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Thanks for popping in. Just had Grace on Facetime, in tears. Happy tears. Massive relief. The Official News just announced that Joe Biden has won the 2020 US Presidential Election.

Grace opened her apartment window in Brooklyn for us – and the whooping, cheering, clapping and bibbing was so loud! It’s like the lid came off, and New York can breathe again.

Then Mark called from San Francisco. They just woke up to the good news too. So we had a group family cheer. Celebrating Dave’s 65th Birthday. And as he put it, “what a great Birthday present”.

If you’re reading this and you disagree, if you think Trump should have been voted in again, that this is not the best outcome, then hey. That’s your opinion – and this is mine. Hallelujah and THANK GOD that democracy has triumphed.

Finally, no more daily dose of drama and drivel from the Whitehouse, no more barely literate ranting, no more anger-inciting, divisive racist bullshit. It will take years to mop up the mess this madman has made, but at least we are living in the solution now.

If you think that the US President has nothing to do with us here in little old England, again, that’s your opinion. I would argue that the man in the hotseat in Washington DC – whoever he/she is – has massive influence. And that’s my opinion.

I am a socialist to the core. Always have been, always will be. Nothing new here. Don’t usually discuss politics publicly; there’s always somebody waiting to have a pop, waiting to rant. You wouldn’t believe the vile messages I get to read when I stray from the papercraft path! But today, I’ll stand up and be counted. Today I put my VOTE FOR BIDEN sticker in my window. TODAY I am cheering with my kids in New York and San Francisco. I am cheering with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I am cheering with every democrat in the USA.

The world to me just feels a little less mental this evening, as though some kind of sanity has been restored.


Congratulations to Joe Biden and his team.

Love always,

Barb xx

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  1. Well said, Barbara. Prayers have been answered! Delighted for Grace and Mark and for my friends in Montreat. They will also be giving a huge sigh of relief. Definitely a day to remember and not just because of Dave’s birthday. Have a fantastic night. Lots of love. Hxx

  2. I have to agree. On our last trip to America we met some lovely women travelling to England on our return flight. It was 2016 and she said I won’t talk about Brexit if you don’t talk about Trump. We had a lovely flight home. Oh and Happy Birthday to Dave

  3. Glad Dave’s having a good birthday! I don’t do a lot of politics but know what I want and what I don’t want. As my sister has said with Trump on the golf course, if they’ve got any sense they’ll change the locks while he’s away! As for Melanie I should think she’s got her back packed already. Let’s hope it’s onwards and upwards now. Have a good evening celebrating ! My best news is my Pergamano sale parcel is on it’s way ! X

  4. Hip hip hurray! I was told that as I was American it was none of my business. To my mind, it’s the business of every person on the planet.

  5. Yes, it’s a relief – but we have to get to January, so there is a lot more BS to come. And it may not be good for the UK with our own Brexit end of transition coming and no EU or US trade deal.

  6. Well said that woman and I’ll very happily stand up with you. I generally don’t do comments or Facebook etc because of all the rubbish that was once aimed at me for unknown reasons. Today seems to be a better time somehow, and your words have made me feel a whole lot braver about the future, thankyou. Life’s hard enough at the moment without all the divisive bullshit from whichever direction. Now, here’s an idea – BG for PM 😉 and a very happy happy birthday to Dave, you won’t forget this one wooooo hooooo xoxo

  7. Yes, and well said, I actually cried tears of relief!
    I feel like an oppressive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Hopefully they will sign back up with the WHO and the Paris Accord, the world is a safer place tonight, my prayers 🙏 have been answered xx

  8. Well I will own up I never have been and never will be a socialist – but thank goodness that evil man is out! He was raving lunatic!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t bode well for the UK, as Biden is very pro Europe – but we will survive! Nothing can be worse than Covid!

  9. Prayers are answered at last. Four years of madness consigned to history … boy, Biden and Harris have their work cut out, but with good grace and humility they can do it. Barbara, you echo the thoughts of so many people and maybe now, the world will seem a better place. Xx

  10. Couldn’t have said it better. Hopefully the USA will start to get back on track without that madman although I don’t think he will go without a fight. Could take quite a while to put right everything he messed up. Feel for Grace and Mark having had to put up with it for so long.
    Hope Dave is enjoying his special birthday, I just can’t stop doodling winter scenes! Enjoy your weekend xx

  11. I’m with you all the way Barbara. It will take a while but I hope democracy reigns in the US. Happy Birthday Dave.
    Doing a happy dance. X

  12. Thank you, Barbara – one must always stand up for one’s beliefs and not let others’ comments and opinions effect one. So, may this, your dear husbands’ “special” birthday be also remembered for a turn for the better of the world, may this lovely country USA find peace, and I’m sure this gentle Joe Biden has great strength for what is ahead of him after all he has been through in his life.
    Keep up your good work – you’re doing great. Xx

  13. Such a relief, well done USA, eventually. I just hope he doesn’t drag it through the courts.
    Happy Birthday to Dave.

  14. I totally agree with all you have said. Such a relief for your kids.
    I was living in Johannesburg on the great day when Nelson Mandela was elected, so I can imagine the celebrations in New York are similarly noisy!
    Happy birthday to Dave and enjoy a lovely evening. Hugs. Annette X

  15. Well said and absolutely agree with every word. I’m so pleased for Mark and Grace as well -it must be like a huge weight has been lifted from their country and their lives. What a super-special gift for Dave too. happy birthday wishes to him, and many more to come.

  16. What’s that old saying – no-one ever went broke underestimating the american public – I think we know which idiot has proved it for the last 4 years!
    Yo! Dave – HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I’m 68 next Wednesday, so you are still a youngster.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  17. Phew indeed! My shoulders have dropped and I am breathing out. A chance for America to be led by a President who speaks of ‘Uniting all People’. Imagine that!
    Love and luck to Joe, Kamala and their team.
    HUGS to you Barbara and all your family and Happy Birthday Dave. XX

  18. Amazing news and what a relief. Biden has his work cut out trying to undo all the crap left behind by Trump. Hope he has a great team around him. Happy birthday to Dave, 65 years young. Xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Well said, totally agree with you. Not sure I’m keen on Biden , but anyone is better than Trump. Just hope he admits defeat gracefully although I don’t think that will happen! Happy birthday Dave! Only another year to go and it’s pension! Love and hugs Alison xxx

  20. As a person born in the USA (one of the next states to where your daughter lives, which is where my Dad was born) but now a dual national British (American/British) but really none political, I am pleased that America now has a person that cares about everyone and not just about himself. If the Republicans win next time doesn’t bother, so long as they care about the people, rather than what is in it for themselves. The World needs leaders that worry and care about everyone’s health and safety, and a calmness, like you supply us with at this worrying times.

  21. Like you I don’t usually discuss my political views, it can cause arguments between friends but in this instance I am so relieved. Normality resumes. Not sure that Trump will be leaving quietly so maybe some more dramas yet. xx

  22. Getting away from politics I would like to wish Dave a very Happy 65th Birthday, I hope he has been very spoilt.

  23. Congrats indeed to Joe Biden. Donald Trump did not make America great, he made it an absolute joke, his whole conduct was a joke, no class or common sense at all. Obama showed class and hopefully Joe Biden will do the same.
    Happy Birthday to Dave.
    Lisa x

  24. I do not usually discuss politics or religion but I make this exception today.
    Hurrah, the devil is defeated. 👿
    Trump has looked like a spoiled, pouty brat who messed his pants and threw his toys out of the pram and no-one would give them back to him. On the TV Biden looked calm and Presidential and we were on tenterhooks until the last declarations came in. So pleased for America and the world in general.
    I still think there are going to be some bumps ahead as Trump tries to make things difficult for Biden, trying to push things through the Senate before January.
    On the up side Biden has 8 years of governmental experience as VP to Obama and a pool of experienced staffers to call on when the time comes.
    I am sure Biden will get back to the WHO, the WTO and the Paris agreement. He may not like Brexit but I think he is man enough to respect our decision and not let it stand in the way of a trade agreement.🤞
    So sanity will be returned. We cracked a bottle of bubbly this evening to toast the people of America and of course Dave’s special birthday.
    Had my Flu jab today and feeling ache-y so going to bed early. I should sleep well now.
    Take care, stay safe and be happy.😊

  25. I’m with you on this momentous occasion! I haven’t been this happy since the 2008 election. Just thinking about the silence on social media will be a blessing. We just need to get through to January 20th to really breathe a sigh of relief from this sham administration currently in the White House. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and every vote must be counted. Now it is more important than ever to heal as a country. We all want safety, security, opportunity and to be treated equally under the law. Now, perhaps we can get back to the serious business in front of us all: pandemic, economy, police reform, prison reform, the climate crisis, the national debt and health care as a basic human right instead of ‘twitter wars’ and the unbelievable amount of lies and misinformation flooding social media and distrust amongst the citizenry. I yield my ‘soapbox’. Also, I so enjoy your blog, product lines and SHAC shack! Thank you so much for caring and sharing with us all!

  26. Yes but nearly half the people voted for that man, and he has spouted such a lot of inflamatory rubbish, etc.(could say more here) and has probably caused a lot of people to catch the virus, by his actions. Sometimes I do not understand the human race. The belief in someone who only cares for himself and never mind anyone else, has been incredible. Lets hope he doesn’t win the litigation actions. I just feel as relieved as you do, I think he could have caused more and more havoc in the world.

  27. Too many people in politics are there for the power and recognition and not to serve the people that elected them. So happy for my many friends in the US who are celebrating today. Happy birthday to the lovely Dave too!

  28. Well said Barbara but I fear Trump will be a bad loser and won’t accept defeat right now.
    Happy Birthday to Dave. I’m sure he had a great day. Xx

  29. Hi Barbara

    Happy birthday 🥳 Dave certainly a day not to be forgotten. Politics weather and religion are all subjects to be avoided but I’m standing in your corner tonight and praising those sane Americans.
    Enjoy your evening with your boys

  30. I am in complete agreement with you Barbara. I have found the last couple of days very worrying incase he got back in for a further four years of hate and destruction.

  31. Firstly happy birthday Dave. Then thank God for democracy and all the sane people of Americs good riddance to Trump. Enjoy your weekend.xx

  32. I couldn’t agree more ! I failed to understand how anyone could support a man who had such disregard and lack of respect for humanity.Much to celebrate .Stay safe and well and take care of each other .Warmest regards Carmel

  33. What a relief for the whole world !Tears ,happy tears came out of my eyes , when i heared about the Biden- Harris victory. My heart feels much lighter now after 4 years of the most terrible President america ever had. I love this country so much because half of my family lives over there.
    Happy Birthday Dave, that was the best present you could get….

  34. Happy Birthday Dave. That’s the best news today Barb and so happy for Grace and Mark. The other good news is my Pergamano goods are in the post hooray. Have a good weekend. Love and hugs xxx

  35. I concur! Out with the inane, self serving presidency, in with Biden and his little spitfire vice, Kamala. Here’s to a better future for all.

  36. Happy Birthday Dave hope you have had a great day – another Scorpion celebrating this week. We have 4 family birthdays between 31 Oct & 10 Nov.
    I can feel your relief for Grace & Mark over the US election result. Just got to get to Jan 20th – hopefully he who should know better goes quietly !!
    Back to my Groovi SHAC project 30 & doodling on craft card !!

  37. Well said Barbara, so glad that man has been defeated. But will he go quietly? I don’t think so, how do you evict an ex president from the White House? Interesting times ahead I think. I watched his incoherent press conference last night, he is certainly a poor loser, and I understand many of the American tv programs cut him off. Good for them.
    Hope Dave had a happy birthday, what a day to remember
    Stay safe xx

  38. Happy Birthday to Dave and I will agree with you on one thing and that is that Mr T never was presidential material and it was time for him to go…have to say I’m not sure Mr B is the right successor but he will be more measured in his response to things I think…just hope he manages the 4 year term as it’s a heavy job! x

  39. Hope Dave had a good birthday yesterday. I think we all know how the next two months are going to go. Ranting, sulking, further accusations of fraud and he’ll probably have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming! I believe he was planning a Trump dynasty lining all his children up to be president for years to come. I predict now that he will be one of those presidents who don’t turn up at the inauguration because he’ll be a very sore loser.

  40. Happy birthday Dave, I agree with everyone. I think he had so many follows because he told them what they wanted to hear. Not the truth just lies. And I say if he won’t leave the White House they should arrest him.Let’s hope that America can now look forward to the future.I have just received my pergamano parcel, now I have to find where to put all. Take care everyone.😊😊😊😊

  41. This blog has really made me smile, seeing a side of you that is normally quite well hidden. But if you want to smile along with me, read up about the location of Guiliani’s press conference. Funniest thing out, Spitting Image couldn’t have done it better!


  42. Hi I hope Dave had a good birthday. I must say I think the election result was good for America and the rest of the world. The next couple of months will be interesting. Take care. Hugs xxx

  43. Hello Barb, and Happy Birthday Dave. I am very relieved, and I really do not care who gets upset with me, but I am glad that Trump is out, he was totally delusional. I unfortunately work for a US based company, and oh boy some of them can get very nasty if you don’t agree with their outlook. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  44. To be honest I´m really happy that Joe has won the election but I ask myself where are the young ones??? Such a huge country and there are just two old grandpas to be elected as president…

  45. Well what a relief that is , gives me hope for the future
    Trump out at last 🤪. Things can only get better.
    Happy 65th birthday Dave xxx
    Hugs take care xxx

  46. With you all the way. I just hope he doesn’t make the next few months too awful. I suspect he will behave in a very vindictive way until the new President is in.

  47. Little late to comment but, like you Barbara am a Socialist and always have been. I am overjoyed at the result and relieved for your Grace and Mark.
    I trust also that good sense prevails on the streets and that that man’s repeated attempts to stir up trouble falls on deaf ears.

  48. Couldn’t agree more with you Barbara, I never like the bloke, but what I’ve seen on You Tube. from the reporters. they never got an Straight answer to their questions, told it was fake news etc. must have been very frustrating, and it seem he is a biggest crook going.

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