Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 4 – Ink Pads

Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 4 – Ink Pads

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Boy oh boy!! Are we busy!!! And my guess is that this inky 24 hours will be the busiest non-clarity bloggy blitz sale day of the week!

Last day of the Blog Blitz sale today, and we’re reducing Ink Pads by up to 50%. So come on all you stampers! Now’s your chance to stockpile and refresh your stash!

Ink Pads & Pens Up to 50% off

Adirondacks: the best ink pads that ever were….(imo) discontinued, but not forgotten…

Ironically, the limited colours we still have in the cupboard are EXACTLY the colours you will need for what’s coming up imminently at Clarity in Stamp world! Honestly! Neutrals are the way forward!

50% off – Adirondack Inkpads by Ranger

£4.50  £2.25

+ 10% Gold Club Member £2.03

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £1.91

These Distress Oxides are my favourites now – especially when you spritz with water. FABULOUS! Fab for stamping. Excellent with stencils, superb on the Gelpress.

25% off – Distress Oxides

£5.50  £4.12

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.71

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.50

What’s the difference between Distress Oxides and these Distress pads? Well, the Oxides are chalky, opaque where the standard ones are more dye based, translucent. Both from the same maker, Ranger. Both great ink pads. Beautiful colours throughout.

25% off – Distress Inkpads

£5.50  £4.12

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.71

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £3.50

The Artistry Inks are dye based, beautiful for blending, stamping and using with a Brayer. I guess they have replaced the Adirondacks in our ink pad arsenal.

25% off – Artistry Inkpads

£4.49  £3.37

+ 10% Gold Club Member £3.03

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £2.86

Tell you what! These mini Archival pads are superb on the Gelpress! If you prefer working with inks to paints, then this is definitely the solution. Lots of mini ink pads, loads of lovely colours.

20% off – Mini Archival Inkpads

£11.99  £9.59

+ 10% Gold Club Member £8.63

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £8.15

Christmas tinsel town! Lovely embossing powders. Get a Versamark ink pad, stamp your image, sprinkle with one of these powders and heat. Ho ho ho!

35% off – Snowflake Tinsel & Black Sparkle Embossing Powder

£10.00  £6.50

+ 10% Gold Club Member £5.85

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £5.53

Wow Powders. Marion, the face of Wow! is a friend of the Clarity family. We love her powders, and we sell them for all you one-stop shoppers.

25% off – Wow! Embossing Powder

£2.50 £1.87

+ 10% Gold Club Member £1.68

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £1.59

Zig Embossing Pens – perfect for adding details to your work, 6 different nibs, perfect for practising your writing skills and then add some of the beautiful embossing powders above!

25% off – Zig Embossing Pens

£8.99  £6.74

+ 10% Gold Club Member £6.07

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £5.73

25% off Wow! Heat Tool

£22.00  £16.50

+ 10% Gold Club Member £14.85

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £14.02

Love this heat gun. Does the job, and doesn’t cut out!

25% off Polyshrink Plastic

£11.99  £8.99

+ 10% Gold Club Member £8.09

+ 15% Diamond Club Member: £7.64

That’ll do for today. Sling out your old dried up ones (ink pads, girls, ink pads!) and go through your wishlist. Then – let the Games begin!

Stay safe,

Love & Hugs,

Barb xxx

4 thoughts on “Bloggy Blitz Sale Day 4 – Ink Pads

  1. am loving the sale – thank you so much for all the brilliant offers. Have just popped an interim order in – bracing myself for tomorrow’s Gray Friday! I know how hard everyone is working to support this – it’s much appreciated by us all

  2. The Clarity Elves must be working at double high speed as my order placed Tuesday is already on the way.
    Loving the sale. Many thanks to all you hard workers.
    Stay safe.

  3. Just placed my order but should have read your blog first about the neutral colours but never mind I will see whats left tomorrow. It will be a big day – which will be a busy one with the TV & SHAC shack as well as Gray Friday, better go & do some jobs today otherwise I will get the sack. There again I can do the ironing whilst watching you on TV so not so bad.
    Hope you get a chance to do some more pottery today as some down time for you away from Clarity stuff & of course play with the kittens.

  4. Hello Barb, well I think my bank manager may be giving me a call soon. I have actually spent a fair amount this week on the bloggy blitz and now some more on Gray Friday. Oh well! Thanks for all the great offers and great service as I have had notification already of my first 2 orders being dispatched. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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