Two in One – and a good offer on a house…

Two in One – and a good offer on a house…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Saturday’s blog a new technique, right? Well new… mmm. new to who? To me to you? It’ll be new to somebody!

Let’s take that fabulous die of ours, that Fresh Cut Town Aperture Die which our ever clever friend Mel Turner designed. Let’s take that little beautifully intricate die, and turn it into not one but two cool for cats cards….

Town Aperture Die

Here goes. The process, from start to finish. Ready?

  • Die cut the aperture out of black card (I used one of our 5×5 cardblanks cut in half)
  • Pick a piece of Designer card. (I went with one from the new Amazonia collection)
  • Cut a piece of our double-sided adhesive sheets to the same size as the aperture + a little more for wiggle room when positioning.
  • Peel one side and place the adhesive on the back of the black die cut
  • Peel the other side and place the town window on the designer paper.
  • Sprinkle the sticky front with Perga Glitter.
  • Using a craft knife and ruler, cut right back to inside the aperture.
  • Cut an 8”x 8” White card blank in half, so that you get two tall cards. ie the fold will be at the top.
  • Cut the town art in half. Right down the middle.
  • Mount each half on a black piece of card and trim to leave a sliver frame around each.
  • Attach each half of the town to one card.

Piece a cake.

Add a couple of stickers which speak to you underneath the towns. (I found mine in the Feel Good Factor Collection.) Done.

Unless you knew that each card only used half an image, you’d never guess.

Let’s have a bloggy offer. Let’s take the price on this Die down from £14.99 to £10. (plus your Clarity Craft Club Discounts). Barrrrginn !!!! IMO it’s one of our best…


Let’s stay safe, happy and creative.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

17 thoughts on “Two in One – and a good offer on a house…

  1. I love this image in fact just been using the stencil version to make a “new home” card. I have this die too so will be trying this out tomorrow.

  2. Such a lovely die and useful for lots of occasions. Love the way you have used it today to make 2 cards, always good getting a ‘twofer’. Happy Saturday. Xx

  3. Love this image just used the stencil version to make a new home card.have this die so will have to try this too, love a twofer

  4. Fantastic, like 2 for 1’s but in this case you could get 4 if you use the waste as well. Will give it a try & see if it works but could be a bit time consuming as the waste has such tiny pieces to keep in place.
    Enjoy the rest of Saturday.

  5. This is my most favourite of your dies. I will definitely try this tomorrow. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. X

  6. What a gorgeous die. I love it. Well I love all your dies and they cut so well. The cards are gorgeous too. Oh boy I just can’t resist an offer. Enjoy your weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  7. Thanks so much for sharing this technique. I tried it last week, thinking I knew it all, and got in a right pickle. Couldn’t even stick a butterfly over my sticky 3D tangle. 🙈
    So once I’ve watched Max get over the finish line in Germany’s F1 tomorrow, I’ll try again, not to be defeated. 🤗
    Hugs. xx

  8. I do love this die (and the stencil). These would make fab Christmas cards using the Antarctica or Great Lakes papers as well. You’ve inspired me!!

  9. I’ve been making bauble Christmas cards today. I made one for your ‘send a card’ collection. I saw my envelope on the photo yesterday so I know you received it. Thank you for showing us how to draw the snowflakes and for the downloads. I try and do different cards every year and the snowflakes are great.

  10. Thank you Barbara for the wonderful inspiration- fabulous cards. I have the die and love it – the die gets lots of use. Looking forward to trying this technique for something new when using the die. Keep safe.

  11. Hi Barb, a great way to get 2 from 1, love this die, don’t have it yet, and thanks to covid have to be very careful with my spending, but maybe it will find it’s way into my Christmas stocking. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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