What a week!

What a week!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Looking back over this past week, it has been quite an eventful one.

We has 9 hours of Hochanda TV at the start of the week, coupled with trying to get our own Pergamano sale orders out the door.

On Thursday we had blow-the-doors-off Pergamano TV shows! Paul showcased Linda Williams’ New Christmas Tree Plate and the Christmas Tree Kit we had been working on for weeks was sold out in under half an hour.

So we’ve been pedalling away, catching up and making more! Many many thanks to everybody who helped bring this one together- right down to the new and sparkling Perga Crystals!


Linda Williams and Lynne Jackson created fabulous samples for us to use, and they barely saw the light of day! So I thought I’d indulge them today, here.

Here’s that beautiful frame again. I just love this!

Remember this one? Magic. Linda Williams again.

It comes from Linda’s childrens plates:

Amazing how you can take a little Groovi girl mailing her voting ballot and next minute, have her decorating the tree in Times Square!!!

And as if that wasn’t enough, our Nation went into lockdown again on Thursday, in an attempt to contain the global pandemic, and the USA had a nail-biter of a Presidential Election, which took days to finally spit out the verdict.

No wonder I feel worn out! But there are clearly things I can influence, and things I cannot. So I guess I’ll just focus on what I can do…

Time to go for a walk, breathe in some fresh Autumn air, and consider what we’re going to do-doodle in the SHAC-Shack this week!

Peace, Love and Understanding

Barb xxx

16 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Gorgeous samples, lovely tree plate, but need to save my pennies.
    Enjoy your Sunday Barbara. I hope Dave had a good birthday and the banoffee pie was successful! See you in the SHAC shack tomorrow xx

  2. Beautiful artwork from everyone and Linda Williams is so clever with her designs xx Loved the folk art last week looking forward to Monday xx Glad you and the company are keeping so busy it is great to know that crafting has definitely made a resurgence and Clarity and Pergamano are definitely leading the way xx

  3. I just love Linda’s artwork so thank you for sharing it on here. It has been quite a week one way and another but we are through it so onwards and upwards. On annual leave from tomorrow for almost three weeks so plenty of time for crafting! Have a lovely day and I’ll see you in the morning. Lots of love. Hxx

  4. Ooh I now, I’ve ordered the tree pack, had those lovely boys and girls from Linda and now waiting for the poppet stamps which are on the way, let alone Linda’s envelopes plates ….. I’ve been a bit naughty …. never mind. Looking forward to the Shac again tomorrow but, in the meantime, have another birthday card to do ….. what is it with everyone with birthdays last month, this month and even next in our family – don’t they realise it’s Christmas card time, I remember saying in the summer I’ll be able to get sorted in time for Christmas – have I? Of course not ! LOL. Xx

  5. Fabulous shows this week. What a shock for Paul when all the prepared demos went with the stock! Quite a rollercoaster in other areas but it came out OK, so onwards and upwards. People dancing in the streets distanced and in masks is something to behold! Remembrance Sunday is always poignant, even this year on our doorsteps.

  6. I’m loving that I’m having more time to watch the shows now and get lots of inspiration. Thank you for all the wonderful shows and cannot wait to get the tree kit. 🎄😍xx

  7. Damp & chilly here today so hope it is better where you are & you had a nice walk through the forest.
    After watching the Remembrance Day Service from London I have been catching up on some craft projects & finishing some UFO’s.
    See you in the morning at 10am for mor SHAC Shack doodles

  8. Dear Barbara,

    Paul did a fabulous job of punting, as we put it. Kind of like at home when you have dinner ready and unexpected guests arrive; you must look in the cupboard to see of ways to expand your menu. Well done Paul. You are indeed blessed to have him as part of your team.
    Now look at it this way. Now you can dust the shelves off in anticipation of new products to fill them as you have a few moments to fill orders and mail out. I hope your bother is still speaking to you after all this. 😉
    You are doing a good job and don’t let anyone imply differently. The only word of advice is don’t internalize all of this; you will make yourself sick and you’re no good to anyone sick.

    Go cuddle with your kitties take some deep breath‘s and have a cup of tea, we’re all behind you.

  9. I’m patiently waiting for my starter kit from the Pergamano show so haven’t started my Groovi journey yet but as soon as I saw the tree plate kit on this website I had to purchase it – it’s stunningly beautiful! Can’t wait to get started now xx

  10. Hello Barbara. Just posted my 3 bookmarks, tried on craft card and normal brown card. Came out very ice. Have added Buff paper to my next list and these trees look nice. Hope Dave had a lovely birthday, my brothers today. See you in the Shac Shack in the morning. God bless you and all at Clarity for you’re hard work.

  11. Hi Barbara all the artwork is gorgeous. What a week it has been. There is just so much going on. I hope you had a good walk. The sky was amazing this evening. Have a good evening. Hugs xxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    The samples are absolutely fabulous as ever. Love the Christmas tree plate and the shaped cards – they fell into my basket along with the sparkly pack! It certainly has been a busy week. Hopefully you can have a little rest now. I’ve been making some Christmas cards today using the ODS ( Tina’s Christmas ornament stamps). I love them! I completed 6 and have 17 with outside frame stamped ( using a holly corner and line of dots stamps). The frames were really easy to do with my stamp platform thankfully! Dave was very impressed with the finished cards! Lots of love and hugs,Alison xx

  13. Been a very dull and miserable day here. It has been a busy week for you. Great that you had so many sales though. The samples are amazing. xx

  14. Hello Barb, hope you enjoyed a fresh and crisp walk. Love these samples, even though parching is not my “thing”, you cannot help but admire and be amazed by the beautiful effects. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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