Coming up….

Coming up….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Been revving up the engine ready for HOCHANDA TV on Sunday 2-4pm and Sunday evening ODS. It’s a pretty special Sunday actually, because we will be looking back at the SHAC SHAC doodles, and all the wonderful art we have created along the way. I’ve waited until the last TV shows of the year to launch what I consider to be our absolute favourites too! I hope you agree. Here’s a little peek at one of the 6pm demos.

Yep, you guessed it: The Woodland Collection. Stamps AND Groovi. Superb. Absolutely exquisite. I have been lost in the Woods all day here! Toadstools, Honeysuckle, Butterflies, dragonflies, birds on a wire, twirls, wishing wells – the works. Hours of play.

But I will keep it short today. I have got a pottery Zoom class this evening which I really don’t want to miss. We’re learning how to colour clay, and this particular skill has been on my list of things to figure out all summer. Next weekend we will be firing up the kiln for the first time – and then. Then there’ll be no stopping me. We’ll be totally kiln it!!

The first thing I am going to make is a tile, a plaque, which says:

CAUTION. I’ve been know to throw things.

Stay safe

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

PS Hands up who can’t find Elf Hunt Clue No. 1? Sorry. Bit tricky. Chill though – You’ll soon get in the swing of it…

38 thoughts on “Coming up….

  1. Hi Barb,
    I found No.1 quite easily but it’s taken me a while to get today’s – it wasn’t where I was expecting it to be!!! Great shows today, love the stocking but I’m making do with the tree which I managed to get at launch. Looking forward to seeing the Shac stamps on Sunday though! – especially the village/town. The samples for the shows today were absolutely fantastic – well done to the DT. Been writing Christmas cards all day , just neighbours to do , and fortunately I had made enough! Just got my special cards to do now which I think are going to be the Christmas Tree. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  2. Hi there, My bank manager is lying in a darkened room! Lol. Enjoy your zoom pottery class. Sounds like great fun. Lots of love. Hxx

  3. Love the stocking and Christmas tree plates. Any chance of a jumper plate for next Christmas no pressure know you are all working hard.

  4. Have fun at your zoom pottery group meeting!
    Can’t wait to see your demos with the woodland stamps.
    And still haven’t found the 1st elf! Lol.
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. Yep, Elf #1 is sneaky, very sneaky! Elf #3 also took a bit of lateral thinking!

    Enjoy pottery, I’d love to see your tile when it’s done, sounds great. New SHAC Shack stamps are absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Hi Barbara enjoy your Zoom pottery class. I have found two elves I can’t find one. I don’t know if it is the first one or not. That artwork is gorgeous. I am looking forward to your shows. Have a good evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Enjoy your zoom lesson tonight. Have found all the elves but the first took a while but when I found him the clue made sense. Have now finished all my handmade cards a mixture of wreaths and villages all that’s left to do now is write on them and post them. Thanks Barbara and I for one will be joining you on Christmas morning.

  8. Looking forward to Sunday though really really really must not buy more….huge box has arrived and also a packet. There are two or three still on their way. We didn’t get any post today.
    No I can’t find Elf #1 at all though have located the others.
    As long as you only throw pots and not a tantrum it’s fine haha. LOL!!
    I’m so excited for you xx

  9. I’m going to be out Sunday 2-4pm at a Groovi Group so will have to set the recorder going. Mind you I don’t think my Bank Manager would mind me missing it!!!! I finally found today’s elf and pondered on the clue having found it as I couldn’t see the link – and then it hit me!!!!

  10. Found him took me a couple of hours though i just looked through all the products and wow there are thousands 😅🤣🤪 loved today’s show by the way
    Hugs xxxx

  11. Have a lovely class. Found Elf one- eventually – but todays has me totally stumped. Thought I knew where it might be -but it isn’t!! Need another clue for it please!

  12. I’ll have to cat h up with searching for the elves when I get back home. We’re enjoying a short break away in our own health district so we don’t go out of our tier 1 area. Walking in the snow today and it was even lying on the beach at Loch Morlich!

  13. Ye he’s well hidden number one but did not give up ,found him peeping out . Looks like great stamps for Sunday and loved the groovi stocking today xx

  14. Still can’t find elf 1, elf 2 was easy peasy, not looked at elf 3 yet.
    Looks like another spending weekendcoming up.
    Pleased your pottery is going well.
    Stay safe.

      1. Thanks Karen. Finally found elf number 1 last night after trawling through almost every product and before I read your helpful clue. Found elf 3 too.

  15. I don’t post that often but just want to say thank you so much Barbara!
    Hubby was having surgery late yesterday and while I waited for news I joined you on u tube drawing wreaths .I listened ,I drew .I coloured.By the time I got news that he was fine and in recovery I had a wreath I’m delighted with and may even use on a card .A moment in time, the circle of life .So lucky to be a crafter and have an amazing teacher too .Thank you again.

  16. Oh dear I can feel another shopping spree coming this weekend but then it will be the last one this year !!
    Ok with the Elf hunt so far, 3 down 21 to go !!
    Hope you enjoyed your Zoom pottery lesson, looking forward to seeing what you have done.

  17. more beautiful stamps to spend my pennies on! These are definitely going to have to go on the wish list… Looking forward to Sunday’s shows – you always bring us such great inspiration. Have got all 3 elves so far – although day 1 did give me a bit of trouble!

  18. Hi
    I’ve been watching your you tube and Hochanda shows for a few months and really like the look of your products. Im not very arty and am a bit daunted so I haven’t bought anything yet. This collection however sounds right up my street and I feel my first purchase coming on. Looking forward to my crafty journey with you ☺

    1. Give it a go, you won’t regret it. I wouldn’t call myself naturally arty but I am with clarity. Good luck!

  19. Hope you had a good zoom class, see you tomorrow in the Shac but I’ll have to put my hand up to leave early – hairdresser at 10.45 ! Loved the new stocking plate today and looking forward to the weekend. X

  20. Hunting the elves is proving a challenge. Found elf today but I think it is Day 1. I need to find another elf.
    Looking forward to the shows at the weekend. Meet up tomorrow at the SHAC shack.

  21. I’ve got the elves so far. Loved hearing about the stocking and so looking forward to the SHAC goodies. Don’t worry about any screams – it’s only the bank manager!

  22. Hello Barb, how lovely of you to give a little boost to the clue. I finally found #1 yesterday morning, the other 2 I thought were fairly easy. I would love to be inside your head when you are writing these clues, there must be cogs whirring like mad. Hope you had a good Zoom session for pottery. Love the look of these new stamps, will record the shows too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  23. My Shac Shack mandala stamps arrived yesterday can’t wait to play. Love the look of Sunday’s shows hope you enjoyed your pottery zoom class and hope the kiln fire up goes well but nervy!!

  24. Love the idea for your first tile /plaque. You must be so excited. Thanks for ALL you do Barbara. I will be watching on Sunday. xx

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