Time to reflect…

Time to reflect…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Before I go out for a long walk through the woods, to clear the old head, let me just step up that reflection trick I did yesterday on telly, using our new Backdrop Rectangle Stamp. and the wonderful Trees and their Mantles.

Ready? Reflection images first. Dab Espresso Distress Oxide ink onto the stamp and plant along the halfway line you drew on the acetate at the back.

Here’s the card I made on telly:

Great Words of Wisdom stamps

Yes. This too shall pass, for sure. But while we’re waiting for it to be gone, let’s get creative and find some arty joy in this perfect storm called THE WORLD TODAY !!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “Time to reflect…

  1. Lovely card and really apt. Thoroughly enjoyed the Hochanda show and awaiting the new products thank you to everyone at Clarity for the inspiration.

  2. Loved the weekend shows. Linda’s new plates are a dream come true. Have set 1, set 2 ordered.
    My new Doodleology items arrived today so lots of stamping done – couldn’t resist – housework can wait.
    Enjoy your walk. Stay safe.

  3. Barb, I watched the launch yesterday with Yannis and I have to say I was really bothered by all the interruptions about stock levels to your presentations and demos. Now I don’t know if in the selling world that is the thing that helps sales or not, but for me, and in my opinion, it really got on my nerves. I don’t know how you carried on with the same thought processes after the interruptions. I am not blaming anyone, just pointing out my thoughts as a viewer, and if you felt bothered by it as well at the time, can you do anything about it for the future.
    Loving the mandala patterns on the SHAC I would never have thought I would have had the patience to do that, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you Barb.
    Sue x x

    1. Agree the constant interruptions do detract from the demos and is annoying. I am sure it is the demos that sell the product in the end.

      1. Perhaps the updates could go across the bottom of the screen so they don’t interrupt the demo??
        I’ve recorded them and will be watching later in the week. have to confess the last round of the mandala beat me -just couldn’t see it, let alone hold the pencil properly!! Will invent a different design I think -it’s my mandala after all!! LOL

  4. Fantastic weekend with the last hour just about to start. Something for everyone & no wonder everything flew out of the doors. The wish list is growing fast.
    Thanks for sharing the step by step of how you did the reflection art piece.

  5. You and Paul have done really well over the past two days. Great demos. Hope you enjoy your walk. It has been lovely here today. Lovely autumn colours in the garden. Relax and enjoy your evening. Hxx

  6. Absolutely stunning. Those trees look so realistic! Years ago I asked a question of you on C&C and you responed if you are on a budget and can only get one stamp, get the trees you can do so much with them! I was beaming for you yesterday so chuffed how everything flew off the hochanda shelf into happy crafters baskets. You’ve still got it Barb and I’m sure you’ll never loose it! BRILLIANT!
    Love the new background stamps. Pure genius. Xx

  7. Great programmes. Good to see the trees back. I have the original and could not justified buying the new ones. Mind, I managed to spend a few pennies on other stamps.
    Thank you for the step by step, very helpful.
    I took myself off for a walk today to make the best of the fine weather. Very enjoyable.

  8. Hi Barb,
    Sorry I haven’t commented much lately. Since my op, my brain has been all over, can’t seem to concentrate! Some might say no change there then! However, in the last couple of days I have managed to make some cards and have primed all of my new doodleology stamps ready to start a couple of cards. I have caught up with the shows and they were great. Love those background stamps. Linda’s new plates were really lovely and needless to say things just seem to fall into my baskets! Congratulations on all of the sell outs too. Been signed off from physio and weather permitting we might have a trip to the coast tomorrow to see if I can manage without my sticks, as a walk along the prom is flat! Hope your mum is making good progress. Love and hugs Alison xxx

  9. Beautiful images and great shows and demos this weekend. As I have said many times, I am not a stamper, but boy, do I admire the stunning work of those who are.
    I am absolutely loving doing the mandala in the SHAC. It really is right up my street and I spent a rainy Sunday making several for my notelet boxes. However, I can’t bring myself to try ‘partial art’. Maybe it is the Virgo in me, but I just have to complete the image! Weird, I know, but I have that gene unfortunately. 😂 I hope you enjoyed your walk. We had our grand dog here today, as we took him to the barber, so kept him with us for the day. Talking of dogs, I can see a black lab joining the Clarity family before long! Hugs. Annette XX

  10. Oh wow Barbara this is gorgeous. I love it. I hope you enjoyed your walk in the woods. The Mandela is coming along nicely. Take care. Hugs xxx

  11. When we were moving I found the reflection on watercolour card that we did in my first Clarity workshop in a little village hall. I think we used a brayer? This looks much easier to master! X

  12. Just finished making a card to send for send a card week. I’ve done a bauble and snowflake. It’s taken a little while to do but now I can trace it off and create some more.
    I’m watching the hochanda shows on catch up. Loving it all. Must start my Christmas cards soon!

  13. Hi Barb, Loved this demo, the background stamps make reflections a doddle. I remember you doing them with a brayer, and me trying that. Some worked, some were just plain rubbish, fortunately card has 2 sides! Going to watch the shows again as soon as I get a chance, as the demos were brilliant. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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