They’ve moved in for sure now!

They’ve moved in for sure now!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. You know your guests are moving in for good when their mail starts arriving, right? So imagine my delight when a box arrived today, addressed to – wait for it – ERIK and RAGNAR!!!

And you know they’re definitely set to stay when the box is unpacked to reveal their very own ….


With love from Aunty Karen, it said on the box! Aunty karen – you made my day!!

And theirs!! They were straight on it!! After an initial investigation,

they settled right in.

So I moved it to a warm spot by the AGA, because we know they like a warm spot…

And it didn’t take long for them to move in on their mat!

Decisions, decisions.. chair?

or mat? Wipe your feet before you climb on here! Erik is on the mat, Ragnar is the stripey tail.

and take a close look at their Mat! If that isn’t our SHAC SHAC Mandala, then my name’s Dame Edna! Formidablé!!!!

It’s been quite a big week! Their world doubled in size when the dining room door was opened for them,

Then they met little Evie and her brother..

Oh. Not forgetting the kitchen window – and that vast expanse of world to explore…

Yep. All in all, a fabulous week for our little Vikings. Completely oblivious to the global pandemic crisis, the American election, the terrorism in France and Austria. Just as it should be. They would think we were mad, wouldn’t they? Absolutely stark raving bonkers.

In my next life I’m coming back as a cat.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “They’ve moved in for sure now!

  1. Aww…I’m in love.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    Bendycat HATED the fireworks last night (and probably for the next few weeks!) how did your two get on?

  2. Lol. Sounds like a plan but since we’ve made such a mess of this life first time round, not sure we’ll get that privilege!! Lol. Love seeing the photos of the cats. Have a good weekend, Barb and Dave, and enjoy Dave’s birthday tomorrow. Landmark for me in 9 days!! Hx

  3. They are little loves and will love their mat — how posh! And it has a mandala on it too ! I think they’re eying up the bird tables – what great tv viewing that must provide for them ! Just come back from a long walk around the reservoir, that blew some cobwebs and was so proud of hubby for doing it – furthest he’s walked with his walker 2.4 miles, made hell of a difference to him! Have a good weekend everyone xx

  4. Oh boy that is a wonderful gift. The kitties are settling in well. They have certainly landed on their feet they are going to be well looked after. Enjoy the weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  5. What fun to have their own mat, chair and garden with birds to watch! Also lucky to have such a lovely family to live with.
    Many happies to Dave for tomorrow! Xxxx

  6. Those kittens are so cute . What a nice gift to receive for them.
    Enjoy your day tomorrow celebrating with the Birthday boy.

    Big smiles for all 😊🤩😍😊 Stay positive, stay safe everyone.

  7. They are so cute, and absolutely gorgeous to boot. Big eyes, big paws and big personalities. I love the picture with Evie, she looks like she was in seventh heaven 🙂
    Take care all, have a great weekend, and happy birthday to Dave for tomorrow – enjoy

  8. What a fabulous gift for Erik and Ragnar and they certainly seem to have taken to it, and they also seem to have taken to the bigger space they can inhabit, and wow, won’t they be excited when they can go out into that wonderful garden of yours Barbara. So pleased that they have settled in so well and are being love to bits already…who really could resist those sweet x

  9. What a stunning gift! Such a caring present, for such a lovely lady and 2 adorable kittens! Keep enjoying each day with them both Barb. Hugs, Gilly x

  10. What a thoughtful gift. Obviously from a very caring friend. Like your mum, I am not a cat person, but those two are so beautiful and so cute.
    Thank you Barbara, for a great week in the SHAC. You had me roaring with laughter over the banoffee pie story and I really needed that this week.
    Happy birthday to Dave for tomorrow. Enjoy the day together. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Such a lovely pressie for the cuties.
    Shall I tell you about my cat Storm? On Wednesday she tucked into the cauliflower cheese on the work top ready to go in the oven, yesterday she sneaked into my son’s house and ate his tea(spag Bol) and today she chewed into a box of mince pies. I’m not happy with her.
    My granddaughter has just rung up to request that I stamp some more Poppets for her to colour, it’s going to be Christmas card weekend xx

  12. Hello Barb, what a lovely gift for your furbabies (and you and Dave of course). Love it. Evie looks like she got some cuddles in too. Your little Vikings are adorable. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely gift for the two Vikings. They certainly look as though they are very pleased with it. It will make a great scratching mat too hopefully( better than the furniture!) . They have certainly landed on their paws having a lovely home like yours and two adoring adoptive parents! They are adorable and are certainly growing quickly. I have always said I would come back as a cat ( but only if I had lovely owners!) or a man! Love and hugs Alison xx

  14. Awwww super cute and what a lovely Aunty they have. Looks like they have settled in nicely and found all the best spots. XX

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