the house, looking for these two! Their latest thing to play with is the glass dangles above the dining room table. And they use the candleholder beneath as a scaffold. Oh boy oh boy!

Yesterday I was searching everywhere for them. I knew they were moving in on the wreath over the table. Found one asleep on the chair…

..but the other one was nowhere to be found. I hunted high and low. Look! How is that comfy?!?

And this morning I had to chuckle. They were at the window, completely mesmerised by the squirrel!! See him? Those tails were swishing like synchronised swimmers – perfect unison.

They love Dave…especially if he pinches their chair!

But just look how quickly they are growing, from tiny baby kittens into young cats. So agile and beautiful. Still can’t tell them apart except for their tails.

They are identical to look at. I can tell immediately from their personalities which one’s which though. Ragnar loves to be picked up. Erik doesn’t. That said, this is Erik. Erik will eat anything you put in front of him, Ragnar’s picky. Erik was the feisty one, but Ragnar is now.

They bring such a wonderful energy into the home. If I feel a little angsty or out of sorts, I just have to detach from everything else and spend 10 minutes with these two. Which I do several times a day – They are the best therapy ever.

Stay safe.

Love and hugs

Barb, Ragnar and Erik xx

33 thoughts on “How they grow!

  1. I can see they are thoroughly spoilt but who wouldn’t, they are gorgeous. They look too pretty for boys. They have quite a long coat don’t they. It’s amazing what a difference an animal makes in your well being. I certainly miss my black Lab. can’t believe 11 weeks has passed since she went over the Rainbow Bridge. Look out birdies, the Vikings are coming

  2. Pleased you are getting so much joy from the little Vikings. Looks like Dave is enamored too. Poppde cn to elf hunt 2 first try, still struggling with no:1, Ray cannot find it either.
    Love the look of Linda’s boot, looking forward to the demo’s.
    Stay safe.

  3. Pleased you are getting so much joy from the little Vikings. Looks like Dave is enamored too. Popped cn to elf hunt 2 first try, still struggling with no:1, Ray cannot find it either.
    Love the look of Linda’s boot, looking forward to the demo’s.
    Stay safe.

      1. It took me all day yesterday trying to find clue 1, found it around 10 just before bed. Showed other half and he couldn’t see it until I pointed it out tho. Clue 2 a lot easier this morning, found it straight away.

        1. My husband thought something was wrong with me when I suddenly squealed “there you are” as I had been patiently scrolling away until then!!!!!
          What satisfaction when I finally found no.1!!!!!!!
          And these kitties are delightful – it is so nice to see progress photos of them as they grow up. Thanks Barb.. see you Friday. Beryl S x

  4. They are so cute x I can understand how they help with your angst, I have always had dogs and they too have helped me a great deal. Take care hugs xxx

  5. I love the photo with Dave – good job he’s got long legs! I wouldn’t be without my cat either. She can get up to some mischief, likes to bring me in live mice to play with, but she also snuggles up for a cuddle every night when I go to bed so no need for a hot water bottle.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Oh boy they are adorable. Thank you for sharing pictures of them. They seem to have so much fun together. When can they go out? They will be even harder to find then. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Those two are certainly keeping you on your toes. They are so retry. I have two boys, now 12, but made as ever, although they do like to sleep every where in the house. I’ve had my right leg in plaster for two months now, so no going upstairs, and my bed is one of our sofas. From the start one of my boys cuddled up next to me, and he is there every night, snug under my blanket.

  8. Thank you for sharing all these pictures of your new family.
    Thank you also for sharing all your time and expertise with us.
    Thank you all at Clarity for all the work you do for us.

  9. Love the squirrel in the garden. When I lived in Glasgow, there was one came to the kitchen every day and tapped so that we would feed him monkey nuts out the window! Never see one up here. The red ones are not quite so friendly! You really need to move that typewriter! Where’s a cat supposed to lie?! Lol. Have fun. Lots of love. Hxx

  10. Thanks for showing photos of your lovely kitties,
    So beautiful. I am crazy for cats, always love your stories about them. The way they sit together and seem so happy…really pleased for them, and the pleasure you get too. I have a pretty little tabby cat, a girl…but she keeps pushing the boundaries….it’s quite stressful when she is outside, always looking for mischief…but she is loved so much.

  11. They are gorgeous Barbara. I was only saying yesterday that I wished we had a dog again. We shall not have one as I know once this pandemic is over we would fine it very restricting. I shall be back to cuddling my grandchildren then. Little Taylor , who is now 2 was telling us on the phone tonight how a seagull ate his icecream, it was a story apparently but I fell for it. Made me laugh though. Enjoy those little mischief makers xx

  12. So pleased that you are enjoying those adorable kittens so much – it’s easy to see why. A perfect way of having well being and happiness during these strange times.
    I’m so pleased that I have found both of the cheeky elves! I agree with everyone else, today’s was so much easier, found it first time.
    Stay safe everyone, hugs Gilly x

  13. Gorgeous kittens and so much fun, you couldn’t be miserable with those lovable rogues. So glad you and Dave are enjoying them so much.xx

  14. So cute. I was tidying up my bookcase yesterday and found some very old photos of our cat Daisy when she had her kittens right next to me on the settee in the dining room, 3 ginger and white and 1 black and white. I showed my little granddaughter and first of all she was amazed that I had printed them. She is definitely a child of the digital age. Then I showed her one of her daddy aged about 17 with all 4 kittens crawling all over him. Good memories. Daisy is long gone and so are her kittens and now we have two tabby sisters but they are senior citizens and are sometimes a bit cranky xx

  15. Hi Barb
    The kittens are absolutely gorgeous. They look so cute when they are together snuggled up or lying on Dave’s legs. They are such a joy. Scamp is making a steady recovery although still a bit wobbly on her back legs and still sleeping in the cage. I feel so guilty as she doesnt understand why she cant sleep on Mam! Cant trust her to come downstairs without falling at the moment – going up is not a problem. As I said about the kittens, they are such a joy but when poorly such a worry too. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  16. Wow they have grown but oh the mischief in their faces !! I wonder how long the glass baubles will be intact on the wreath which looks beautiful. Did you decide what Erik & Ragnar were saying to each other the other week when they were looking out of the window or have I missed it. I can see them having great fun chasing the squirrel once they are allowed outside. Hide & seek meanwhile could be the new indoor game !!
    I eventually found the 1st elf after scrolling through most of the pages as I left the right section until last – should have stuck to just working my way left to right. Once there the clue made perfect sense !! No 2 was much easier but its good for the mind to be stretched !!

  17. Lovely photos…..just what you needed and at the right time. There is nothing like stroking an animal to restore calmness and they sense your moods, unconditional love.
    What a cosy kitchen they have definitely fallen on their feet with you and Dave, can’t wait to see what they get up to in the garden! Xx

  18. Hello Barb, now that certainly looks like 2 bundles of mischief. They are absolutely beautiful little boys, I can see how you could spend hours playing with them. I wonder how long it will be before you find bits of wreath or hear the crash of glass on your table. It really is lovely. Your kitchen looks so cosy, a real heart of the home. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. I remember when our first cat was tiny and went missing. My mum looked everywhere, even opening the washing machine in a panic. She was eventually found fast asleep on the dining room window sill curled up in a whicker wine bottle holder. They are gorgeous!

  20. What gorgeous boys. I can fully understand why you love them so much. I certainly wouldn’t be without our two, although it’s strange how they want to sit on my lap when they come in when it’s raining! In the evenings my husband sits in solitary splendour on a 3 seater settee and then there’s me in a recliner chair with Loki on my lap and Bailey curled up by my legs. It can get quite interesting when I am trying to knit, crochet or sew. Loki in particular is a little devil, you can actually see him looking for mischief but they do keep us entertained. x

  21. They are so cudly Barbara–I adore your little ginger Vikings!!!😍
    We have had a ginger cat and he came from another family. He ate everything he could catch from our dining table sweet or sour that didn’t matter.
    How was your pottery yesterday?? Is it finished in the garage?
    Stay save and healthy!
    Lots of love
    Trijntje Huppel

  22. Thank you for sharing the kittie hijinks. Please keep it coming. They’re gorgeous. So innocent, inquisitive and full of energy. It’s wonderful.

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