Shhh…heads up….

Shhh…heads up….

What?! A second blog today?! Just want to give you the heads up.

Gray Day here we come – ready or not !!! I have a feeling this could be a very, very busy weekend.

So many new Clarity friends have joined us since Lockdown. Do you remember a couple of years ago, when the website collapsed under the strain? Well, not just ours! Even Amazon melted!

Since then, when we can, we open the doors a few hours early, just to quietly check that everything’s plugged in and working! Well, we have been checking and adjusting most of the afternoon, and now I’m allowed to tell you we are open for GRAY FRIDAY business.

We had a Team meeting this lunchtime, put a few (what we consider to be helpful) additional steps in, to speed up picking and dispatch etc. Figured out who’s working which days this weekend, (I’m in on Saturday) and generally gave each other a virtual group hug.

We’ll do the absolute best we can. That’s all we can do. Bear with us if we take longer than you would wish. We are aiming to turn orders round quickly, and get all orders out the door in good time for Christmas. But it’s difficult to give a date, because we don’t know yet how busy we will be, what you will buy and what we will have to make! We’ll have a clearer picture next week.

Anyway. Enjoy the sale.


Love Barb xxx

PS I’m on Hochanda TV tomorrow morning too. 9am and 1pm. So don’t forget: The SHAC-Shack is a little later, at 10.30am. xx

24 thoughts on “Shhh…heads up….

  1. Barbara Gray you are a wicked woman having such a good sale. I made an order this morning for Distress Oxide inks. (I already have Artistry Inks). Then did one for sister in law. Followed this afternoon for a mixture of Distress/Oxides for sister in law. Followed by a small order for some stencils. I haven’t spent money I have just saved money from what I would have bought in the future

    1. I’m trawling my way through 136 pages of the sale for my third order this week. My husband is praying for that golden ticket!!
      I should be joining Kath Adam’s new group: “ I’m Roz and I’m a stamp and shacaholic” ….
      Such fun 🙂

  2. Thanks to all at Clarity. My order is in. Just have to sit on my hands for the rest of the weekend so I’m not tempted to place another. I’ve told the family I have ordered their present to me for them !
    In the last month, I’ve had a Hochanda Groovi order, two Pergamano sale orders, and now a Gray Friday order.
    Think I need to start a new group, ‘I’m Kath and I’m a ‘Groovihollic’ – oh well, YOLO 😂 👍🏻

  3. Erm -I found it when I went for some oxides, and other stuff just fell into my basket!! I wish there was a folder for storage of word chains (and other strips). I’ve tried the Groovi border storage but it isn’t quite long enough unless the card behind the stamps is cut, and the pockets won’t quite hold 2 chains, and one slips all over the place. Maybe when the sales etc are over, a folder could be designed for the chains please?

    1. I chop up the words and use CD cases (having taken out the middle bit) and store then in a black storage box so there’s less light damage.

  4. Hi there, Done and dusted! Lol. Thank you so much for all you are doing. You and your team have done a fantastic job this week in getting all the sale stuff out and the rest will take as long as it takes. You can only do what you can do and most of us would prefer that you didn’t run yourselves completely into the ground! You also have to stay safe and that is far more important than any order any of us places. Just take care. Lots of love. Hxx

  5. Thank you I have put my order in. Well I had some invigilating money to spend. Like my friends says this money is elastic and can cover many things. Have a great evening. I am looking forward to the Shac Shack tomorrow. Take care. Hugs xxxx

  6. Hi Barb,
    Distress Oxide order in and then some dies from sale. I’m trying to be good but these were such a bargain! Looking forward to the shows tomorrow and I have a feeling that there might be another order going in for the new mixed media stamps! I really must say thank you for the speed in which you have got my order of canvasses to me from Day 1 of the blog blitz – they arrived yesterday- that was superb! Can I just ask if you’ve stopped selling the spot on sponges as I can’t find them on the website? Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  7. You are so busy again Barbara, please take care!!
    It’s a wonderful sale again and so many beautiful things to order!!!
    See you on Hochanda and in the Shac tomorrow!!
    Lots of love! Trijntje Huppel

  8. Put an order in yesterday, and recieved notification today that its on the way. Amazing thank you Clarity team. Looking forward to tomorrow, the sale and Barbara on telly!!!

  9. I’ve been naughty girl lol! But hubby said I could. I don’t mind waiting for my order cos I know it will get done when you can. Thanks for the ab fab sale! Have ordered more stamps and several more Groovi plates, am loving that new obsession xx

  10. Firstly, a big THANK YOU to EVERYONE at Clarity Towers, for the amazing job you are all doing. First order placed just before midnight on Monday, notification on Tuesday to say my order was on its way, parcel of goodies arrived today! Excellent service during these surreal times.
    Yayy, Gray Friday has launched early, just placed another order of crafty goodies…..much cheaper than therapy!
    See you in the Shac Shack tomorrow.
    Take care, keep safe everyone.

  11. I have placed my order and got a few things off my wish list plus some others!! I am really pleased!

    Don’t usually write like this but just had to say A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for what you do. It is SO appreciated!
    Please look after yourselves and stay safe xx

  12. Hello Barb, I bet everyone is going to be super busy, the offers have been just astounding. Just did my Gray Friday order. Looking forward to seeing you on Telly this morning. Take care and stay safe everyone. Thank you Barbara and the Clarity team. Bx

  13. Thank you Barbara
    Order in after trawling the 135 pages. Have taken the opportunity of ordering things I have hesitated over so many times.
    I, too, need to join that Grooviholic group, plus stamp, stencil and Pergamano group. Good luck with filling the orders which are bound to pile in.

  14. I warned hubby it was “Gray Friday” and he said “enjoy the sale” so I have!!! Thank you to all at Clarity for your hard work x

  15. You are all doing a great job! New postcards arrived today, thank you.
    Ordered stamps today direct from Clarity, pleased to see they proved popular Barbara!!
    Thanks for everything in these difficult times, as you say, one day at a time. Jean (Shac Shac)

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