It’s a Groovi Giveaway

It’s a Groovi Giveaway

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Day 1 of the Pergamano Party here. In case you’re wondering what it’s all about, Grace has written a perfect intro blog over on our Clarity Matters Blog, explaining what we’re up to and why.

It’s amazing how quickly the Groovi side of Clarity has grown, isn’t it. And since we bought Pergamano two or three years ago, even diehard traditional parchers have joined us and embraced our Groovi system.

Our Groovi plates just make the transfer of designs to parchment so much easier! Anybody can do it ! But many of us have then moved on to learn all those beautiful trad parching skills; the Groovi plates are just the vehicle to whitework, gridwork, multi-needle work etc. That said, we do work with some of the most creative, talented designers and parchers in the world! Linda Williams, Tina Cox, Josie Davidson to name but three. These ladies not only create fabulous art, they also conceptualize and design our Groovi art and grids.

So here’s a tricky question: do you have a favourite plate? Or collection? Is there one that really hits the spot for you? I know! Difficult to choose from so many. You won’t believe how many Groovi Plates we have designed since we launched the Groovi System in 2015! Staggering. In fact, let’s have a little bloggy candy, just for fun….

Have a guess. Have a guess how many Groovi plates, grids, plate mates, borders etc we’ve designed and put into production. Just write the number you think below. It’s just a bit of fun.

Guess the right number, and we’ll send you a £50 Gift Voucher. If nobody gets it, then we’ll send the person that comes closest to the exact number a £20 Gift Voucher. More than one correct answer, and we’ll draw one lucky winner out of a hat. Sound good? Have a go!! £50 well worth having!

So back to your favourite plate….this is mine: Our Butterfly Wreath.

It’s one of our very first plates. There are so many probably more fabulous designs, but this one is very dear to my heart because I guess it symbolises the birth of Groovi for me. It’s where it all began.

Back when we walked the brayer through acrylic paint to get arty backgrounds. Yep. Now we have all those lovely designer papers, but even then we were trying to marry parchment craft with clarity art!

Have you got this one? You can see how basic my parching skills were back at the start. I snipped round the scallop because I didn’t know how to picot cut…

Still pleased as punch with my finished card though. Five years on, and I am able to do work like this:

I tell you this not to show off, not to brag, no. no. no!! Simply to clarify how our Groovi system has helped me improve my parching. Gently, without stress, no tests, no judges – none of that! In fact, all that exam stuff flies in the face of everything I believe in! Instead, we have built up a wonderful, positive, kind, caring, sharing community on Groovi Worldwide. So many good people who will gladly help you on your parching journey – free of charge.

If you fancy dipping your toe in the Groovi pool and joining us, then there has never been a better time than a HALF PRICE SALE!

It’s on the Pergamano Website, not on the Clarity Website. They are two separate sites and therefore require two separate accounts. If you don‘t have an account over on Pergamano, we will be happy to help you. Grace is on Live Chat on BOTH websites if you need assistance.

Stay safe. Enjoy the Pergamano Party!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

123 thoughts on “It’s a Groovi Giveaway

  1. 1652 – my guess but no idea really! I have only just started on the Groovi journey, just with white work and a little colouring but hoping to try more techniques in time 💗

    1. I absolutely adore
      The butterfly and embroidered wreath plate, so many choices.
      The Groovi mate and plates have turned my world into a fantasy of creativeness. THANK YOU CLARITY.
      My guess is 15,000
      Hope it’s a lucky number😁

  2. My favourite & this is very difficult is – TINA’S FLORAL SWIRLS & CORNERS 2 A4 SQUARE GROOVI PLATE.
    My guess is 675 plates! Thanks for the sale – first order in this morning!!

  3. My guess is about 2500. Although it’s vey hard to choose I think it’s Tina’s floral swirls and Linda’s owls.

  4. I’m going for 1700, I have some of the club plates but not used them for a while. Maybe I should get them out and have another go

  5. My favourite groovi plates’s are Linda’s fab ‘In The Garden’ A5 plates – so versatile! I’m guessing 2450 groovi plates so far.

  6. Hello Barbara
    I don’t like Groovi. I LOVE IT! I have been with you, hooked from the day I watched you on the other selly telly channel demonstrating the Starter Kit for the very first time. A work colleague, who produced beautiful traditional work, had tried to teach me but I didn’t like all the rules etc. (I don’t really like being told what to do). I like the idea of no Parchment Police, it appeals to me. As does the idea of ‘getting off the bus’ at any time.
    As to favourite plates, that is extremely hard. I use the extended nested square A4 plate regularly. It sets off so many designs. I love Tina’s ‘oops’ plate (flowers and butterflies A4) as it has covered up many a slip-up. I love Linda’s 123 plates for versatility. Also Josie’s duet plates (Queens, Kings etc) as they make traditional frames so much easier for the novice and intermediate.
    But I think my favourite plate of all is Linda’s red cardinal because I learned how to do a good fluffy bird with it at Leyburn last year. I know we did the blue tit at the Spa Retreat but at Leyburn I was very satisfied with my project.

  7. Tina’s Daisy Frame and Dandelion tag is my go to plate for so many cards, so I would say that is my favourite. But it is like asking which is my favourite child!
    I will go for 1950 plates, purely because it is the year I was born and I really have no inkling.
    My first order went in today, and I say first, as I am sure there will be more! Hugs. Annette. X

  8. I’m going to guess 1202. It’s hard to decide on a favourite plate but the newest wrap plate with the little square envelope for a add front is destined to be used often .

  9. Difficult to pick just one favourite, but think it would probably be Tina’s floral swirls & corners.
    My guess for the number of plates is 2500.

  10. I love the plates with the Squirrel and Owls also the blue tits in fact there are so many that are lovely. All the borders etc. I think there must be 3500 plates. Ha ha it’ll be interesting to know. Xx

  11. Hello again,
    I got so carried away with my essay I forgot to enter the competition, lol.
    My guess is 1240 plates.

  12. I have to say that I love Tina’s embroidery butterfly plate but the list could go on and on! One favourite is tough!! Lol. How many plates do you have? Well, you still have more than me but I’m not sure how many more!! Lol. I’m going to say, 756. That might be too many but hey, ho, as you say, it is a bit of fun! Good luck everyone. Hx

  13. 2045 plates that is a complete guess. The plate that I love is one of th first I bought it’s the turtle doves Christmas plate which someone posted on Facebook a few days ago.

  14. My Plate favourite is the robin in the wreath.
    My guess is 1352

    Thank you for the sale because it made me realise I’d made a really stupid mistake.
    A few weeks ago Barbara did a blog or a demonstration making a beautiful card with a bauble stencil. I was appropriately impressed and purchase all necessary items. These included the mapping pen to add glitter to the sky. All items arrived incredibly quickly. Went for an immediate play. Out came mapping pen. Could not figure out how you used a metal circle to add small dots to back ground. Put mapping pen in draw and used pin. Realised today looking at the wonderful pergamano sale page, it turns around. Who knew. Probably everyone but me. Xx

    1. I was puzzled by this over 20 years ago!! Hadn’t used a mapping pen since school days. It is only used for sticky ink now, I guess, but still not obvious how it works. Easy when you know how!

  15. Heavens, not sure I can say my favourite, too many, one of my ‘go to’s’ is the Happy Birthday plate as it makes a quick card if needed ! Otherwise …. they’re all my favourites ! I looked at my spread sheets, added those up, doubled it and added a few more ! Then remembered the NDC plates ! My guess is 703. Never any good at these guessing games But thanks for the chance and the generous prize! Good luck to everyone ! X

  16. I like the butterfly wreath too – it was bought in my very first Groovi purchase when I bought a simple tool kit and plate mate and letters. I used the plate to make my sister a birthday card and Grace chose it to show on her blog- could not believe it , I was so honoured so that’s why it’s remained my favourite. Will be buying more I’m sure in the sale – thanks in advance for the savings- will help me to increase my stash.

    Now your stash – I think you’ve had 1999 plates designed since 2015 – pure guess.

    1. I like all the plates I have purchased, especially the Linda Williams designs, and of them the Red Cardinal is my favourite as it reminds me of the very happy day I had at Leyburn last year. As to how many , a pure guess 927. Thanks for all you do for us marchers.

  17. Hi,
    As I posted in the Groovi Worldwide site, I’m in a bit of a bind ‘cuz I’m loving all the Groovi plates. Having started 20 years ago with Pergamano, I found the Groovi system so much easier and fun. I’m now able to make so many things in a shorter period of time. I just have to be smart about my economics, you know, the allocation of limited resources 😜
    Anyways, I’m guessing 5000 plates and across the board.
    I recently started so I would have the newer designs as my favorites-
    Poppets, Italian grids and It’s a Wrap part 2-all of which I have been working with and loving so far as they are so versatile.
    More power to you and your team, Barbara! You are awesome!!!

  18. I honestly can’t pick a personal favorite plate as every time a new set comes out, it changes. But I guess by that logic my current favorite is Linda’s Pretty Pocket plate. My guess is 1,234 plates

  19. Hi,
    As I posted in the Groovi Worldwide site, I’m in a bit of a bind ‘cuz I’m loving all the Groovi plates. Having started 20 years ago with Pergamano, I found the Groovi system so much easier and fun. I’m now able to make so many things in a shorter period of time. I just have to be smart about my economics, you know, the allocation of limited resources 😜
    Anyways, I’m guessing 5000 plates and across the board.
    I recently started so I would have the newer designs as my favorites-
    Poppets, Italian grids and It’s a Wrap part 2-all of which I have been working with and loving so far as they are so versatile.
    More power to you and your team, Barbara! You are awesome!!!

  20. My guess is 1025 and I think my favourite plate set is Linda’s in the garden set which I’ve just ordered in the Pergamano sale (thanks to Grace for her help with that, she was a star as was Janine). xx

  21. Well I have no idea how many plates there are but my guess would probably be 1,159 probably more than that but I’m sticking with that. As for my favourite plate, with so many to choose from, Linda’s Cosmos and lace plate. I seem to use it the most but there are so many beautiful plates we really are spoilt for choice!

  22. I must confess I was one of the ‘old’ parchers (started in 1993)who was very sceptical about the Groovi system, and to some extent still prefer some of the old ways, but having said that, I think the grids, borders, corner designs (‘Royals’ etc) are brilliant. Since failed hand surgery and the onset of glaucoma a few years ago (and other health problems) I have had to give up parchment work entirely. I did buy quite a number of plates before I gave up and passed most of these to my friend, Bea, who still enjoys working with them. She too likes the borders and grids which make life so much easier for her. I have absolutely no idea how many you have designed but I know it is a lot!!

  23. 1600 is my guess
    My favourite is the amaryllis plate as it was my first plate xx
    Love so many now though and have really got so interested in groovi and trad parchment xx

  24. Oh well I have been tempted and the starter kit has jumped into my basket. I have ordered a lightwave too. This is a great way to put your toe in the water. I have no idea how many plates have been designed. This is a complete guess I am going for 749. Have a great evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

    1. Yeah Jackie well done! You are more than welcome to borrow some of my plates to have a play. You will love the light wave too, fab bit of kit. Xx

  25. My favorite records are Linda’s owl family. They are really beautiful. Can be used for many different projects.
    My guess is 6666 records.

  26. My favorite plate… the last one I bought!! (Currently Linda’s wrap plates) although I do really like some (all) of Tinas flower plates, Josies grid plates, I could go on & on 😂
    My guess for the number of plates is 1959, no idea why!!

  27. What a task you are setting us, Barbara – I simply do not have a favourite Groovi plate, just LOVE the system and often the latest is my ‘favourite of the moment’, i.e. at present Linda’s wrap arounds … just SO beautiful. And as for the guessing game – I say 2020, associating something positive with that number! Thank you so much for this Pergamano Party and the great discount offered; won’t let this opportunity pass by! Jutta xx

  28. My guess is about 5000, and I cant even guess how many I’ve got! I try to be selective, but I just want them all!!
    Thank you Barbara, Linda, Tina and all those marvelous designers, for bringing
    us such a beautiful craft.

  29. I don’t really have a scooby, but my guess is 1682. I have never stamped, stenciled or ‘Groovied’ but I really do want to try. I’ve just bought the A4 Lightwave in the fantastic sale, so maybe it’s time I give Groovi a go!
    Debbie x

    1. Just a thought, if you decide to try the Groovi system I would recommend you buy a starter kit as it contains ALL you need to get started, including parchment. Good examples and instructions are included.

  30. Hi everyone
    I’m not a Groovi chick but have found a few things in the sale – I’m going to have a go at the butterfly wreath.
    My first thought on numbers is about 2,504 – please may I go in the hat.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) – tier 2!

  31. My guess is 865. My favourite is the floral alphabet. Still need to practice white work as I’m not very good. Thank you for the fantastic sale on Pergamano site. Off now to spend some in the sale.

  32. Favourite plate??? Hoo boy ……. probably the A4 celtic alphabet. No – the 3D Christmas Tree. No – the 3D houses. No – the 3D Christmas Cracker. Ok – let’s just go with anything Christmas. Or with Butterflies. OK. I give up 🤣🤣
    Number of plates? Crikey. 1756 🥳🥳
    And thumbs up for many more to come! 🥳🥳

  33. My guess is going to be 1,190. I honestly have no idea. I first found you because of your Art Nouveau collection – my first was the Art Nouveau Tulips which still remains a favorite!

  34. I probably have about 85% of the plates and no way could I begin to choose one favourite.
    My go to plates are the extended squares (love the inner frame) Linda’s Christmas 123 plate with the hellebores, the poetry plates, the snail and butterfly and the Kings and Queens.
    Tried counting the plates but gave up as hubby kept interrupting trying to distract me. He’s a terror!!!!!
    We moved in 2014 to a smaller hiuse and before Groovi arrived I was considering getting rid of all my traditional Parchment gear but you saved the day and now I’m loving it more than ever. I still occasionally go to the old patterns for a change and I also use some patterns from my cake decorating books but in the end Groovi always wins.
    I will be going on the sale site later but I may just save my cash for Wednesday as Tina’s plates look enticing.
    Looks like being an interresting week.
    Stay safe. 🍒

  35. 875 is my guess
    As for my favourite, well that is like asking which is your favourite child. But anything with butterflies on calls at my heart.

  36. Really can’t believe the high numbers people have guessed at! However I will say 1946 simply because that was the year I was born. Really love Groovi but enjoying the colouring and doodling on the ShacShac.
    Thank you Barbara.

  37. I would guess 5231. There have been so many with all the club ones as well. I love the Art Deco plates. Enjoying the toucans. Just amazed how colourful their beaks are. Xx

  38. I love all of the plates and it’s difficult to pick a favourite but l love Tina’s Henna dream catcher and droplet plates, my guess is 1545 good luck everyone xx

  39. I’ve yet to explore Groovi but will guess at 1372. Now to decide on which kit to get. There are so many lovely plates it’s hard to have a favourite

  40. My guess is 1959 different plates, I am new to Groovi and struggling with the basic line art, need to go back to basic plated maybe, going to persivere for a bit longer, dont want to give in yet. Have loved shac shac. Thank you Barbara..

  41. My favourite plate is the first plate that I got when I joined the club, still use it on loads of projects. My guess 1854. Gutted I missed the Christmas plates at half price, but my own fault as don’t read the blog everyday, otherwise I would spend everyday 😂😂 happy crafting everyone

  42. I find it difficult to choose just one favourite plate as they all have something great about them. My most used are the A4 Alphabet frame & nested square extension alphabet plate along with the nested picot plates to edge the picot cut parchment.
    My guess is 1025 plates to include the NDC, some that have been discontinued & the new ODS on Wednesday.

  43. Don’t know what my favorite Groovi plate is,because I never worked with these one. But I ordered some, so I can try…saw so many beautiful ones, that was hard to choose.
    I learned Pergamano from Martha Ospina in the begin of the 80th and have still the old metal tools.
    My guess of Groovi plates is 673…….fingers crossed 🍀
    Stay save and healthy and see you on Wednesday in the Shac.
    Trijntje Huppel

  44. My guess is 1962 and my fave plate is Jaynes agapanthus.
    Thanks for the sale and a week of all things Groovi/Pergamano, looking forward to it.

  45. 756. How can you choose one favourite plate? It might be the base but you add bits from all over. It has been an amazing journey from the butterfly wreath. I hope the sale allows Clarity to build again.

  46. Hi Barb, first ta so much for this sale. I am a total and I mean total beginner at Groovi. I am very good at buying all the gear though. I’m making it me mission to av a go this week. My fav plate to look at cos not used one yet is the Autumn Wreath. My complete guess is 2798 plates. Love & Peace

  47. So difficult to choose a favourite, although this year I seem to have used the Floral Alphabet set, along with Tina’s parchlet’s, Jaynes Agapanthus and Linda’s Bluebells. My guess is 1,972. xx

  48. I’ve got the groovi starter kit and the butterfly wreath place and I’m loving what you have done with it Barbara so I will give it a go.
    My guess is 1500. It’s probably more than that but it will do for a guess.

  49. I think about 450 Plates but would hate to even hazard a guess at how many individual plates have been made hundreds of thousands I would think!!!! My favourite plate is the arum lilies on swirly leaves always a winner for any occasion and my go to for sympathy cards

  50. I hope this is allowed. My 10 year old granddaughter Eira Murray who loves groovi wanted to have a go. Her guess in 1500 and her favourite plate is the Jayne Nesterenko scene with the bridge.


  51. Hi Barbara
    What a lovely blog showing the progress you have made with parchment craft over the years. I’ve really enjoyed the journey with you . I bought the butterfly plate as one of my first plates so it is rather special. My other favourite is the 3d owls,I made graduation gifts for our daughter and her friends last year which they all loved. I’ve got a couple more to make this year but they have been put on hold until we know when graduation ceremonies can take place. My guess is 2245 Groovi plates.
    Love Diane

  52. Hello Barb, well I think it is about 973 designs/plates. I have the beginnings of the Groovi Club plates and some small additions and one of the Club Plates, the elephants is my favourite. I do use them a bit, but the stamps, dies and stencils are more my thing. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  53. I am hooked on Groovi Just love all the Lace plates and the Wraps
    There are so many great plates. I would guess there are about 2025
    Thank you Clarity

  54. Like everyone before it’s hard to choose a favourite but I always seem to go back to the agapanthus and I really love the latest club plate. I’m guessing at 1058 but it’s probably more!

  55. A favourite is impossible to choose but I do like the T’was the night before Christmas verse one. My guess as to how many plates 1892.

  56. Gosh, it’s hard to know what that total could be! I’m going to guess 2,424, assuming it includes all the club plates and grids.

    I only have a small collection of groovi plates, almost all from the club, but my favourites are the wee houses and shops my mum bought me for my birthday one year. I just think they’re so cute!

  57. I love the butterfly plate and have used it for so many different cards, it fits any category. I’m still collecting when I can and have had a lovely time delving into the Sale. I love being a member of the Groovi Club and the monthly plate is helping to both build my confidence and stash! I think the number could be 2225 x

  58. Difficult to choose a favourite plate, I love all of mine and using different ones for different occasions and times of year. I love the ability to use different plates together to create completely different designs. One of my favourites for this is the hot air balloons. I’ve created lots of different styles of cards using this one plate.
    My guess on how many plates would be 1120.

  59. I too love the butterfly wreath – I’m really pleased with cards Ive made with it. I have no idea about the number of plates – a lot! I’ll guess at 1001! xx

  60. My guess is 3800. I was going to count all mine but thought better of it! My favourite plates are Tina’s designs and especially the adorable parchlet baby plates. It will be interesting to find out the answer to this quiz. Many thanks xx

  61. Like Roz in the comments, I was tempted to try the groovi system when you demonstrated the starter kit at the beginning and got hooked. I’d tried traditional parching here in Malta by doing an eight week course many years ago. After completing the course I never did it again thinking It was too time consuming and that I was hopeless at it so the groovi system was perfect for me. Thanks a million for all your help by doing the Shac Shack – you’ll never know what a lifeline you’ve been and how much it’s appreciated! I’ve already been treating myself to lots more groovi goodies – thanks again to you and all your lovely staff ! Liz xxx

  62. Sorry – forgot to say that my favourite plate is the funky alphabet – it looks fun and you don’t have to line up the letters – I’m rubbish at that! As for the number of Groovi plates – there are probably hundreds but still nowhere near enough! Thanks again – Liz xxx

  63. Im very new to groovi but not they to clarity.
    infant that new to groovi I only bought my first plate a couple of days ago and its the Butterfly wreath
    Cant wait to play ❤
    At a guess id say 2310

  64. So hard to choose a favourite plate as they are all beautiful and the ability to mix and match means that you can produce some really original cards.

    My guess is 1964.

  65. So hard to choose a favourite plate as they are all beautiful and the ability to mix and match means that you can produce some really original cards. I do love Tina’s Dandelion & Floral Frames plate though.

    My guess is 1964.

  66. I must admit im a groovi addict I have loads of groovi plates . I love the Jayne Nestorenko plates they are my go too. My guess is 1650 plates xx

  67. My favourite plate is the Queen Anne plate (hmmmm wonder why? 😂)
    My guess is 1956 as my darling hubby was born that year 😊 xx

  68. I confess I am still resisting the Groovi temptation! Fresh cut dies came along at just the right things for me!

    That said all the groovi art is just amazing, so much talent out there. I’m often in awe of what I see on FB and the blogs and DT samples.

    My guess at the number of plates etc is a finger in the wind – 742!

  69. I have just been on the Pergamano website and have seen loads that I like. Treated myself to 5 small one, as I am new to grovi. Will look at Tina’s plates tomorrow, they look very nice, she is so talented. Favourite so far, God Grant me the serenity prayer, time to relax with the deck chairs. Dies made a guess at 3,150. Good luck everyone X

  70. I’m a newbie to parchment and have just done the make a wish plate but really love all the flower ones & butterflies. My guess is 1244.

  71. I cannot pick just one as they are all fab but My favourite sets are the Twas the night set and Tina’s parchlets. I will guess at 1965 my year of birth .

  72. Oh so many to choose from. Late to the party not sure how I missed yesterday’s blog! My guess 1978…. my other half’s birth year. Fingers crossed it brings me luck!

  73. My favourites are too many to list .,,,….. and I haven’t a clue how many plates are in the stock list so I will guess at 541…! Thanks to all the team for giving us a great week of fun – miss the Open Days too.

  74. I love so many of the plates, when I see what others do with them! I haven’t done a massive amount of groovi work myself – though I hope that will change as I need to make use of the Twas the Night set I’ve just ordered!! If I had to pick one that I’d really like to be able to master, it would be Linda’s penguins!
    As for how many plates there are, well, I’ve got going on for 60 in the New Design Club alone! And there are so many more – I’d say you’ve probably brought out a couple of hundred each year – say, 1015 in total to date, and counting! How many of your laser cutting machines have you worn out?!

  75. What an impossible question, but if I had to choose 1, it would be the garden set, as I can make so many different scenes, as I can with most of the beautiful plates, but I can only choose one.

    As for plates, as I look at the boxes surrounding me, I know I’ve probably only got the tip of the iceberg, so I’ll go will 3,600 ish.

    Thank you Barbara & to everyone who has taken time to make such beautiful plates & matching stamps, I love them all.

  76. I hope you haven’t set Jannine the task of counting them all, but if you do I’m sure she’ll count 2345. I like too many of the plates and the latest Pergamano sale is too good to be true (I hope the bank managers agree).

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