Fancy a Fab Free Stencil ?

Fancy a Fab Free Stencil ?

Hi there!

Thanks for popping in. Up bright and early, and heading off to Mum and Dad’s for the day. But before I shoot the crow….

Our Gray Sale has gone mad again. I’m always very grateful to you when you turn up to shop during this sale – but this year even more so. I’m sure you understand.

Many of you have taken advantage of our GRAY WEEKEND SALE by now, I know. And many of you have been back more than once too! I wonder though…is there yet still more on your wishlist? Well….

Let’s give you another good reason to pop back! Just one more time…

On top of the up to 50% blanket sale, and in addition to your gold and diamond member’s discount, if you go back in to the Gray Sale and spend another £20 before Monday midnight (after all discounts), we will send you a lovely, fresh out of the oven, never been seen before, very useful not to mention seasonal Stencil. Designed by yours faithfully. It’s from me to you.

FREE 7” x 7” PEACE Stencil worth £4.99

The Free Peace stencil won’t appear in your basket; we’ll simply add it when we dispatch your order. No worries if you’ve already placed your order earlier in the day on SUNDAY, we’ll add to those orders too. Peace always!

I had a little play with it when I got home from our walk too. It is a real beaut. Here’s a Gel Press step by step. I think you enjoy those.

  • Place the stencil back to front on the clean Gelpress (the 8x10in)
  • Daub a selection of alcohol inks over the Gelpress using our yellow daubers.
  • Carefully remove the inky stencil for later.
  • Now to lift the alcohol ink print off the Gelpress. Spread a thin layer of white acrylic paint over the dried alcohol ink on the Gelpress using a brayer.
  • Place a sheet of large white Clarity Stencil card on the wet white paint, rub the back and then pull your print. Beautiful.
  • Now let’s work with the stencil that is coated with dry alcohol ink. Alcohol ink dries fast, so you need to work quickly. Get all your ingredients set to go.
  • Spritz the inky side of the stencil with blending solution. (Work in a room with an open window and don’t spritz the electric machine!)
  • Place the spritzed, inky side face down on a piece of Glossy Chromo Card and run through a die cutting machine, using a rubber shim underneath.
  • Pull the stencil off to reveal a superb embossed print.

A positive and a negative print. One earthy painty, one glossy inky.

Trim and mount on our cardblanks.

Peace is good. What the world needs more now than ever is PEACE, LOVE and UNDERSTANDING. Lots.

So why not make a cuppa and settle down to have another little look at the paint, ink pads, the alcohol inks, the stamps, the stencils – whatever you have your arty eye on. Sale ends midnight tomorrow.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “Fancy a Fab Free Stencil ?

  1. What a beautiful stencil! And fabulous different ways of using it … Thank You, Barbara … Hope you have a lovely day with your Mum and Dad ❤️

  2. Wow. I’ve been swithering so why not?! Lol. That’s all your Christmas cards sorted by the look of it. Enjoy your time with your parents. See you in the morning. Hxx

  3. Oooo thank you Barbara. I was thinking I’d not bought enough!
    Now I have to remember the things I was holding off buying over the year!
    Enjoy your time with your parents x

  4. Well…why not, those tweet frames have been on my ‘maybe’ list for a while. (I would have liked Gentian and Columbine and the floral frame posies too, but, alas, not there, ah well, such is life).
    How are the ‘boys’ getting on?
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  5. As it happens I had put some things in my basket so will go & check on a few things so I don’t duplicate anything & then complete my shopping trip as the stencil looks great.
    Not only are the Clarity Elves working hard I have just had my 1st sale parcel delivered by Postman Pat in his little red van – I had to check the day & yes it is Sunday – Royal Mail are working overtime as well !!
    Enjoy your day with your parents – a switch off from Clarity day.

  6. Love those…. I do love stencilling….haven’t ventured into the world of alchol inks…. not sure I have space to but I will have another look at the website to see what tempts me .☺

  7. Well it would be rude not to have another look, wouldn’t it? Thanks for your extra generosity Barbara, you are a temptress. Made my order on Thursday evening and just had an email confirming ready for despatch. What wonderful service from all at Clarity. Wish other companies would learn from you. See you tomorrow in the shac shack.

  8. Please DON’T spritz with blending solution. Blending solution contains resin. We all know about inhaling droplets now. If you inhale or walk into blending solution, the resin becomes a gel when it hits the water in your eyes and lungs and damages you. Spritz with 99% rubbing alcohol – it will sting if you get too close but you won’t do it again then.

  9. Such a generous sale, my gel plate ordered earlier in the week has arrived so would be rude not to have another look to christen it with this beautiful plate. Enjoy your day off visiting xx

  10. I was a bit daunted by the number of pages in this sale but as I am settling down for the evening I am going to have a browse. Not that I need much but It won’t hurt to look, better not to tell hubby though or I’ll be in the dog house – again !!!
    Love what you heve done with the stencil.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.
    Stay safe.

  11. Off to have another browse in the sale lol . Pleased to here you shaved to see your mum and dad before we here in Kent go into tier 3 lockdown , won’t be able to see my brother until we get let out again , mad as he only lives 10 minutes away , but is in Surry 😕 see you back in the shac shac tomorrow , love doing the wreaths
    Thank you

  12. Just put another small order in before I saw your offer so did not need any encouragement. I have used the sale to top up my inks Hope your mum and dad are ok, I expect they enjoyed your company for the day. xx

  13. Hello Barb, what a lovely stencil, I may have another look, to see if I can warrant another £20 purchase. Love your samples, as Ali says, blending solution is not good for spritzing, better to use plain Isopropyl Alcohol. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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