Still with us….

Still with us….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. The Pergamano festivities are going very well indeed! So glad you’re joining in. I have been working on a silent movie this morning. It’s an epic. I reckon it’s longer than War & Peace! Took over 3 hours to record, but I did it in one sitting, without even a potty break!

Actually, I just flicked the overhead camera on while I was prepping for tomorrow’s Hochanda TV Premiere at 6pm! Remember those fabulous spiritual Mandala stamps of Tina’s which blew the doors off?

Well, tomorrow they’re being launched as Groovi plates. Absolutely wonderful. I don’t think we’ve ever made such intricate plates before. Very beautiful.

We’ve even turned them into matching frames too, complete with corner! Woohoo!! Upstairs for thinking, downstairs for dancing!!

Prepare to be impressed.

Wait till you see how many different frames you can make though! Quite apart from the Mandalas themselves!

I do hope you find time to join us tomorrow evening at 6pm and 8pm. I have a feeling these may prove very popular – especially when you see their full potential!

But back to today. Tuesday’s blog rolls back the hours, right? Well, while I was snipping and prepping this morning, dear darling Jayne Nestorenko was on my mind. I think it’s because several of you picked her designs as your faves yesterday. And so I thought I’d shine a light on one of the loveliest, sweetest people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. To know her was to love her.

We lost her a few years ago, but she lives on in her art. Clarity is full of Jayne and Jayne’s energy! Like me, she was a stamper at heart, but her delicate art translated perfectly into Groovi art too. Here is a little gallery of her loveliness.


Jane Telford
Emma Burns
Josie Davidson
Gail Sydenham
Josie Davidson
Linda Page
Dee Paramour

Classic and beautiful. Just like her. Just type Jayne into the find bar on – all her designs will come up. Or click here

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

22 thoughts on “Still with us….

  1. Jayne’s art work is beautiful. I never knew the lovely lady but I do love her art and have quite a few of her plates and stamps already. Glad the prep went well today. Lots of love. Hxx

  2. Jayne’s mandala stamps on wooden blocks were among the first stamps I bought together with embossing powder, my pink pig heat gun, and LuminArte metallics. I still have them all and I am about to use the mandala stamps after a long time of just looking at them. She was a lovely lady and it was Jayne and you Barbara who moved me on from cross-stitch to the multi crafts that keep me happy today.

  3. I met her a couple of times at Ally Pally, she use to sit just inside the door. Always had time to chat. Much missed.

  4. Jayne was the first person I thought of when I read yesterday’s blog, as I love her work. She will live on in so many people’s minds, as they continue to use her beautiful designs.
    I am definitely looking forward to the new plates and those frames look intriguing. Hugs. Annette X

  5. I so love Jayne’s designs. Perhaps the Agapanthus is my favourite. Just perfect that you are keeping her memory alive Barb. It’s good to be back here on the blog. Apologies for my long absence. Down to hubby’s illnesses and moving house during the last couple of years. As I said earlier in reply to Grace’s blog post, now seems to be the perfect time to reconnect. 50% off, that’s totally amazing. Thanks Barb! Hugs, Gilly

  6. Jayne’s designs are beautiful and a fitting memorial. I use them often and it is nice to think of her today when she would be so proud of you.

    I had to laugh at a Meditation plate for such a meditative hobby but I’m looking forward to them. They sound just perfect for the times.

  7. I always loved Jayne’s work and have several sets of her stamps still (some unused, but stroked whenever I get out the box they are in). If you want to do more ‘cute’ stamps, her mice and all the extra bits would fill the bill beautifully. Thanks for sharing some of her lovely designs translated into Groovi art. The agapanthus and rose are particularly stunning.

  8. A lovely lady. Met her once at one of the craft shows and she had time to chat in her soft voice. Still love and use my house mouse stamps, will be getting them out to make a few X mas cards. Never forgotten.

  9. Jane’s work is lovely. I have most of her stamps and Groovi plates but the favourites are the Agapanthus and the Rose.
    They say that to live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die . So appropriate for Jayne, she is unforgettable.

    Placed a large order from the sale today and was feeling guilty until I read this blog as I had intended to buy al lot tomorrow. Not now though. Tina’s designs, while beautiful, and I love mandalas, they are too intricate for my eyes at present. Still haven’t got the new specs but hopefully they will come soon. Been having problems getting them right and now I’m going cross eyed just looking at the computer screen so I’ll be off.
    Stay safe all.

  10. Beautiful work by Jayne, have a lot of her plates. Not a good idea drinking a g&t and reading this, brought tears to my eyes, easily done these days. The mandalas – will I have patience for these – I bet ! However, I’ve now overspent in sale and otherwise so might just have to wait a bit ! X

  11. I have some of her mandala stamps in wooden blocks. I’m
    Over the way washed used glitter on them… so delicate. Got me started on stamping.

  12. Love Jaynes stamps & Groovi plates plus her other designs that I have in stamps – mandalas & boxes all on wooden blocks but won’t part with them.
    looking forward to the shows tomorrow to see what wonderful artwork you have all come up with

  13. So sorry to hear that Jayne passed away–she was such a cheerful and lovely lady!!! Love her designs too.
    Great news about the mandala’s!!!
    Unfortunaly I cann’t order because I only can pay by iDeal.
    Had choosen a lot of materials….
    See you tomorrow in the Shac and take care.
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  14. Love Jayne’s plates and stamps, especially the Christmas Children ones and the glorious agapanthus and rose. So lovely that she lives on through her beautiful designs. Wouldn’t be able to do the mandalas as too intricate for my eyes as I get double vision, such a shame as they are so beautiful, I bet they will fly out the door

  15. I used to love the mandala stamps that she used to demonstrate, all glittered up to the max. Maybe you could emulate those lovely ones. Also the lovely glittered monarch butterfly

  16. Jayne’s work was beautiful. She is missed.
    LOVE those new borders! The mandalas are amazing too. Can’t wait to see the show.

  17. I never met Jayne Nestorenko but what a legacy. Her designs are so beautiful. Shall be watching at 6pm tomorrow.
    I almost threw the toys out of the pram today! Had chosen lots of goodies on the Pergamano website and it wouldn’t let me I thought. Alone, nobody to help , didn’t want to bother Grace or Jeannine etc etc.
    Daughter rescued me by phone, “read the screen” etc etc. as she has done before ,with great patience. Sorted, Goodies coming. I might order something again tomorrow, good excuse to prove I can do it!

  18. Hello Barb, those Mandala Groovi plates look stunning. Dear Jayne, such a beautiful, peaceful and creative lady, who I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of times and watch her create beautiful stamped and coloured images. Her artwork is just astoundingly beautiful, love the rose. She is missed so much, but good on Clarity for keeping her artwork going for us. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

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