Move in a little closer…

Move in a little closer…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Big Day today. The Tinker’s Pottery Studio is ready to use. Wheel’s in, kiln’s in, electric’s in, water’s in – and we have lift off!!!!!!!

So excited. Dave is a star. Tomorrow he’ll put a few more shelves in – a pottery needs lotsnlotsa shelves, and a workbench island. And then we are set!

I’ve already got those little pots drying out a little, so I shall go downstairs in a bit and finish them up, ready for bisque firing. So much to learn still, so much to learn. But I’ve got over two years of pottery lessons under my belt, and plenty people I can ask for advice. The big challenge will be the glazes. Mixing my own glazes. Looking forward to it though.

It is the right time for me to branch out and explore ceramics. I love it. I blimming love pottery. And there’s so much I can carry over from Papercraftland into Pottery World! More will be revealed….

Anyway, I stared at that black painty scrap for a bit. Remember the scrap from yesterday?

It’s a work in progress, because there’s a whole hidden city in those rocks and mountains! Can you see the temple rooftops?

Let’s move in a little closer…see them now?

See those Tibetan temples, hidden in the Sacred Hills? There are steep steps leading down the mountain too…

Much clearer on a sunny day, but it’s a little overcast today.

There‘s also a bridge, which cuts across. It’s a little rickety; certainly not for the faint-hearted…

You can’t see it? Let’s move in a little closer…

Yes. It runs along along the mountain ridge. The monks use it mostly.

It leads to a wonderful secret garden, beyond the ridge….

Mmm. Amazing what you can see when you stare long enough innit!! Not finished with this, but have to step away for a while.

Time to go get potty pottery! I made another big decision today. Cut my fingernails off. You can’t throw pots with long nails. Vanity be gone! Pottery, please enter.

Stay safe

Love always,


33 thoughts on “Move in a little closer…

  1. Wow! Amazing! Looking forward to seeing the next stage. So pleased that you are going to have lots of fun with your ‘potting’. Happy days ahead of you Barb. Hugs, Gilly x

  2. Fantastic, Barbara. If we’re looking for you now, we’ll know where to find you! I’ll look forward to seeing what you make. What you have done with that scrap is quite amazing. I took out a Gel Press today to do Jilly’s demo from the inspiration sheet, last month’s I think. Well, totally out of control! Lol. Might be too unpredictable for me. I got nothing I could use and my hands covered in red paint! Nightmare!! Lol. However, I’m sure Sam Crowe and many others could use what I produced! However, I will persevere and see where it leads but not today. Lol. I’ll so something nice and clean tonight! Enjoy your evening, Barb. Lots of love, Hxx

    1. I die cut flowers and birds out of anything like that. They sell well! I expect you could put them behind a Fresh Cut Die but my really bad ones are too lumpy.

  3. That really reminds me of the Oriental Cork art, where they cut layers and layer them up to create images, normally landscapes! Absolutely stunning 😍! Enjoy your potting x

  4. Stunning – what an imagination.
    Looking forward to seeing the home thrown pottery in due course.Club package and 3 way overlay trees arrived today so been playing with the goodies. Never a boring moment with Clarity.
    Enjoy your evening

  5. Hi Barb,
    That’s really clever, for once I could actually see what you were talking about!!! Love the Tibetan city, looking forward to seeing the completed version. So glad for you the lovely Dave has got your pottery studio mainly sorted. It will be a fantastic way for you to de- stress ( although it could be very stressful if things go pear shaped!!!) It will be good to see your finished pots. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  6. Amazing what you see, I could see some but not all. So excited for you now Dave’s got your pottery studio sorted. Look forward to seeing your

  7. Wow amazing could see trees building it’s just great looks like all done on purpose. Dave is such a good one will you come out at all from pottery looking forward to seeing your creations you so deserve some fun hugs Love Joy x

  8. Barb, I saw plenty of little houses/villages but I didn’t see a Tibetan temple. You have done such a good job, and you say it’s not finished yet.
    I’ve scanned my village in both in colour and black and white. I thought to myself, what if I recolour over the coloured prints and save myself time. It worked very well and wasn’t so long winded as doing it from scratch, I just made sure every bit of the paper was covered with the polychromos, and they make it almost waterproof, so I could coat the printer paper after with a water based medium. I’ve now got 4 mounted prints, but they are also hand coloured, so far, as presents. However the first one I didn’t mount very well, edges were off, so that one will probably be our present, unless I can disguise it somehow. It has been great fun. I think I missed what we are doing on Monday unless you forgot to tell us. I hope it is a much fun as this was. See you then.

  9. Love the temples and the bridge so much in that picture and more to see I am sure xx glad pottery is getting going and a nice relaxing way of spending a few hours and all on the doorstep xx look forward to seeing the results xx

  10. Wow I can feel the excitement over the pottery, we will know where to look for you if you are missing at 10am Monday !!
    I have spent the day making copies of my village & mounting on to cards. I added glitter to my lights rather than snow on the buildings due to global warming. Next job is to try enlarging it to make a bigger picture to put on a canvas.
    So enjoy watching what you create from a painty scrap x

  11. I love it when you do that, so clever. Received my Groovi floral alphabet & numbers today, so worth waiting for thank you. Also received my club members envelope, the Groovi plate is beautiful! Enjoy your pottery, can’t wait for a studio tour xxx

  12. Who would have believed that was there ! Marvellous. Enjoy your pottery – look forward to seeing your new POTSHAC !

  13. Hi Barbara
    Jackie said she is so pleased you have your potting Shed sorted she asked me to to let you know that if you throw with rings on it doesn’t do them any good she received this advice from her pottery teacher.
    Enjoy making pots. It does Jackie the world of good and takes her to her happy place.

  14. Loving the picture, it is amazing what you have found. I can now see water at the bottom of the mountains and small boats. Have fun xx

  15. Thank you Barbara for your beautiful card you send to me!!! It arrived much quicker than my order from the big sale. Two weeks ago I got email that it should come into my letterbox, but I got your card so much sooner and still waiting for my order! lol
    What a great picture you made from the print–I only saw a city but not a Tibet city! Love it!!!
    How exciting your can do potting in your own pottery!!
    Will there be some doodling on your pots I wonder??
    Have a great weekend in your pottery and lots of love!
    Trijntje Huppel

  16. Can’t wait to see the finished pottery studio. I loved pottery so much that’s why I’m no good at making pastry after kneading clay for years! I loved slab work and made a cheese dish wish I had kept it. Loved throwing pots just all of it. So pleased you’ve found a craft to immerse yourself in, you deserve it all. Xx

  17. Hi Barbara well I didn’t see the temples just trees by a river. I love what you are doing with this sketch I can’t wait to see it finished. Enjoy your pottery studio it sounds amazing. Have a good day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  18. Hello Barb, it is amazing what you start seeing with a little prompting, can’t wait to see the finished article, you are a genius. How exciting about your pottery space, and to have the lovely Dave on hand, is just a blessing, cannot wait to see what gets produced from there too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. So happy for you Barbara. You certainly deserve the opportunity to be learning and doing something different but equally creative. It’s obvious your pottery makes you happy, relaxed, think and excited and, you know what, I get it: I feel much the same when in the Shac-shack each week trying to be creative and learning something new: with you in the driving seat of course.
    Your Dave certainly is a clever, lovely man – definitely a “keeper”.😁 Hope we get a private peek soon at the pottery studio he’s created for you.

    It’s all very well being able to see the outline of the objects in the scrap but being able to turn it into a piece of artwork like that – amazing. You too are so clever and talented. Can’t wait to see what more you do it but, to my untrained eye, I think it looks finished now. I love it.

    Now got to get back to my stock take of my stash ready for next week.

  20. Love your commentary on the coastline. Got my pergamano order yesterday but not had time to play yet – busy making Christmas cards from Shack shac houses

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