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Thanks for popping in. Been poodling around the house today, cooking, cleaning, ironing and just generally catching up with domestic chores. This kind of productive yet not particularly mentally taxing activity leaves the mind free to wander and ponder, don’t you find? And that is precisely what mine did. Without even leaving the kitchen, I managed in a very short space of time to get all riled and caught up in the corruption and devious, manipulative behaviour of powerful people. The lies, the divisive treachery, the lengths that people will go to to get what they want, to win. Seriously, I was only 3 shirts into the ironing pile, and my head had taken me to a pretty dark place.

I caught myself by shirt 4. Had to distract the thoughts, had to redirect them, if you know what I mean. So it was Kate Morton to the rescue with an Audible book. And I focussed on the plot in the book which was unfolding. Thing is, the story also involved intrigue and deception. Some poor servant girl getting knocked up by the rich Lord of the manor, and being banished to live in poverty and shame, just because of a wealthy lecher. That pissed me off too. Same shit, different era.

Nothing for it; I had to come up to the Shac-Shac and immerse myself in artwork. Pure and simple. That always works, you know. Even simple crafting can keep you focussed and hold your attention. I thought I’d play with our Honesty Die by Mel. It just seemed appropriate.

Here’s a simple two-for-one step by step I rustled up this afternoon

Cut the Honesty out of a new colourful Amazonia Design Card. Trap the scrap by spritzing the die with water lightly first. Scrap stays in the die.

First the positive piece. I used one of our Nested square dies to cut out a little border around the aperture.

Dib dib dib a little Zig glue on the back, then mount on a plain white cardblank. Done. The colourful paper does all the talking. Piece a cake. Honestly.

Next the negative scrap.

Cut a piece of double-sided adhesive sheet a little larger than the die.

Lay it down on the scraps/die and rub all over the back with a pencil eraser, to ensure the adhesive grips the scrap.

Peel away the die and all the scrap will stay stuck on the adhesive sheet. Trim around the edge, peel away the backing paper and stick the scrap to another white cardblank.

Sprinkle with Pergamano Glitter. Done.

Yes. A beautiful, arty design by our Mel. Honesty. It’s one that often gets overlooked. It’s beautiful, and it speaks volumes.

Here we have the Positive and Negative images of Honesty….

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Love, Honesty, Truth and Respect. If we don’t have these in our lives, what have we got? You only have to look to the opposites to see what we are left with: Hate, Deceipt, Lies and Disdain.


Stay safe,

Love always

Barb xxx

32 thoughts on “Honesty.

  1. I need to get back to my audiobooks- listened to quite a few during the early days of lockdown, especially when I was waking early with the stress of it all. What a lovely set of note cards that die would make!

  2. Big hook from a German lass lol lass at 53 years old that’s funny we all have to stay strong on this one x

  3. Oh blimey Barb. Know how you feel! It’s called lockdown fatigue. I did exactly the same as you, but stamped your lovely poppies on a square board with sentiment…no matter how you spend your day, hope it’s special in every way. Worked a treat!

  4. Big hugs Barb. I went back to Church this morning for the first time since March. So peaceful and serene. Couldn’t sing but hey ho we were there and it was a special time. I then played with Noel and am feeling really chilled. Having a zoom meeting with the family tonight. What a wonderful day – didn’t give the ‘powerful people’ a thought except to say a little prayer of hope xx

  5. Why do we all go to the negative , we all do it we never think sunny thoughts xx crafting always pulls me back and makes me smile my go to therapy xx

  6. I’ve just spent a lovely couple of hours talking to Diane, a fellow groover, at my front door. She’s off with more plates to have a play which is nice. My day has not been productive in any way but maybe once I get my reflection done, I’ll be able to get some crafting done and watch a film at the same time – maybe. I love the honesty in more ways than one! I seem to have been jumped on a couple of times this week for my honesty but that only happens because people disagree with my opinion which is fine but it’s mine and until I’m convinced otherwise, I’m sticking with it! My opinion and my actions are keeping me safe and I’m happy with that! We can’t change the others, Barbara, and it’s a waste of time trying. We can only do the right thing ourselves. Now on with my reflection! Anyway, that group hug is appreciated. Keep on, keeping on, Barb. Hope you and Dave have a lovely evening. See you the morning. Lots of love. Hxx

  7. Hugs to you Barb, I’m doing the large heart plate, I thought that would be my Christmas presents this year as money tight, as having new boiler fitted tomorrow, enjoyed my day. Thanks Barbara,

  8. A big virtual hug coming your way. Your art work is gorgeous. I love seeing the positive and negative from the same die. The weather is nice here. I hope you get out for a walk in the woods. See you tomorrow for Autumn and Winter. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Hugs ….. I love the pieces of art and I lost myself in the lovely Luck Mandala which helped me get my head together. Thank you Barbara for all the amazing Claritystamp products. Looking forward to Shac Shack tomorrow xx

  10. Sending you big hugs Barbara. I know the feeling too well, I miss my darling but hugs all be virtual ones do help. 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Hugs to everyone! At least, our community are in it together. I guess you heard Margaret Ferrier comments then, Barbara? As if she couldn’t read the guidance on gov.uk for if you are diagnosed while in a hotel. Shameful. We need to grill potential MPs for our areas to select a decent person first, rather than vote by party. Anyway, crafting is the answer for now. I love that die. So tactile.

  12. Many hugs and blessings coming your way Barbara, and to all.
    Hold the light, all will be well. Especially in the shac shac. ❤️

  13. Hmmm…thinks, why did she pick on honesty for the demo? There is a lot of talk in our house about respect for others, just wearing a mask is respecting of others (just got a new goth one, called blood roses!) I hope we are told to wear masks as a course of habit, it can only help! Dr. Fouci in the good old USA, says that wearing masks works like a temporary vaccine. I like that man! I wish there were more people speaking ‘honesty’ – or a card will do.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    Liking the amazonia more each time I see it.

  14. Honesty is always the best policy – pity some of the people in No:10 and the White House don’t understand it.


    Stay well, stay safe.

  15. Hugs from me too. Lovely cards, think I might put in an order as there are a few things I need.
    Honestly, what world do our politicians live in? They don’t exactly command respect.
    I can’t say I’m into audiobooks but a new Ann Cleeves book downloaded onto my BorrowBox today so I am very happy. Love a good crime!
    Take care and stay safe xx

  16. Hi Barbara
    Sending you a big virtual hug. What a beautiful ‘twofer’ today. I have to say I don’t often use my honesty die but after seeing these beautiful cards I must get it out and play with it.
    Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane xx

  17. Hi Barb,
    Love these two cards. The honesty die is lovely ( as are the rest of the dies in the series). I haven’t used them for a while, but must get them out again. I made an anniversary card for my Hubble today using the new rectangle doodleology stamps and stencil and I have to say I am so happy at how it turned out. I love my Audible books especially when ironing ( which I hate). I’m currently listeningbto the second book in the Waringham Chronicles which is excellent. It has a cast and Miriam Margolyes is the narrator. Very enjoyable. Sending lots of love and virtual hugs your way, Alison xxx

  18. Hi Barb, two lovely cards, the bright cheerful colours of the paper really brought a smile to my face. Sending you and all the Clarity team and followers huge virtual hugs. Who can’t do with a hug right now. I am certainly feeling the pressure, and unfortunately starting to stress about the future. Need to go do some crafting. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Group hug Barbara xx
    Sorry I can’t buy any more goodies – totted up what I’ve spent on Clarity since lockdown 😲
    I am reading Kate Morton too – The House at Riverton.

  20. Dear Barbara. Sending you and Dave a hug, seems we all need them. Thank goodness for FaceTime. Where I can speak to my family. I am keeping busy making cards, have so many October birthdays. Just got it wrong trying to keep the scraps of one. Don’t know why as have done it before, oh well just have to try again. Have a good day. Xxxxxx

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