Nearly there…

Nearly there…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Nearly there. That sounds much more encouraging than not there yet, don’t you agree? You can look at everything from two different angles, can’t you. I try hard to look at things in a positive light. It doesn’t come naturally, especially when I’m tired.

Hochanda TV prep for example. Nearly there. A few hours tomorrow, and then I’ll be good to go. Flipside: Didn’t manage to finish prep today, so will have to work Saturday too. Both true. One is optimistic, upbeat. One is pissed off she has to work all weekend. Both true, but I’ll stick with the optimistic upbeat attitude, because I have to work all weekend and I may as well enjoy the ride!

I’ve got another nearly there. The kiln. The lovely new pottery kiln.

I have nearly made enough to fill it so we can fire it up for the first time. There’s a whole row of pots and bowls ready to bisque fire…

And I’ve made a set of wacky bottles too. They have each been made out of one piece of clay. You take away the clay, you spoon out the inside peu a peu. You don’t add anything. It’s quite a clever process. I like these. In fact, the fourth one was made with the clay I scooped out of the other three! They’re called Faceted Kuri Bottles. Like Sake Bottles. I wonder how they will come out….

Here are some beautiful examples:

So we’re nearly there. I reckon I may have to make a few more pieces to fill the kiln. But maybe I’ll just go for it, and hang the expense.

This week I have had to focus on work, so the pottery studio has ben left in the dark. But I promise you! Next week, as soon as TV is done and the orders are out the door – I IS A POTTING!!!!

As i said – Nearly there.

Stay safe.

Love always,

Barb xxx

35 thoughts on “Nearly there…

  1. Fantastic, Barb. So much to enjoy in the future. Have a great weekend and an even better week to come. Lots of love. Hxx

  2. Wow you have been so busy. Any wait to see how they turn out. One of my Gray Friday orders arrived today with your sentiment stamps. Your handwriting is beautiful I will love using the stamps

  3. Brings back memories. I used to go to pottery classes 40 years ago while my youngest was in nursery! Still have a few of the things I made. Your bowls and bottles look great, look forward to seeing the finished article! x

  4. Oh it’s all very exciting!
    Relax a little tonight then you’ll be in the right frame of mind to finish your TV prep tomorrow.
    Love and hugs xxx

  5. Barb your work looks fabulous can’t wait to see it after firing. On an aside, when we can finally have a ‘normal’ Christmas again you’ll get a big turkey in that !!😂😂
    Looking forward to Sunday xxx

  6. Your pottery looks amazing, especially the bottles! They look like small houses for woodland folk with tall chimneys sticking out! Talking of woodland folk, really looking forward to Sunday’s shows. Even with more prep to do Barb, remember to step back, chill and take time out for yourself, and the pottery!

  7. You do look thrilled with your kiln. Well done with your bottles as well. Pottery is something I have never wanted to do but I do love watching others producing pots especially on the wheel. xx

  8. Fan-ta-bu-lous, just look at that grin – a potting she will go 🙂
    We’ll have our fingers crossed with you when you fire up the kiln for the first time. The bowls et al will be gorgeous.

  9. Fantastic ! Something to look forward to after a busy weekend. Hope you enjoy your kiln – is it any good for toast – our grill has stopped working ! What a lot of bowls ! X

  10. Your excitement is just how I felt when I completed my first piece of Groovi with picot cutting.
    The pots look amazing and I look forward to seeing them all finished. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Your smile in that photo is magic. Your pots are amazing, very professional. Look forward to seeing them finished.
    Do try to have some chill time before your weekend marathon.
    Stay safe.

  12. Wow the kiln looks fab. No wonder you are so excited. You deserve this lovely lady. I do hope you get to work with it soon. I’ve got so many ‘nearly there’s on my dining room table!!’ As you say there always has to be a positive and mine is I may not be seeing my family over Christmas but I will have time to play with all my Clarity goodies xx see you on Sunday TV

  13. Wow Barbara that kiln looks amazing. You will so enjoy using it. You do seem to have made a lot to fill it. I hope you have a good weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  14. Love your smiling face Barb! All of your pots and bottles look fab! Not too long to wait until you can play properly. Looking forward to Sunday and seeing what you conjure up for us all.
    On a different subject, I have seen some posts on Clarity FB about some parchment craft that was done on Channel 4’s Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas programme today. I missed today’s, so I shall have to have a look on catch-up.
    Take care and keep safe everyone. Hugs, Gilly x

      1. Kirsty ‘s handmade Christmas is on ch4 at 5pm. Not sure how many in the series. Alison Yeates won the papercraft competition with a lovely parchment card. Hope this helps!

  15. Wow Barbara look at you with your fantastic pots and Kiln.! So happy for you. Fire it up and keep warm. xx

  16. I bet you can’t wait until 5pm Monday when the ODS will be finished & you can then get to fire up the kiln. Meanwhile you can add to your wonderful selection of pots so that it will be full as you will need a break between prepping for the shows.
    On the other hand we can’t wait to see what you have lined up for us on Sunday with the SHAC shack goodies. There are some lovely wreaths appearing on the Facebook page, I need to finish mine but I will do over the weekend after we have had another family birthday Zoom tomorrow. Our 2 year old granddaughter is going to be devastated when she finds out she can’t blow everyone’s candles out as she has done throughout lockdown when she starts going to friends birthday parties.

  17. How exciting – and brilliant to have that to look forward to for next week. I know its a huge amount of work for you, but your shows and new stamps have exactly the same impact for the rest of us. Looking forward to Sunday!

  18. Love your face with the big smile!!!
    Your kiln looks great and oh boy eh girl that will fantastic bowls etcetera after the kiln.
    Take care and stay save!
    Lots of love
    Trijntje Huppel

  19. I was late. The person in front stalled. I was so nearly there. Then a lorry jumped the lights. You never know what not finishing today saved you from. The universe is unfolding as it should – we just don’t always know why? There are people on ICUs who have worked a fortnight straight but I wouldn’t try that one on them.

  20. Hello you look very happy and smiley standing in front of your kiln.
    The pots and bottles look awesome, enjoy.
    I think a positive outlook is much better for the soul than a gloomy woe is me.
    Hope you have great shows this weekend xxxx
    Hugs stay safe.
    Julie xxx

  21. That smile says it all Barb, lovely to see you looking so happy and excited (not that you don’t always). I am sure the shows will be just perfect as always. Enjoy your weekend everyone, stay safe and take care. Bx

  22. Your pots look amazing Barbara. Good luck with the firing..please can we see the results. I loved pottery a long time ago and treasure my pots. Never had a kiln but…I have a lot of unopened Clarity goodies waiting for me to get into.x

  23. Wow! Your Dave has been busy getting such a lovely pottery space ready for you! It looks perfect! – I am intrigued to know how the hell you even get time to do Pottery on top of everything else! – I never stop and dont even work and still struggle to find time to craft! – I’m tired thinking about what you achieve! Whoa 😂 xx

  24. Wow Barbara, what a lot of pots and the bottles look amazing too. No wonder you can’t wait to get that kiln fired up. I would love to see a photo of them in there when you load it up as it looks like there are far too many pots to get them all in, obviously it is very deceiving. It’s just wonderful how far you’ve come with the pottery and just how skilled you are..they all look brilliant. x

  25. Fantastic, I know just how addictive it can be Barbara, Cant wait to see the finished pieces. I bet you’re excited to try it out for the first time, I know I was. Take care xxx

  26. Well all i can say that no one else has said WOWZERS’ Your pots are fab, your bottles have turned out fabulous. Oh by the look on your face I’d bet my house that you’re exceptionally happy how everything turned out, you are, aren’t you lik?
    Im sorry i missed yesterday’s SHAC shack live, yesterday just slipped right over my head and had to stay in bed for nearly the whole day. Hopefully today will be better. Off to watch your video now (if i can find it lol) X X

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