Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, what can I tell you in words that these photos won’t describe much better?!

That’s what happens after 2 hours of live TV with a cheeky little Facebook Live SHAC hour squeezed in between! Layer on layer of stamps, stencils, paint and ink!

But there, behind the cameras, like an oasis of calm in the middle of the chaos, stands a wonderful flowering Christmas Cactus…

She’s been sitting on the little veranda outside the artroom all summer, and I thought I’d best bring her in out of the cold. Lo and behold, no sooner has she warmed up than she starts flowering. Perfect.

But months of powering through art, design and back to back TV shows have certainly left this little artroom in need of a good sort out! Not right now though. Nope. After the last TV show of the year, next weekend. Then I shall have a good tidy up. Look forward to it.

In the meantime, we are all hands on deck tomorrow, because it’s GRAY FRIDAY WEEKEND!! We want to get as many orders out as we can straightaway. Stock and boxes permitting – they will fly out.

Black and Blue? I was confused earlier on, when I dashed to the kitchen to check in on the kittens and grab a cuppa. Black boots on? Blue boots on? As I was striding along, I was saying black, blue, black, blue, black, blue. Then I finally figured out it wasn’t a trick of the light –

So here are my options:

  • The bulb in the shoe closet is not bright enough.
  • A trip to the opticians is in order
  • My life has become unmanageable
  • I’m getting eccentric
  • I’m setting a new trend.
  • Who gives a monkeys? Nobody around to notice.

A little bit of all of the above…

Thank you for watching, supporting and buying today. Without you we wouldn’t have a business – and we know that. We really do. Enjoy the sale xxx

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

42 thoughts on “Black and Blue

  1. Next Gray Friday we should all wear odd slippers/shoes/boots in your honour. It happens to us all. I occasionally get to the end of the day to find clothes have been worn back to front. You are working very hard. I placed an order yesterday morning and just had an e mail to say it’s on its way. So THANK YOU

  2. I once had a pair of shoes like your boots, and an opposite pair at home. Had a good laugh that day about it!
    AT least they are similar and you don’t have a boot on one foot and a shoe on the other, then we would really need to worry about you!

    Will be catching up with the Shac later as have been really busy all day. Looking forward to just sitting down and following what you tell me to draw.
    Had yet another Clarity parcel today. My son asked if they are coming every day now to which I replied, yes it’s Gray Friday week and he said I was mad!!!

  3. It’s you’re age ! you must have another pair like that !
    who gives a monkeys would be my option ! Hope you have a bit of peace over the weekend but not with us lot buying in the sale you wont ! LOL! X

  4. I left home at ridiculous o’clock to drive 3 hours to conduct an interview many years ago. Arrived at my destination went to pay for a parking ticket only to realise I had one black and one blue shoe on! Quick visit to shoe shop for a new pair of shoes feeling such an idiot 🥴🥴 My First Gray Friday parcel arrived today, fantastic service thank you all xx

  5. My order from yesterday is on it’s way, incredible. The staff must working flat out. Your boots made me smile, I remember when I was a little younger collecting my sons from school and someone commented that I had totally different earings on, I have worn cardigans inside out as well. Could not even put it down to age then either. xx

  6. Brilliant day watching Clarity. Really want the new stamps – we will see! When I was nursing I got to lunchtime until I realised I had matching shoes but one brown and one black and no-one mentioned it 🤦🏻‍♀️. Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration 💗

  7. Wow – great photos which really do tell the story so well. At least you have lots of reasons for your chaos Barb – mine is a real mess and I’m just deciding what type of card to make for my daughter’s birthday!
    I think that your boots today are just the start of your fashion trends, for us to follow!
    I put in an order first thing today, having started it last night. Then guess what I just finished off another – such a lack of willpower! Good luck with all of the Gray Friday orders which are flooding in, as you say – at least you have already done the Pergamano sale. Enjoy some time with those adorable kittens. Hugs, Gilly x

  8. Thank you Barbara and your amazing Team. I have no idea how you and your team do everything. It is fabulous to support Clarity and
    purchase your
    amazing top quality and creative crafty
    supplies- my Clarity stash of supplies are my most used and most loved! I am a huge fan of everything Clarity and share with
    anyone who will listen to me.😀.
    Thank you the inspiration, tips/tricks, very fast order processing
    and shipping to
    Canada- wow. Watched Barbara today on Hochanda- love the new products and the projects shared. As always- Barbara and Paul your tv shows, videos are first class and greatly appreciated. I always learn, laugh, have fun and am inspired after watching anthing Clarity.

  9. Thank you for squeezing in our Shac Shack hour, just look at the results , amazing, original art work. Love it!
    Have a relaxing weekend before it all kicks off again.

  10. Hi Barbara I often buy two pairs of shoes in the same style different colours. When you find something that fits go with it. I did go to work once with one blue shoe and one black shoe and no one noticed. Since then I have checked a bit harder. I loved the Shac Shack today. I am working on my wreath. I also ordered from the sale. Well it had to be done. Have a good weekend. Hugs xxx

  11. I had to smile about your boots. I was reading a story to my class when I was still working when one of the children asked why I was wearing different colour shoes. I smiled for the rest of the day!

  12. 😂 not done it with footwear (yet!!) but have to read the label in my trousers to confirm black or navy!!
    Stay well 💐

  13. I think I’d feel right at home in your ‘studio’. How is it you don’t trip over stuff? (if it’s ‘cos you can see everything, you can cross off needing a trip to the opticians)!
    I feel a bit guilty that I came back for more stuff in the sale – I worry about it costing more postage for you, in which case I’m sorry, but I felt I would be cursing myself if I didn’t get a lightwave now.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    PS I had to break up a massive scrap between Bendycat and the local maine coon(cat) – I think I won, so if your ‘boys’ want some training, just give me a shout !

  14. Brighter lamp needed I think. But maybe you’re just a trend setter. At least you had a right and left boot on the correct feet x

  15. Fabulous show and loved SHAC SHAC as usual xx
    Yep I am always doing it with socks and have done same with shoes at work lol a friend once had odd socks one with Tuesday and one with Wednesday xx gave us all a laugh xx

  16. You’re too late to set a trend because my neighbour did odd shoes last week! She is in front of people all day and no one mentioned it. Most people will be looking at your face. There’s the odd one who needs kicking with one of those boots for looking elsewhere, of course!

    I had two sale orders delivered today. Your elves are astonishing. Thank you so much.

    Must catch up on TV now. I know – you remind me and it still goes out of my mind. I was at the Hay Festival though and it was wonderful. I know you won’t have time now but you can pay for Hay Player and the fee would be worth it just for Antony Gormley yesterday. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to your pots after that.

  17. I gave up buying two pairs of shoes in different colours after I arrived at Westminster Abbey to sing in the choir at the Girlguiding Thinking Day Service some years ago with one black shoe and one navy. Not a damn thing I could do about it! Not too bad until we had to walk down the aisle at the end of the service. ☺️
    Love what you’ve done with the mandalas but I’m stocking up on essentials only this week. Enjoying the wreaths this week in the SHAC Shack. Xx

  18. I managed to go out last weekend in two black boots that were unfortunately from different pairs! Thank you for today’s shows – as always they were brilliant. Am just planning my order for this weekend, and hoping you’re not completely swamped with orders (although that would be fab for business!)

  19. The good news about the boots is that at least you have another matching pair! Lol. The art room is brilliant! Everything to hand. What more could you want! Lol. Have a good weekend. Don’t work too hard. Hx

  20. I am so pleased to see there are so many others who have done the same as me. I went to the airport in my slippers once. Another time, one blue shoe and one black in totally different styles, to my son’s university open day. If that was me when I was that age I would have disowned my mother but he was really good about it and so was my husband and they still walked around next to me.
    I was so embarrassed.

  21. I think after the busy week you have had your craft room looks quite tidy compared to mine. I need to tidy up but then I can’t find anything but there again I might find my alcohol inks so I can check which colours I have before Monday night.
    I have finished making my cards today & they are all ready to write which is a record for me as it is still November.
    Enjoyed the shows today & the idea of the deconstructed mandala that just had to fall into my basket to add to my SHAC Shack goodies. Who would have thought we would be still doodling in session 144 when we started out back in March x

  22. Well my order is in, been looking all evening, dont think it’ll be the last one from me though, will look again tomorrow. Your craft room looks about the same as mine, nevermind I’ve been enjoying what I have been making this week, plenty of time to clear it up next week. Hope you get lots of orders to keep you afloat, really sure you will, it being nearly Christmas and

  23. Lovely TV today, lovely Shack Shack and then I carried on drawing and doodling. Got so many things on the go and grandaughter wants me to make more masks. It’s good to feel needed. Methinks I’m sewing tomorrow . Thank you Barbara for being you – we love your eccentricity. Have a good weekend xx

  24. Lovely TV today, lovely Shack Shack and then I carried on drawing and doodling. Got so many things on the go and granddaughter wants me to make more masks. It’s good to feel needed. Methinks I’m sewing tomorrow . Thank you Barbara for being you – we love your eccentricity. Have a good weekend xx

  25. Placed an order this afternoon. I started collecting Distress Oxides a few weeks ago and have now added another 6. Wish I had waited to buy the glitter and gel plate! I am halfway through the 136 pages and intend to go through the rest tomorrow.
    Your Christmas cactus looks wonderful, mine has got lots of new growth but no flowers, perhaps I will put it outside next summer. Xx

  26. Well my desk is much worse than yours and I didn’t do a tv show or a Shack for a lot of people!!!😄
    I have the same plant but a bit smaller and it flowers also. Like this plant and therefore I have this one with red flowers,one with the pink flowers,one with white flowers and also with a bit yellow/orange flowers.
    Stay save and healthy and enjoy your weekend-take care!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  27. I once went to work wearing one black shoe and one navy blue shoe! Same style shoes, just a different colour on each foot. I didn’t notice until lunchtime. So embarrassing but gave everyone in the office a good laugh anyway!

  28. Hi Barb,
    Love the new stamps and the shows were great. Thank you for the quick turnaround with the Blitz orders. Had an email today to say that my order from yesterday has been dispatched already. Your boots made me smile. I once went to school ( teaching) with odd shoes on – one white and one turquoise! Both the same style but have no idea how that happened! Spent the whole day telling 11-16 year olds that it was for a bet, that I was colour blind or that I got out of bed on the wrong side!!! Love and hugs,Alison xx

  29. Loved the SHAC shack this morning. What a giggle. Thank you. Have put in several orders during the week and then went and watched Hochanda today. Big mistake! Preferred the broken up mandala and love those small stamps….then went and watched the 1 o’clock show…..bigger mistake….those stencils…I simply can’t do any more to keep the good ship clarity going!!
    I think we should all wear different shoes next Friday as someone suggested above. There was talk of a SHAC shack badge but maybe the sign should simply be wearing odd shoes! 🙂

  30. Its nice to be different is my motto! I haven’t watched all of both shows yet today but I did order the de constructed Mandela set to go with my Mandela set. Awesome and such a fab deal, thank you! Love that it comes with the masks too. Ooh and I had to order the fab set of stencils too ! Take care and stay safe xxxxx

  31. Fabulous shows and I had to order the mandala stamp sets especially as us Shacker’s were there at the conception. Felt very proud we had all been following your designs and voila the stamps have arrived, can’t wait to get using them.
    Why is it that us crafter’s never have enough space wherever we craft?
    Have a good weekend, looking forward to another week in the Shac Shack xx

  32. I have some black boots and red ones the same,the black ones I wear on my walk with dog but they have vanished cannot find them anywhere xx

  33. Hello Barb, yesterdays shows were just super. So much inspiration. Glad I am not the only one with 2 pairs of black and blue shoes, except I actually turned up to the office with one pair on. Love you cactus and glad my craft room is not the only one that needs tidying. And thanks Clarity for the Fabulous service the first two of my orders arrived, so more ink bottle sorting, and little coloured dots on the tops. Does anyone have any recommendations for storage that will hold alcohol inks or distress re-inkers. The Tim Holtz Tins are a bit expensive for me. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  34. I really enjoyed seeing where you work, what a lovely space you have for crafting and filming. My Christmas cactus is all in bud outside (Madrid) but I’ll have to bring it in soon as temps are dropping fast, nights are cold! My Christmas present from my son has arrived at the sorting depot…he just has to go and fetch it…all goodies from the Pergamano sale…won’t know what he got me till Dec.25…oooh the anticipation is killing me! The poppets postcards have arrived too! Thank you for everything Barbara…vielen, vielen Dank!

  35. Your boots brought back memories !!! Years ago I got up very early to go to the office to get it ready for a very special meeting with the Directors and a new client. Freshly cleaned suit, new blouse, make up and hair done, best shoes too. Imagine my chagrin when one of the staff pointed out thatI had on one burgundy and one brown shoe (same style). So much for getting ready in the semi dark. Nothing I could do about it. Met the client who noticed, said he liked the shoes and when I said I was creating a new fashion he cracked up laughing. We sealed the deal thank goodness but after that I made sure to put the shoes I needed for the next day by the door.
    Thanks for the sale Barbara, my shelves are groaning at the prospect of what has already arrived and what is to come, but heyho, I am enjoying myself.
    Stay safe.🍒🍒🍒

  36. I once went shopping in Newcastle upon Tyne one winter morning (it was dark & overcast). Only to realise when I got in the wheelchair & drove into Eldon Square that I had one Black & one Brown shoe on!
    I was mortified in case anyone noticed. It must have been the fastest shopping trip on record!☺️☺️☺️

  37. I went shopping for new shoes for a special occasion. After trying on several different styles and colours in decided on the ones I liked the best. Paid for them and off I went home, eager to show off my purchase to my daughter. Well she couldn’t stop laughing and I asked her why? She said look at the shoes, why are they different colours? It seems the assistant had put one blue and one black shoe in the box. Wish I could find the photo I took.

  38. A few of years ago my husband arrived back home from a trip uptown, glancing down I was astonished to see he was wearing odd shoes. One was a shoe with Velcro fastening, the other was a sandal with a buckle fastening. When I pointed this out to him, his completely unconcerned comment was “what’s the problem, they’re both black”! It has gone down in our anecdotal family history and he still doesn’t ‘get’ why we find it so funny, haha.
    Re Christmas cactus, the one I have is huge and covered in buds after being outside all summer, I am on the lookout for one of those old fashioned plant stands, like my nan had for her aspidistra, to accommodate the trailing cactus fronds. I think I will have to make one myself.

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