Easy as ABC!

Easy as ABC!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Tuesday’s blog rolls back the hours, right?

I have been tidying today. Amazing what you find when you start clearing the layers of paper and boxes!! I came across an old newspaper article from 1994, which brought back memories…

Wow. Still got the Lightbox, the huge, fabulous lightbox. Still got the Faber-Castell pencils. Still got the hair up in a French Twist. Did I ever see this little ABC Nursery Rhyme adventure turning into the company that is Claritystamp today? Never in a million years.

Funny old world, innit? 26 years on and my reservations then about the impact of too much TV on nippers were a mere appetizer of what was to follow, with computers and tablets – I mean the Ipad kinda tablet. Almost prophetic…

If the type is too small, let me just highlight one little part….

Barbara has researched the damage that TV and video can do to children, and discovered the average American child watches 13,000 hours of TV by the age of eight, watching on average 5 hours per day.

And that was in 1994! Can’t imagine that’s decreased much; and if it has, it will just have been replaced by something else similar.

But to the art, to the concept behind the Rhyme Chart art. That’s more nourishing all day long! It was intended back then to encourage kids to learn their nursery rhymes, as an aid to help with language acquisition.

Sold thousands of them in the States, we did. Thousands. Brother Steve laminated them in the garage at night, because the industrial laminator always blew the circuit in the whole cul-de-sac during the daytime! And now he manufactures our Groovi plates. That’s what I call a family business.

We’ve now got the ABC Nursery Rhyme Collection in Stamps and Groovi.

We also had a little Nursery Rhyme ii-book printed, to double up as a key to the nursery rhyme images, and…

as a colouring book. Woohoo!!


Lookie lookie!!

You will see that on one side is the nursery rhume and a little colour pic. On the left leaf is a lovely colour me in!

Some of the rhymes I wrote myself too….Old Mother Goose didn’t write any that started with X Y or Z!

To celebrate the whole reason we are here, I have flicked a switch on the website and changed the price of the little colouring nursery rhyme book. This will make a smashing colouring project for our SHAC Shack friends! It will be perfect as a little project to do with the children and the grandchildren too. One for them and one for you. Wow. Kids would love that.


It’s your time they want you know. YOUR TIME. YOUR COMPANY. It’s more important than you can possibly imagine. In fact, it’s vital, like water, and the air that we breathe.

I wrote a little poem back then too, which I also found today, on the back of a little educational mission statement. Look…

And I’ve flicked another little switch on the Groovi ABC Collection. CLICK HERE to investigate.

Nope. I never would have imagined that this little ABC idea would bring about such Clarity.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

20 thoughts on “Easy as ABC!

  1. Well I know I’ve seen these before, but they are fantastic! Shall have to go and look at the colouring book! So glad your business took off at that time as it’s even better now with all that you do and sell! Thanks.x

  2. Oh my gosh, these are my absolute favourite Clarity products! One day, I will be able to get them all. I just love everything about them!
    It makes me smile, every time you work with them Barb. They are the first AND the best! Love love love!! xxx

  3. I bought the little book for my grandson when he was born for Guy and Hayley to read traditional nursery rhymes to him. Now he is just two but is beginning to recite them. Fabulous. Lovely little book. Think I had better include one for our little Mollie as well at Christmas,she will be one just after. X

  4. Oh how wonderful to reminise and to find old newspaper cuttings! You’ve not changed a bit Barb, just grown wiser! It’s so lovely to be able to share theses with children. If I lived closer to my two great Nephew’s I’d be all over it like a rash but unfortunately my neice is more into her horses than nursery rhymes! Unfortunately with none of my own there will be no grandchildren to share them with! But I agree with you totally. Parents time is more important to be shared with a child than a TV screen computer or tablet. ❤

  5. How lovely. Might need to order a few of these as gifts for some friends who are grannies who need some mindfulness focus. X

  6. How lovely. I’m sure those with children/grandchildren will love it and at such a good price! It almost (only almost!) makes me wish I knew a child to share it with.. I don’t remember the last time I had any contact with children. Must have been about the time you wrote the rhymes!! I do wish you well with the products and I may just get the book for the fun of colouring it. Just for me.

  7. How wonderful to see how things have progressed since 1994 Barbara and the ethos of Clarity is still the same..high quality products and improving our abilites in a creative way, whether we are children or adults. You are so good with words and construct a great rhyme too. x

  8. Hi Barbara
    These always make me smile when I see them, the colouring book looks good too. I must pop to the website and have a look at the book, it would be something my daughter could share with her cousins little boy when she’s able to babysit him again. She had just discovered the joy of a snuggle and a book before restrictions came in. I hope you are all tidy again after you big sort out and trip down memory lane. Enjoy your evening.
    Love Diane x

  9. Hello Barbara
    What lovely memories. This is the alphabet Karen Smith made and framed for you isn’t it?

  10. Bought both these Groovi pates when they first came out. The first thing I made was a banner spelling the name of my hairdressers grandson to help him spell his name. The accompanying Nursery Rhyme sheet went down very well too as his mother used it to help him read. Much more interesting than a musty old book she said. Will have to look tomorrow for the stamps – sure I have them somewhere !!! Found the book though, gave it to hubby to colour, kept him quiet for hours.
    Enjoyed Paul’s video today. Did a few folds ready for some of the birthday cards later this month.
    Clarity is certainly keeping me incentivised and busy.
    Your “child’s request” poem is so true – even us adults need time ⏰ and love 💕
    Stay safe

  11. Oh Barbara what a lovely book. Our children must be about the same age. I know I would have enjoyed sharing this with my daughter. Isn’t it fantastic what came out of your very first project. Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow in the Shac Shack. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. I have this lovely book in my collection of ii books, must go & dig it out for another read & maybe colour a few of the pictures. I would love to be able to give my grandchildren a cuddle & sit reading to them- at the moment I can’t see it being anytime soon either. I just read you new stamp & remember ”This too shall pass” & that I am not the only one in this position.

  13. All I can say to that, Barb, is wow. You really are an amazing lady and your children are truly blessed to have you as their mum. Lots of love, Hxx

  14. Hi Barb,
    I have to little colouring book which is charming. I think I might have to get another one for my little cousin who will love it. The rhyme chart was such a good idea and works as well now as it did when you first produced it. Love and hugs,Alison xx

  15. Dear Barbara. I really enjoyed reading this blog. I bought three of the lovely books a couple of years ago, for my three great grandsons. Hope they have enjoyed them. May need to get some more, as two more great grandchildren next spring. Sadly they all live away so don’t get to see them very much. Love the article and the poems. You are a very clever lady, and now have a wonderful family business. Xxx


  16. Hello Barb, wow, you certainly deserve the accolades you get, starting way back then with these images, which are really lovely, and creating the company that you have today. Thank you for sharing the article and the statement with us. It is truly heartwarming to see that you and brother Steve, still have that bond and still work together. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. This is just so in the moment for me regarding Grandchildren needing us …. my Son rang for a catch up and naturally I asked about our two Granddaughters and they both love crafty things. One now is into sewing and I said pity I am not there to share the journey, he said “you could move”. It really made me sad because they chose to move to Dorset and I know it’s in the U.K. and we have visited many times in our caravan, but being the age we are and health issues, it’s not easy. I feel I am letting everyone down. They visit us when they can and I have a fabulous time doing arty projects at the dining table with the girls. Just loved reading your article and how you cope with your two being in USA is amazing as you say you give them the basics and watch them grow to be their own people. Lots of love xx

  18. Had a chat with someone on ‘chat with us’ last week about the Rhyme-time colouring book
    and there it is on your blog on wednesday Hope people get as much pleasure it as I have Think I will order another at he new price

  19. Blessed lady. Thank you for the nursey rhymes which I have, helped my niece to read, and I have a copy for myself. Such a simple idea and it helped you start clarity stamp. You are the best. Must go now to put my trees in my 4 mandelar’s.

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