Time to make those cards ….

Time to make those cards ….

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s time to make those Christmas cards, isn’t it? The post office will be caving this season, what with all the online shopping we are resorting to in an attempt to stay safe. So the sooner we get them in the post – the better!

I imagine most of you good people will have already made a good start, and many of you will alrady have finished yours! Ask me how I’m getting on. Go on, I dare you!! Did you know that the British send almost 1 billion Christmas Cards a year! No wonder Postman Pat is overwhelmed!!

Actually, this year I may print mine from a SHAC-Shack drawing. The Christmas Village we did together perhaps.

Or the long winter scene we made into a bookmark.

Haven’t made my mind up yet. Actually, last Friday on telly I liked a really simple one I did to demonstrate those new texture stamps. That was very quick and easy too.

Either way I shall have to get a wriggle on if I’m going to get ahead of the postal curve and join in the 1 BILLION card movement.

On the subject of cards, once we clear the orders from the Gray Friday Sale, Jilly and I shall start boxing up and sending those lovely cards that you made a few weeks ago out to various worthy charities. Sorry it’s taken so long, but it takes a while to sort, match up with envelopes and bag. We’ll get there.

This year, more than any year in my lifetime, I feel the need to not only make (or at least send!) a card, but to write a few letters too. For far too many years, Christmas has just been a circus, a frenzy of spending far too much, eating far too much and generally tear arsing around. For a few years I’ve been wishing it would slow down, so that I could just take time to reflect on Life – and my part in it. Which just goes to show – be careful what you wish for! This year, it will just be Dave, myself and the kittens. But I know many of you spend Christmas alone every year. This year there’ll be thousands more of us isolating along with you, trying to minimise the spread of Covid infection.

Who knows, perhaps there’ll be more empathy going forward, for those living alone, the lonely and the elderly, who aren’t actually doing anything different this year. This is how their lives always are. Think about that.

Back to writing letters. I WANT to write to my nearest and dearest. Even though I could Facetime or text or pick up the phone of course, I would pen things that I would never say on the phone. It’s been many years since I applied myself in that way, with a pen and paper. Typing a round robin newsletter isn’t what I mean either. That’s always nice to receive, but no. I mean I want to THINK. Think about the person I am writing to, speak from the heart. There is a sense of wanting to speak my truth, instead of bla bla bla . Do you get me?

During lockdown, I personally have received so many beautiful handmade cards with special handwritten messages (largely of appreciation for the SHAC-Shack). And they stop me in my tracks every time. Generous lovely gifts from kind and thoughtful people. There are lovely handmade things all over the house. Great energy. I keep the cards and letters too, and from time to time I read them again. It restores my faith in the human race.

Here’s a thought. How about we each make a card for everybody else in the whole Clarity family, and post it on Clarity Worldwide on Christmas Eve, together with a message of love and good will? Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday this year. It would give us all something lovely to enjoy, and somewhere to get together. And on Christmas Day, Friday, I was thinking we could meet in the SHAC Shack at 10 am as usual, with a mince pie and a cup of tea? I’ll think of something neat to doodle, something for us to do together. Just for an hour. I know that many of you will be busy, but there will also be many who will appreciate a little get together.

Time to go find the kittens and make sure they aren’t demolishing the kitchen! Blimey! They’re a handful now! Beautiful and brave. I love them very much.

Stay safe

Barb xxx

31 thoughts on “Time to make those cards ….

  1. Barb I am just about to start my cards, so you are not alone. I want to use the Xmas tree stencil with a scene inside. No problem except I cannot recall what to do in the outer piece. So I have been scrolling through old demos from Hochanda and found inspiration for lots of other bits I have from you. The dies are now out ready for the off. What a kind thought to do a shak shak on Xmas morning. You are not only inspiring and amazing, but very empathic too. Huge thank you, from me. I have followed shak shak but not joined in – yet. Have a great day. X

  2. Christmas will be me and John this year and hopefully we’ll get to video call with our parents and siblings too. I feel fortunate to have someone I love to celebrate with. It will be different, but special nonetheless. My cards were all made by the end of July as I had to pack up my craft room! They’re not written yet but i bought the stamps yesterday. My writing is so bad that I will have to type my news – maybe I will email rather than do the round robin though. Your card designs will be beautiful no matter what you decide to make x

  3. I love your idea of a Christmas card for everyone else in the Clarity family. I’ll get my thinking cap on. I’ve made about 180 cards this year, most for me to send, but some for friends and family. I’ve been donating all the money I make this year to my friend’s daughter, who has Rett’s Syndrome. She has been given the gift of communication via an eye gaze computer, so the money will go towards this and onwards IT support.

  4. I’ll be there, Barbara, mince pie in hand. I was thinking exactly the same thing before I read it! After all, we’re ‘family’ now. xxx

    Debbie xx

  5. I have just had the postman at the door delivering my Smol washing machine pods and a couple of small gifts for me to send to my cousins who have just emigrated to Thailand. He said he may be back later with more from the van, which could be my clarity post!
    I really need to get making lots more cards as I too are planning on sending more cards this year, particularly to those who I haven’t seen for a while, and I will share the happy news of our new grand daugher Hazel who is now 7 weeks old. There are so many people she would have normally met, but hasn’t, including lots of family, but we have to keep safe, so she can meet them in the future.
    Really looking forward to getting out my inks and making my cards now.

  6. Oh what a beautiful thing to do on Christmas day, another generous part of your time. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people who will benefit from an hour in the Shac Shac, just so they’re not alone all day. Looking forward to the elf hunt.

  7. I’ve made more cards this year than usual and was going to try to do them all handmade but might not quite manage that. For the first time ever I’ve drawn a card, thanks to you, and a second one in pipeline. A call in to the Shac Shac on Christmas morning would be a lovely thing! We are going to have our friend/neighbour in for Christmas lunch so wont see family – that’s not unusual on Christmas Day, we let everyone do their own thing knowing we could go to anyone of them if we wanted (not this year though !) but we wont be doing the usual Boxing Day family thing here this year but never mind it’s not as if we don’t speak to them is it ! I’ve got 8 birthdays in Dec to do cards for to. In July I remember saying we will have all our cards done early – have we — heck as like! Anyway, now going to put the Christmas lights in front window, not doing any more yet as this is really early for me ! And I’ve got to find the elf !! X

  8. What a fabulous idea as we have become a closer knit community and really rely on each other and being part of this fantastic Community.
    To be together on Christmas Day will be very very special and look forward to doodling with all the Shac Shackers. Nice one xxx

  9. What a lovely thing to do Barbara. At the moment I’m sitting here writing my Christmas cards and it is taking longer this year as I’m writing notes in most of them. Like you, hubby and I will be on our own this year with his sister who is in our bubble. It will be much quieter this year but time to reflect how much our family means to us. We will miss them of course we will but zoom is a wonderful thing. I’m off to find that Elf now

  10. An hour in the Shac Shack would be a lovely Christmas treat, but please consider your own time too. The Christmas Eve card idea is great, would bring pleasure to so many people. Many thanks Barbara.x

  11. Our Christmas is going to be very quiet. Just Fred and me. So weird . I always longed for a Christmas with just our kids when they were little. I was always the one in the kitchen whilst visitors played games with the children. As you say be careful what you wish for. So long as we all stay safe get through this pandemic there will be plenty of chances to catch up. X

  12. Barbara you are such a tonic for me. Your sense of humour, kindness, compassion, creativity and many attributes help to keep me going. You feel for others who are struggling and I love you for it. I am finding life difficult having only lost my mum six weeks ago and had my first birthday without her on Sunday. My precious granddaughter keeps me going though and we went for a bracing walk at Bewl water and an outdoor picnic! Take good care of yourself.

  13. Dear Barbara & all at Clarity towers. I just wanted to say thank you so much for my sale parcel which arrived today. I wasn’t expecting it for some time so that was a lovely surprise. Your hard work is so appreciated xxx

  14. My Christmas cards were finished weeks ago as I was determined not to get behind this year. Put the stamps on this afternoon ready for posting tomorrow.
    I think your winter scene on craft card is superb and anyone receiving one would love it. You are the QUEEN OF CRAFTING.
    Giving your time for us on Christmas morning is a wonderful gift and I shall certainly be watching.
    You are right, a hand written note or letter is so much more personal than an e-mail or text. The fact that someone thinks enough about a person to take the time to sit down and write some thoughtful words by hand (instead of dashing off some type script) is a gift in itself.
    I’m off now to try to find the little elf-lings.
    Have a good evening. Stay safe.

  15. It’s amazing how fast these little kittens have grown into your hearts – it’s as if they have always been there.
    I try and write nice letters with special cards – one of my old neighbours (who is struggling to walk now) says she has kept all my previous cards, but she always likes a personal letter – not typed – but written. I hope I take her out of herself for a couple of minutes.
    When you are retired, Christmas is just about getting enough food in for the duration and ‘hunkering’ down.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS Got my lightwave today, it’s a bit scary, loads of written warnings, but it seems easy enough.(?)

  16. Oh Barbara you are so kind. I have made a lot of Christmas cards but I am not finished yet. Christmas cards was the one thing I seemed to be able to make when we were in complete lockdown. The Christmas Day idea is so lovely. I have just found out that my in-laws want to stay home and safe at Christmas. So we won’t be seeing them. They are both in their nineties and still as sharp as anything especially my mother-in-law. I am closer to her than to my own mother. I has been so hard not seeing her through this time. I think a lot of people will choose to spend Christmas alone this year. Take care. Hugs xxx

  17. How lovely of you to plan a SHAC meet up on Christmas Day. It will mean so much to the many people who will be spending the day alone. I hope that I will have found a way to read and make comments on the SHAC by then, so that I can join in with everyone.
    My Christmas cards are done and I will be posting a lot more this year, as I usually hand deliver many of them. Royal Mail have today announced an increase of 9p on a 1st class stamp from 1st January, which is an awful lot. So many elderly people write and post letters as their only means of communication, so it will hit them badly.
    I managed to find the first elf today. Such fun! Hugs. Annette X

  18. Oh, Barb, you have me in tears now! For the first time since my mum died, I will be on my own this year so for you to offer to meet us all in the SHAC Shack is definitely above and beyond but so much appreciated by me. I will spend a lot of time either crafting or watching TV and chatting away to others who are on the Clarity FB pages. With a bit of luck, I may also eat too much chocolate – and regret it a few days later when I get on the scales!!! Lol. Thank you, my friend. Lots of love, Hxx

  19. Barbara I think you shouldn’t do a Shac on Christmas day, but just enjoy and relax you two together and the little red Vikings. Take a walk in the woods and take a rest!!!
    You are so busy this week and you also need some peace and quiet moments for yourself!!!
    And yes I am alone and we are all at a certain age the three of us–kitties and me! 😄 The kids don’t come to me these days because of the little grandchildren, but I can craft all day long or watch the telly and eating a lot of chocolate or….. Nobody will see it!!!😂
    Take care and stay save. 👼💝
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  20. I have started to write my cards but like you feel most need a note with them & for many it will be the only contact I have with them this year where as normally we have met up several times during the year for a catch up.
    Christmas cards to share on Clarity Worldwide is a brilliant idea so I will make sure I have posted a special one before the big day.
    Christmas morning in the SHAC Shack will be a great comfort for many who are on their own. I will try & join in but depends on what time the family zoom meeting is set for as it will depend on the younger members sleep times but will catch up at some point as I love reading everyone’s comments & listening to your stories.

  21. Just about to finish making my cards but keep changing my mind lol x What a lovely idea for Christmas morning would be lovely to join thank you xx

  22. Well Barbara, you continue to amaze us with your kindness. I love all of your ideas. Yes, it is going to be a Christmas like no other, that’s for sure. It will be just Neill and I here for Christmas, and actually that’s fine. I spoke to relatives a few weeks ago and suggested that we didn’t buy presents this year (except for the grandchildren). If this year has taught us anything, it has shown that we don’t need more stuff (obviously craft stuff excluded) but we should be thankful for what we’ve got, and who we have got. It will also encourage us to stop and actually think about what Christmas is really all about.
    I saw something on fb, and it said ‘Well the first Christmas was pretty simple (picture of the nativity scene in the stable). It’s ok if yours is too! Seems to sum it all up very well, to me. Love and hugs, Gilly x
    P.S. Finally found the little elf!

  23. Looking forward to seeing the Christmas Shac on YouTube when it gets there. I worry you will give your whole self away without noticing one day but am so grateful for all you do. Grace is a chip off the block too. She stayed beside me yesterday instead of just telling me what to do and leaving me. Jeannine was fantastic, so patient and kind.

    Thank you so much for the coming SHAC goodies.

  24. I’ve got about 6 more cards to make for Christmas although there are a few in the box at work that I sell for charity. I may bring a couple home of Friday when I go into the office if they haven’t sold.
    You are so thoughtful having the SHAC shack open on Christmas day. I’m sure so many people will benefit from it.
    The Elf hunt started today and I can’t find them! Not a good start.

  25. What a wonderful thing to think of doing on Christmas morning Barbara. You do so much already, we have so much to thank you for. I am sure whatever card you choose that you made in the Shac Shack , be it one you have taken the time to print or an original will be greatly appreciated. Been looking for the elf and found it earlier on, took a while though but great to be occupied. Another beautiful idea to put a card on Clarity Wordwide for all the Clarity family. You are such a special person and we love you for it. Love and hugs Pam xxx

  26. Hi Barb,
    I’ve got all of my Christmas cards made but must get around to writing them. I always try to write a note in each of them ( with my fountain pen!) so it takes me ages! If Royal Mail are putting up the prices in January, I would advise everyone to buy some books of stamps now!! Looking forward to seeing the New stamps on the shows and can see the village ( or town) one falling into my basket. Like the look of Linda’s stocking as well! Very kind of you to do the Shac Shac on Christmas Day – I know it will be a godsend for a lot of people who are on their own. Love and hugs Alison xx

  27. Hello Barb, well I am only really starting mine now, am seriously behind with them, but I think the list will be a bit shorter this year. Love the idea about the Christmas eve card, will do my utmost to join in. Looking forward to the shows coming up on telly, but will have to contain my spending after the Blog Blitz and Gray Friday splurges. Thank you to the awesome Clarity team for an absolutely superb service, all parcels received now. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  28. My cards are ready to be signed, adding little notes and then addressed. Ofcourse they are groovi cards lol.
    Love to everyone and hope we all stay safe from the virus.
    Hi to the Norwegian warriors Barbara…lol
    Take care everyone and thank you to clarity for their amazing staff……

  29. Lovely to be with us on Christmas day. I normally make around 300 and sell them for Sickle Cell charity. This year have done about 50 so far. Will send lots to all the family that we cannot see this year. Already written my first letter to a friend I have not seen for 10 years, a catch up letter to make sure they are ok.
    I think we will all be writing more this Christmas. Enjoyed my first water colour wreath. Will post later. Of to look for yesterdays elf, hiding very well Xx

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