Deconstruct a Mandala

Deconstruct a Mandala

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Good day today. Joined in at Clarity Towers, packing paper packs and Stampboard to fill orders. There was a great vibe; they’re a great team. It’s good to be busy.

Nice walk in the woods with Dave late afternoon, just to get some fresh air. Amazing how different the woods look when the trees have shed their mantles and all the leaves are down…

Must dig out that Silver birch stampset of ours, which I drew years ago. It so looks like this!!

Glad you liked our new Mandala Stampsets from the SHAC-Shack. They are so useful!!


I rushed a little demo at the end of the TV show yesterday, which actually merits a little more attention. Saturday’s blog a new technique, right? Well, these Mandala rings are superb for adding interest to Designer card and making it your own unique designer card. Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say we take a piece of colourful designer paper or card, from Indian Summer, for example. Then, depending on which colour card we have selected, we pick an ink pad which blends in well, subtle and not too obvious. I picked a mini Archival called Tea Rose. Worked well as a background option.

Next, we stamp one of the rings randomly on the card and off the card. I also use a couple of the new texture stamps. See?

They’re really useful too, also for proper full on backgrounds like the little Christmas scene I showed yesterday…

Anyway, I digress. Once you’ve randomly stamped the deconstructed Mandala rings etc on the designer card, take the same Mandala image and plant it in the centre , but with black Archival. Then chop it up. Chop the piece up into sections. See? Two, three or even four cards out of one piece. Mounted on the back of the matching designer paper. I love this effect.

A little flash of Gel paste applied with a brush adds interest too.

The Designer pads and papers are all in the Gray Friday sale. If you fancy adding to your collection, or starting a collection – there‘s never been a better time! Check out these prices! Sale ends Midnight Monday …

Anyway, must crack on. There’s an Elf hunt to rustle up for next week !! And guess who’s got to write the clues!!

Stay safe-

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Deconstruct a Mandala

  1. My goodness Barbara you never rest……..
    Love the idea of stamping on designer paper, much as I love your designs I do feel a bit of a cheat when I use them straight out of the pack

  2. Wow! You packed a lot in that one ! Glad you managed a walk. I’m enjoying some simple stamping as well as Groovi for Christmas this year. Have a good evening. X

  3. Hi Barbara
    Loved this demo and yes the stamps fell into my basket last night with a few sale goodies. Your walks looks good, we squelched through the country park today too, such a lovely autumn day.
    Love Diane xx

  4. Ordered thedeconstructed mandalas and the texture stamps. Great demos with these.
    Loved the Elf Hunt last year, don’t envy you having to devise the clues though.

    Stay safe

  5. Hello Barbara,
    I’m so pleased the doodle mandala has been turned into stamps as I loved drawing them awhile back with you. Thank you for the Shac shac, its been my saviour during lockdown and now we have Gray Friday too, an order has been placed.
    Stay safe, Jackie

  6. Ooh can’t wait for the elf hunt, have really enjoyed the past 2 years! Lovely cards too above and glad you managed a walk later on.x

  7. You must all be working so very hard. I placed an order on Thursday morning and received it today. First class service from a first class company. Well done everyone. 💐💐💐

  8. Loved the shows yesterday and have thoroughly enjoyed our week in the Shac Shack.
    ONCE AGAIN HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE AT CLARITY TOWERS, just received an email to say that my order placed yesterday has been picked and dispatched!
    Might have to have another look at all the sale goodies –
    practising for the Elf Hunt!!! LOL
    Take care, keep safe everyone and looking forward to Monday’s SHAC SHACK.

  9. Just to say you are all working very hard with the sale orders. 3 of the 5 orders I made are on the way.
    Thanks you all so much.

  10. Many thanks, Barbara. I didn’t quite follow that on TV, so I really appreciate you going over it again. It was a pleasure to order the new things.

    I need some clues on where things are in the sale, let alone our elf! Anyone know where the fuchsia ink and Indian Summer 12×12 paper are, please?! If only the elf was working this week and could just pop them in my basket!!! Going from a list just isn’t working for me…

    By the way, I told my neighbour about your boots today. She was so relieved. You save sanity all over the country even with people you haven’t met. You are a star!

  11. Sorry I have not been commenting recently and appreciating all your hard work on our behalf. I have been joining you all in the SHAC, but for some reason I can no longer read or make comments. It is so frustrating, as I can’t fix it. I also read your blog every day, but just haven’t been able to articulate decent comments.
    Hopefully my head will be in a better place now and I can join in again. Thank you for everything. Hugs. Annette X

  12. Wow Elf time again, something else to look forward to after Gray Friday. Stamps have been ordered as I love the way they have been deconstructed to do so many different combinations & I enjoyed drawing them with you in the SHAC Shack. Your demos & the samples done for the show that the DT have shown on FB are fantastic as usual. Looking forward to playing with them when they arrive.
    Glad you managed to get a walk in today, its been grey & very wet here.

  13. Woo Hoo! I’d forgotten about the elf hunt. That’ll get the old grey matter going! That said, it was put to the test today! I had to record a service on iMovie- much of which was prepared by others but not recorded by them! Hours and hours later, I am now done, in more ways than one! What a challenge! Lol. Well done to all the Clarity elves and Mrs Claus herself! I got an email earlier saying there was a delay to my order as plates had to be made and tonight my order has been shipped! That I did not expect. Thank you so much. You must all be exhausted. Have a lovely day tomorrow with your mum and dad. Hope she is doing well. Take care. Lots of love, Hxx

  14. Watched you all day yesterday on You Tube whilst I crafted. You’re a real tonic and yes there was one on the silver birch trees. I’ve never experienced the elf hunt so look forward to that from other’s comments.

  15. Hi Barbara I love what you have done with the Designer paper. Those stamps are gorgeous. My Gray sale order is on its way. It is so good to get out in the fresh air and having somewhere lovely to walk is a bonus. An elf hunt that sounds amazing. I am looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  16. Hello Barb, looks like you had a lovely walk. bit of fresh air. Good to get some fresh air in your lungs especially with all the lockdown and staying indoors. Looking forward to the Elf hunt, always good fun and sometimes quite challenging. Looking forward to my other goodies arriving, when the good team Clarity have time to pack and post. I am sure your Postie dreads Gray Friday. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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