Mixed Media Friday on the Horizon…

Mixed Media Friday on the Horizon…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. It’s Clarity Mixed Media Friday on Hochanda this week, and I’ve been playing all day, putting new stamps and gel pastes through their paces in readiness.

Monday’s blog is Trees and Flowers, right? So I’d like to show you the latest addition to our Mixed Impressions stamps; you know, those arty, grungy background stamps which sell out every time?! Well this set, very aptly called Wild Flowers, is really awesome too! I started inking up and stamping, and couldn’t stop!! Can’t decide which stamp I like best. Let me show you…

Here’s a little set of 3 cards made with the 3 smaller stamps. SMALL… Small?? Hardly! It’s all relative, isn’t it. You to me are everything is a solid A6 stamp! Perfect background, but can stand centrestage too. Launches Friday at 9am. Fabulous introductory price too. Both A5 sets for the price of one.

Yep. That’s 9am and 1pm on Friday – HOCHANDA.com

After a full on week of Pergamano and Groovi celebrations, it’s time to get stampy inky again!

And now it’s time to go find those little Vikings of ours, and have some fun.

Check out the little crossed legs!

Stay safe. Keep calm and carry on crafting.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

29 thoughts on “Mixed Media Friday on the Horizon…

  1. I really love the look of those stamps that are coming up on Friday! More to add to the collection! Lol. Have a lovely evening with the Vikings! They are just adorable. Can’t make up my mind if those wee faces portray innocence or mischief! You’ll find out very soon! Lol. Hx

  2. I was thinking about you Sunday and how excited you’d be to pick up you wee boys! Now the do look like a pair of mischievous kitties! Clearly one has taken a shine to Dave and one to you how lovely. Stamps are lovely too! Will have to get recording and catch up Friday evening after work. Happy Viking days! X

  3. Fantastic artwork! I love this new texture stamp set!
    Those kitties look so cute but I bet they’ll get up to loads of mischief!
    Have a fab evening.
    Love and hugs xxxx

  4. I am looking at the size of those paws. Methinks, there is a huge amount of growing to come there. They are so beautiful. Having cats is supposed to calm you down and reduce blood pressure. As a crafter, don’t forget kittens love recarpeting your house with paper. Have fun. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  5. They are lovely and I will order them on Friday using some of the money Mum has given me for my birthday which is tomorrow, and incidentally also will be the 9th anniversary of being in the Clarity Stamp club! Best 40th birthday I bought myself!

  6. I will have to record Friday’s demonstrations but love the look of the stamps. The Vikings look very impish – happy playtime. xx

  7. Hi Barb,
    The new stamps look lovely and I can see them wandering into my basket! It would be rude not to have them as I have all of the others!!! The two little Vikings look as though they’ve settled in well and definitely have a mischievous glint in their eyes. They are absolutely adorable. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  8. I am not really a grungy crafter,will have to watch Friday and see if I can get inspired. Feel like getting back to some craft after feeling off colour the last two weeks.
    Have had doorstep visits from our kids today as it is Fred’s Birthday. Covid is getting worse here though with youngest lad in isolation with his family now after having to get tested today. Just keeping fingers crossed for a good result. X

  9. Great stamps for a quick card too ! Having a ‘tidy up’ today looking for a particular groovi plate – should have been with it’s number mates in the folder the rest of them are in ! It was good to put some of the NDC things away, then you realise how much you’ve got and haven’t used ….. don’t tell anyone ! Enjoy your evening with the kitties, we talk to ours instead of each other LOL !! X

  10. Ahhh two gorgeous kittens, just what you needed! Love the grungy new stamps and look forward to the shows. Xx

  11. These look amazing, they will certainly sell out! Ah, those kittens are just SO adorable. Enjoy playing with them. Hugs, Gilly x

  12. Ooh those adorable kittens. I do like the new stamps but will have to think awhile on them as only used one set out of all the sets I have of these mixed media stamps, not very adept with them. Definitely need more practise, it doesn’t come easy to me though as I like clean cards with white space. I’m sure they will sell out quickly though as you have lots of customers who love mixed media.

  13. I too like clean cards with white space so I’ve been using my mixed media stamps on ATC cards and using them as toppers. It really sets them off. This new set are ready to leap into my basket.
    Stay safe.

  14. They are absolutely gorgeous – the stamps as well as the Vikings!!!! So pleased it’s all working well for you xx

  15. I don’t think I’d have any time left over to craft if I had those two little bundles of gorgeousness to play with!

  16. Welcome to the “I craft and I have a cat club”! The kittens are just the cutest and the stamps are lovely too.

  17. Hope the boys had behaved themselves this morning whilst you were with us in the SHAC Shack – that picture shouts mischief to me.
    Those stamps look great & will be a good start to the weekend that looks as if we will be spoilt for choice x

  18. Hello Barb, some super looking new stamps coming. Will have to make sure shows are recorded in case I cannot get in some sneaky viewing during the day. Those two little bundles of fur are just so cute, it looks like they are getting a telling off with the finger pointing, and are paying attention, enjoy fun and furry cuddles with them. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  19. Oh Barbara your artwork is gorgeous. Those stamps are amazing. Your little kitten are adorable. You will have lots of fun with them. Have a good day today. See you on Wednesday. Take care. Hugs xxx

  20. The Stamps look fabulous, cant wait to see them on Friday! As for those two little rascals, so cute! – I’m a real sucker for cute and they certainly look like complete time wasters, keep an eye on the clock Barb! 😂😂x

  21. Your ginger Vikings are so adorable and so cute with the folded paws. 😻😻
    I enjoy so much how my pussycats are lying when they are asleep — all curled up and sometimes snoring too!!
    Love the new stamp-it’s beautiful!
    Take care and stay save!!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

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