Oooh La La! Linda!

Oooh La La! Linda!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. The Pergamano Festivities wouldn’t be complete without a huge round of applause – nay, a standing ovation – for Linda Williams, that wonderful Welsh lady who just blows us away with her creativity and talent every single time. She has taught me so much! She shares her knowledge so willingly, so freely. I wonder how many thousands of parchers she has held by the hand and guided them through the art.

She and I have become firm friends over the years. We talk most days – and not only about parchment! She was one of the first top traditional parchers – together with darling Tina Cox and Josie Davidson – who embraced Groovi and helped us on our Groovi journey massively. Today I want to show you a gift she gave me right early on. The photos don’t do it justice. It is truly exquisite…

Ooh la la!!!! Knickers and Bra!!

The detail is crazy! Hang on – I’ll pull in a little closer baby….

What a masterpiece. All beautifully framed behind glass, it sits in our French room, we call it. And it fits perfectly. I smile every time I look at it. Even the Gift tag is exquisite.

Mind you, she made this without a Groovi plate! She created it in the traditional way. Yep. But I loved it so much I asked her whether she might design a couple of Groovi plates for us, so that we might also be able to make sexy lingerie cards for all sorts of occasions!

Of course she could. And she did…

Fabulous bra-shaped cards…

And you can make a handbag out of the knickers too! Look!

Just gorgeous, playful and special. CLICK HERE. And should we see these cheeky plates in your half price sale basket, we’ll pop a set of lovely acrylic Hangers in – absolutely FREE.

Over on the other Clarity Matters blog today, Linda has kindly given us all a close-up class in shading and whitework. So head on over there for a fab tutorial….

I love Linda dearly. She is such a good friend. I’m so lucky that Parchment Craft brought us together. Everyone needs a Linda Williams in their life.

Don’t forget to tune in to this evening at 6pm for the launch of those magnificent mandalas….

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

21 thoughts on “Oooh La La! Linda!

  1. What a beautiful present and so exquisite in the detail xx
    Love the groovi system but would love to learn parchment craft as well maybe one day xx thank you for this glimpse barbara xx

    1. Linda is such a very talented lady. I’m sure I’ve seen that picture at the very first clarity open day I attended. The day I first venture into the world of Groovi. I sat and watched Linda demo for ages then went and bought the starter kit

  2. Hello Barbara
    I so agree with your sentiments about Linda. Such a lovely lady. We met through Clarity and I am proud to be anle to call her a friend.
    I have had the bra plate for quite a while and have now ordered the pants.
    Looking forward to 6pm. I shall be watching with two more friends I met through Clarity, Karen Smith and Sue Tomkins. We should have been going to see Josie and Chris in Scarborough so we are having our own mini retreat. Same as we did the other weeks when we should have been in Leyburn and Tunbridge Wells.

  3. Oh wow what a gorgeous gift to receive. I bet it looks fantastic on the wall in your French room. Those plates and the other makes are gorgeous too. I am waiting for my starter kit to arrive. I am a complete novice. Oh well nothing ventured etc. Take care. Hugs xxx

  4. You have a good friend in Linda. She is one to treasure and you know where to find her since she is under house arrest! She ain’t going nowhere! Lol. Hx

  5. Who else but Linda could create something so beautiful. The other samples are great too and the words on the black and pink card go perfectly with these plates.
    Got a phone call late yesterday to say my new specs were ready and I picked them up this morning so now I can see what I an doing and can begin finishing my piercing and cutting.🤩
    The sale is fantastic and I have placed an order. I am sure you will be super busy packing and posting this week.
    Take care, stay safe. 🍒🍒🍒

  6. What a beautiful gift, the decorative beading etc., is exquisite. Getting back into my Groovi grove and enjoying every minute, so relaxing.

  7. Wow – that really is a stunner, as is Linda’s step by step over on the Clarity Matters blog. So talented, especially as I had forgotten that this amazing art was pre-plate (as it were) providing the inspiration for the set of Groovi plates.
    Enjoy pottery 🙂

  8. I ordered the bra this week to make things for a friend having major surgery. You need to feel sexy again with scars. Couldn’t see a use for the knickers. Certainly didn’t see a handbag! Thank you for a generous sale and wonderful inspiration.

  9. Hi Barb, a great Welsh treasure and a beautiful lady. Love the Bra and Knickers gift, a true friend and like minded crafter. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. So lovely.
    Would it be possible to have a You Tube or blog step by step by Linda showing how to do the fluffy birds, please.

  11. Very inspirational lady indeed. All of you are!! Mind you….I’m still a stamper at heart.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  12. Gosh Barb, I remember you receiving this amazing gift from Linda – such a wonderful kind and talented lady. Not at all surprised that you speak most days – certainly a special friendship to be cherished. Well, I have enthusiastically entered into my return to parching, placed an order yesterday and realised that I had forgotten something and just about to place another order this evening! Strange how one thing has led to another, and another and……….so on! Hugs, Gilly x

  13. I have the Bra and Knickers plates and have used them for special birthdays, the recipients have loved them. They are so pretty. Not sent in my order yet as still looking, got so many plates now have to keep checking that I don’t duplicate them.
    Linda is so generous with her knowledge and I so enjoyed watching her demos at the open days. How we’ve missed them this

    1. Hi Barb,
      Linda is such a lovely lady and so talented. I loved doing the first Leyburn Groovi workshop with yourself,Paul and of course Linda. She was so encouraging although she did burst out laughing when she saw my holly leaves on a wreath as I’d been concentrating so hard on my colouring in but hadn’t realised I’d done them upside down! All Linga could say after she’d stopped laughing, was ,” I’ve never seen leaves like that!” Honestly, it was so funny! The new Mandala plates are gorgeous ( and in my basket!) and such a success – congratulations. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  14. Hi Barbara
    Wow what a gorgeous present, I remember you showing this when these plates first came out. Linda is a very talented lady and such an inspiration. I missed the shows tonight but it sounds like they were a huge success. Congratulations.
    Love Diane xx

  15. Hi
    I have the Linda Williams books for the piercing tools., and they are great easy ro follow comprehensive just bought a few more tools in the half price sale, it would be rude not to 😂.
    Lovely pictures are you in the book shop in Alnwick ? That shop is amazing loved it.
    The picture is stunningq, such talent. Hugs xxx

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