Knit your own Christmas Jumper YouTube!

Knit your own Christmas Jumper YouTube!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Delighted to tell you how brilliantly our Christmas Jumper Stamp Drive for Save the Children is going! One day in, and we, this little Clarity Community, have already raised a fantastic £1,951.42. Amazing!!!! Brilliant!!! And not finished till midnight Monday!! Blimey! Perhaps we’ll be able to send a cheque for over £2,000!! That’s epic, and that’s down to YOU.

Even if you already have the stamps, you are buying them again, or you are calling Jeannine and just adding the value of the stamps as a donation without even asking for the stamps, and simply making a generous donation; or you are going on the Claritystamp Youtube channel and making a donation there directly to the Save the Children Fund.

You make me happy, do you know that? I get a lump in my throat when I think about what we have managed to do here. Apparently, Jason, our cool yule Stamp maker lept into action first thing yesterday morning, and over 60 Jumper Stampsets were already out the door by end of play yesterday evening. Teamwork makes the dream work, and the Clarity team were all totally into what we are trying to achieve.

I was double delighted when I came up to the artroom this morning, to start on the step by step project I promised you, and found a Claritystamp Youtube from – wait for it – 2014, where I have done EXACTLY the Jumper by clever Dee Paramour that I was going to knit for you today!! That has saved me hours !!! Take a look…

Can’t help noticing that I’m a lot more relaxed nowadays in the SHAC-Shack than back then, 6 years ago. A few more wrinkles, a few more pounds and a LOT more hair, but the shelving in the background is still the same nowadays!!!

Be safe, and enjoy your weekend. Time for a walk in the woods …

If you haven’t got the Jumper set, buy it today, and the entire proceeds, 100%, will go to Save the Children. CLICK HERE.

It’s cool to be Kind.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Knit your own Christmas Jumper YouTube!

  1. That’s an incredible sum. I suspect it will continue to rise over the weekend. Well done, you. It wouldn’t have happened without your generous offer. My jumper stamps were in the post last night. Fantastic. I shall look forward to the youtube Later. Need to work today. Have a lovely walk in the woods and a great weekend. Lots of love. Hxx

  2. I had a hospital appointment on Friday morning so I missed only the second SHAC shack live since March (was at my daughter’s wedding the first time I missed it so a good excuse to be absent, Miss!) so I didn’t know about the jumper idea. What a generous gesture on top of 150 hours of free drawing and colouring classes this year. We do love you Barb!
    I have had the stamp set for years so have happily donated through Jim’s button. Does that sound a bit rude?!!
    Have a great weekend everyone xx

  3. WOW that’s fabulous; it’s great when like minded people pull together. Off to watch the video. Enjoy the w/e 🙂

  4. I have just ordered my first ever Clarity (or any other) stamps. What a wonderful thing you are doing Barbara and I am pleased to be a part of it. I shall watch your You Tube and then order some ink pads, as I haven’t a clue yet and then have a go after Christmas. Talk about an early start on next year’s cards! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  5. My jumper stamp is wending its way to me – had the email late last night, so thank you to all the Clarity Elves. I am sure the total will rise over the weekend so look forward to seeing the final total on Tuesday.
    Having watched the video I think there will be a lot of jumper making in the New Year. Love the sound of stamping on fabric to give texture. I think cards for next years Christmas Jumper Day as an additional fund raiser. Make packs of 6 & sell for a donation to charity. That will keep us all out of mischief for a while !!

  6. Absolutely brilliant Barbara! Such an amazing thing to do, and of course the Clarity Family come together for such a good cause.
    Also your Team Clarity are an amazing group – I placed my order for the jumper stamps yesterday afternoon and received an email late last night to say the order was on its way! All of you at Clarity are the best and just awesome!

  7. Awesome but not surprising result. I have a feeling your Clarity family will more than double this before midnight Monday. It is such a good cause – kids are the future and deserve all the support they can get.
    I have an idea for using the jumper stamp for Valentines day and Easter. How about Fathers Day too .Must make notes on the plans before I forget.
    Stay safe.

  8. Thanks for the you tube video – now I will be able to knit my jumper! Great idea for Save the Children and thank you for doing it. You don’t look any different in the video except for the hair!

  9. Ask your accountant if you can gift aid it and raise some more? Like others, I’m sure word will get round and you will find the total rising anyway. Perhaps Save the Children could put it on their website for Monday along with the idea above of making cards for next year. Maybe Grace will know how to put it on their social media. Other people will make cards a year ahead, even if they miss this offer, as long as you say how. You are a star!

  10. Just ordered the stamps. What a wonderful thing to do. It is so nice to join in with things like this. I love being part of the Clarity family. Have a good weekend. Hugs xxxx

  11. Hello Barb, a really amazing thing to do. Still trying to decide which way to go, not trying to procrastinate, just need to make a sensible decision at the moment. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. What a fabulous result. When we’re not in The Shac I have you tube on and it just runs on from video to video. The Christmas jumper came up last week so I felt I just had to have it. So pleased someone found it for you and saved you time xx

  13. Love that demo – can’t wait for my stamps to arrive, although I’ll have to use watercolours as that’s all I have at the moment from my stash. I might have to go and raid the storage unit for some inks so I can get going with next year’s cards whilst I’m feeling festive!

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