You are amazing

You are amazing

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Friday’s blog a private peek, right? Well, I said it on Clarity Worldwide yesterday, and I will say it again here :


When I say this, it comes from the heart, unconditionally, and I mean it. I don’t say it so that you will then pat me on the back, and reciprocate – although it always feels good to be appreciated for sure!

No no. Let me explain why I think you are amazing. In fact, let me clarify with a few of photos….

Hundreds of cards have been pouring in from your good selves, in response to the “Make a Card Week”. I had suggested in the SHAC-Shack that you might each make a handmade card, or two, and send them in to Clarity. Then we would polybag them for protection and presentation, so that they could be sent on ready for selling to hospices and charities of your choice.

The piles above are just two day’s worth. Jilly told me just now that loads more came in yesterday and today. She is gathering them all together, ready for distribution for Charity.

And that’s why I said you are amazing. Because YOU ARE AMAZING. The response speaks volumes, doesn’t it? To spend your time and energy making art so that others can sell it for charity is pretty awesome actually. I love that you do that so readily and without hesitation. I love that.

If you haven’t joined in, but would like to, then simply make a card, or two, and send it to

Claritystamp Ltd – MAKE A CARD WEEK –

Unit F. Fircroft Way

Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6EL

And if you have a particular charity or hospice close to your heart, which would benefit from a wonderful clutch of lovely handmade cards to sell – please email me the details.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “You are amazing

  1. So glad you’ve had a good response. I make a lot of cards for charity, because I like making cards, and charities are a worthy cause.

  2. I was only too glad to take part, as so many charities have suffered this year, due to a lack of fundraising.
    Thank you for suggesting it and everyone at Clarity involved in sorting and distributing the cards.
    I hope you enjoyed your visit with your parents today. Have a great weekend, Hugs. Annette X

  3. I make cards for a charity close to my heart. It’s very small, and suffering badly from lack of funds atm. It’s Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospices. The site I know very well is Christopher’s hospice in Guildford. It was where my son spent the last few weeks of his life at age 13 in 2015. They let me live there with him for 6 weeks absolutely without charge. They then supported me for a further 3 years and even to this day they still help if I need it. I try to make as many as I can but I am only one. If you could send some to them I’m sure they would be grateful.

  4. I have missed out on the SHAC lately so did not know about this call for cards. What a wonderful response. Well done everyone. X

  5. That’s fantastic. I’m on the case while we speak! Hope your mum and dad are doing well. Have a good weekend. Hx

  6. Thank you so much for suggesting this, Barbara. It is so nice to help someone else. Do you have a good home for the used stamps ? If not then I know a good charity that would like them. Please let me know.

  7. You do so much for all of us that we welcome any little thing we can do to let you know how much we appreciate the whole Clarity team.

  8. Like you once said Barbara – we crafters love a reason to craft. What a great idea you had to help raise money for charities which are all struggling during this mad Corona pandemic.

    So lovely to see all the post you are receiving. 😷😁😷

  9. What a wonderful response, I have mine ready to post so will do that tomorrow. I meant to do it today but was later getting back from Mom’s.
    Hope you had a good trip to your parents yesterday with the shopping.

  10. That is amazing! Sorry I can’t join in as all my card making kit is in storage until my new house is built. I really miss it, but I kept out my pencils and micron pens to catch up with the shac shack over the winter. Please pick little charities for your cards – the difference you will make will be proportionally much bigger!

  11. Hello Barb, wow what a great response. Well done everyone. I have not made any yet, but will do so, and send them in. Whichever Charities are chosen I am sure will benefit hugely. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Well done everyone. We card makers love to give are cards to great causes. Going now to post my 3rd envelope. Made a few cards for the NHS. Practising trees later for my mandalas.

  13. Oh wow Barbara this is an amazing response. I am always happy to have a purpose to make a card. For me the crafting is my therapy. Thank you for all your guidance. Have a great weekend. Take care. Hugs xxx

  14. I am so glad you have posted your address again Barbara. I will pop mine in the post to you today. I am fairly new to cardmaking and was attending a local group until this Covid shenanigans kicked in. Then I discovered YOU and the Shac Shac gang…you have helped so much over the last 6 months, thank you so much! Xx

  15. Fantastic hope you give all the postage stamps lots of charities collect them, I like to recycle and help others if I can, well done everyone.

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