The Vikings have landed!

The Vikings have landed!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Delighted to share some happy news for once! THE VIKINGS HAVE LANDED! This is great news indeed…

Please meet Erik the Red and Ragnar Lodbrok!

Let me tell you the story of the two young Vikings.

These two little warriors were abandoned by their feral mother, who left them in a garden near Grantham, middle England. Lucky for them the garden belonged to a kindhearted couple, Gina and Mark, who took them in and heaped lots of tender loving care on them. Alas, their young dog, Toby the Great, was a feisty little fella – and they feared for the tiny kittens. But friends in the south heard of their dilemma, and offered to take the two brothers in, to care for them and raise them as their own.

And so it was, on a chilly Sunday morning in October, that Barb and Dave of the Southbank made the 150 mile journey up to Lincolnshire to find the young orphans and bring them home.

How do we tell them apart, you may ask. It’s a trick of the tails…

They are a trifle bewildered of course – even for Vikings. This was a long day for the little kippers. But already they are exploring their new kingdom…

and getting to know their new family…

All will be well. Erik and Ragnar are very, VERY grateful to Gina and Mark for saving their lives and rescuing them. So are Barb and Dave.

Love and hugs,

Barb xxx

96 thoughts on “The Vikings have landed!

  1. How gorgeous, I’m sure they will love their new home and family and will give you lots of cuddles and fun. Enjoy them xx

  2. They are adorable. Our two are 14 now, they came from cats protection, one white and one tabby, two sisters. They rule the house of course!

  3. They are such cuties. I love cats too. Between my parents siblings and children there are 8 in the family. These little darlings would make fantastic stamps. Hope they settle into their new family soon. xx

    1. Sarah, What a great idea for stamps! I do believe that Romeo made an appearance in silhouette form in one of Barb’s stamp sets. These little guys would be perfect with the fine lines of the new stamps. Please Barb, can we have them?

  4. You two are wonderful taking on these dear little kittens – may they give you much, MUCH joy over the years. Hopefully they will be banned from the SHAC shac ….
    Love, Jutta xx

  5. How gorgeous. Dave looks like a proud dad in the photo. Enjoy your little vikings. See you in the Shac Shack tomorrow.
    Hugs Steph xxx

  6. Aw I can’t wait to meet them. They are so cute! We too got good news today. Skye’s Mam is now in England. She has lived in Rescue the whole time we have had Skye – longer actually. So, another way to tell them apart! Get two different coloured Collars and put name tags on as a back up! They will love your garden. X

  7. Precious little lives 💕 A rough start in life but they’ve landed on their feet now! Wishing you many happy years together . Mxx

  8. Oh boy they are adorable and their names are just fantastic. What a lovely thing to do. They will be so much fun to have around. I do love cats so much. We always had one when I was growing up and we had our own one when we were first married. His picture is still in our sitting room. Take care. Hugs xxx

  9. Totally adorable! Such a great happy story to share, which is just what we all need during these uncertain times. We can be certain that they will have a wonderful new and loving home. Enjoy every moment . Hugs, Gilly x

  10. I am not a cat person, but I do think these are the cutest little things! My daughters would love them, as I know you and Dave must do already. I hope they bring you much joy and I am looking forward to hearing all about their adventures. Hugs. Annette X

  11. Oh I’m in love😍😍😍!! May they live happily with you both for many years giving you love & laughter xxx

  12. They are so cute and adorable fluffy balls!!!😻😻
    Poor little things left alone by their mum….
    It’s like the story of my Manxy–left alone by mum and too young to be on her own. Our daughter has taken Winnie ( after Winnie the Pooh!) home to the Netherlands where she now is with me about 15 years.
    Enjoy your little darlings and see you tomorrow in the Shac!
    Lots of love, Trijntje Huppel

  13. Love cats – mine is already 16, black amd white felix cat. She is often sick and I get si upset.

    Having 2. Will be so much fun. Watching them play together. The only thing watch out for presents they bring you times 2.

    Enjoy these gorgeous little darlings. Hope they have cheered you up! ❤️🐈🐈♥️

  14. Ooh Barbara and Dave they are gorgeous puddy 🐈 🐈 . So very jealous, we’ve had gingers in the past and they are marvellous, such great characters they have, somewhat different to the other cats we have been owned by. Enjoy them and share lots of photos with us please xx

  15. Excellent! Been wondering how you were getting on all day ! They are definitely little cuties, enjoy, hope you have a peaceful night ! Well done to Gina and Mark and you two for rescuing them ! X

  16. Glad you have got back safe & sound, they are looking very happy as they explore their new home. Our niece rescued a kitten about 10 years ago but she lived in a flat & her 3 year old son tried to give it a bath amongst other things so our son & his partner took her home with them. The one time they came to stay they brought the kitten with them along with all her gear – nearly as much as a baby needs. They popped out to see friends & we were left in charge – we couldn’t find her then realised she had climbed up the back of the curtains & was peeping over the rail at the top. Thought we would have to take the curtains down but fortunately she managed to come down on her own.
    Hope Erik & Ragnar like their litter tray !!
    Had a go at the word puzzle you gave us but got nowhere near the 600 odd that had been found.

  17. They are gorgeous. I bet it was love at first sight. How will you manage to leave them to come to the SHAC tomorrow?

  18. What a lapful of delights! They have mischief in the wee kitten eyes and I predict lots of fun and not-getting-things-done ahead!! Well worth the round trip to Lincolnshire! Happy, cuddlesome days ahead……..

  19. What a pair of beauties they are. Lots of fun times ahead I’m sure. Glad to hear you got there and back safely. Now let the fun begin

  20. Aaaw they are beautiful wee kittens. Looks like they love their new home already. We have 4 cats and they certainly keep us on our toes. Dreading the Xmas tree this year with the youngest!! 😬🙈Xxx

  21. Happy days for R and E. They have found a good home with lots of love and a multitude of places to explore. I look forward to the warriors updates.

  22. Aww, I do love cats. These are a couple of little crackers! Adorable……. I miss having a cat and all the cuddles.


  23. Aww they are so adorable xx two very lucky kitties from being found by lovely people to living with two wonderful people who will of course quite rightly spoil them xx thank you for the photos have been wondering if they arrived ok xx

  24. Ohhh, they are sooooo sweet. No wonder you fell in love with them. They are just wee bundles of joy and mischief! They have landed on their feet, those two, and already have Dave just where they want him!! Wrapped around their little paws! You know you can’t abandon babies when you go to the SHAC. They will love playing in your craft room and we will enjoy watching you watching them!! Lol. They will give you hours of pleasure. Enjoy them. Lots of love and cuddles for the kittens. Hxx

  25. Hi Barb,
    The two little Vikings are absolutely adorable! Well done for adopting them. They will give you so much pleasure and I bet that once they find their feet, they will be proper mischievous kittens – into everything and everything a wonderment. I think that Dave is already besotted! I have always had a cat for as long as I can remember apart from about 10 years when Dave and I got a dog because we had just lost our cat and Dave couldn’t bear to get another one. We got Scamp 17 years ago now after we had to have the dog put down and she has given us so much pleasure (& a few worries too!) and I’m sure these two balls of fluff will do the same for you and Dave( hopefully without the worries). Thank you for sharing the photos, love and hugs (& cuddles for the Vikings) Alison xxxxx

    1. The mini vikings are sooooo cute! What fun you’ll all have together but don’t let them get into the SHAC shack unless you want even more pandemonium than ever! No photo of the stupendous litter tray though?!
      See you tomorrow xx

  26. Oh my goodness, they are adorable, and so lucky to have been taken in by Mark and Gina and then adopted by you and Dave.
    I’d been reading snippets about kittens, but didn’t know any more, until now 🙂
    Giving them a little virtual cuddle, they’re too cute not to!

  27. So sweet! We have always had two cats. In our cloakroom is a little plaque ‘Cats are like potato chips, you can’t have just one’. Mind you, I wouldn’t have two unrelated cats again. One just walks out if the other comes in, or hisses at her. You’d think they’d be more tolerant after 11 years! Wouldn’t be without either of them though. Enjoy the kittens. There is nothing so time consuming! 😂 xx

  28. Aw, they’re beautiful! We adopted our two torties from a rescue place nine years ago when they were 7 weeks old. They had so much fun climbing up curtains and sitting on top of the curtain rail, shredding the sofas and generally ruling the roost. They are real naughty torties but we wouldn’t be without them. Enjoy your new little family, Barbara and Dave.

  29. I am not an animal person but do admit these kits are cute but why Viking? Dave looks like he is in love!!! Hope they give you lots of pleasure.

  30. That’s wonderful news, I am so jealous. We always had cats when I was a child, and a dog. Lost our dogs 8 and 7 years ago, would love another but have to be practical, I wouldnt be able to exercise it now and not fair having a cat when you live on a busy road. Hope you have loads of fun and laughter with your beautiful

  31. Aha..that’s Dave’s annual gift then? Bendycat sends his best and a warning to keep of his patch if you please.
    Hope you are well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  32. Such beautiful kittens! I’m sure your little vikings are very happy to be in your longboat with you and Dave. Enjoy, and keep them away from your pots!!!

  33. Oh my goodness, they are adorable 😍😍. Welcome to your furever home Erik and Ragnar. Btw, you are the second kitty I know called Ragnar!! One of Samuel’s carers is a furbaby foster Mum and a Mumma cat she has been looking after, had babies on Friday. They are beyond cute!! I wonder if Gizmo would be ok with a kitten in the house 🤔….

  34. Oh my gosh! So cute! We had ginger tabby siblings – one female, one male named Tori and Brio. They were the loveliest cats – gingers are so wonderful. They lived to be 16 and 17 (indoor cats) Enjoy them while they’re so little – they grow so quickly. It will be interesting to see how different their little personalities are! ❤️🇨🇦

  35. Ahhhhhh been thinking of you and Dave on your journey to collect your two adorable kittens. They are so scrummy , look forward to seeing their progress in their loving new home. See you in the Shac Shack in the morning, happy days, happy news. Xx

  36. What a gorgeous pair. You will have so much fun with them. We have 2 cats which we got from the local cats protection as kittens last year. Their mum was feral and obviously quite ‘generous’ with her favours as she had 4 kittens, 1 all black, 1 tortoise shell, 1 black and white and 1 seal point! We have the black and white (Loki) and the seal point (Bailey). They give us so much pleasure and entertainment along with the occasional gift! To date we have had birds, baby rats, earthworms, dead leaves, scotch eggs, buttered toast, scones and bagels, a pork chop and a piece of cooked chicken!! We have no idea where they get all the food from. I have visions of our neighbours being mugged by Loki as he is usually the culprit. He is very food oriented and will steal food given the chance. The vet says it is probably due to his mum being feral so you have been warned Barbara! 😂 Enjoy your little bundles of fun and they grow so fast. Xx

  37. We got our little tabby cat from the RSPCA, just over a year ago now, we were told to keep her indoors about six weeks, to get used to things, and to settle. Love cats so much, but do worry about her safety when out. She gets lots of love too. Your kitties are so sweet.

  38. Two gorgeous little kitty’s so going to be loved and give love congratulations Dave and Barbara on your two fur babies enjoy love Joy xxx

    1. Oh, the adventures that lie ahead! These two delightful fellas look full of mischief! May they bring you as much joy as you will certainly give them love – and hopefully not too much marauding and returning with hostages!

  39. These two are just beautiful how lucky are they to have such lovely careing people to look after them. Looking forwards to hear stories of their adventures.

  40. Hi Barbara
    Awww how cute are these two little ones
    They are definitely going to be spoiled rotten in their new forever home.
    Ohh and thank you for the great half price sale on Pergamano I did stock up on some essentials
    Take care stay safe and enjoy your new family additions hugs 🤗

  41. Oh, the adventures that lie ahead! These two delightful fellas look full of mischief! May they bring you as much joy as you will certainly give them love – and hopefully not too much marauding and returning with hostages!

  42. Aww they are a gorgeous pair and very lucky indeed to have you and Dave as their family. I have a ginger boy and love him to bits. They’ll sure give you a lot of pleasure (and mischief). Enjoy xx

  43. fantastic Barbara and Dave they will get lots of love .
    My niece took a cat that was crying on the verander and that’s 6 years now and Emmy is very happy .
    On lady said put it in a black bag with a brick and throw it in the sea they told her were to get off and that was in Cyprus thanks to then she was only a baby good luck and lots of happy days to the Vivkins

  44. Hi

    They look like they are going to be very mischievous😻😻 . We have 2 at the moment Stiggi and Solo not brother and have the occasional spat but they tend to get on most of the time. Dave looks like he’s fallen for their charm already. Enjoy them they bring special meaning to your life in this difficult time.


  45. You have two gorgeous little guys there and they’ve surely landed on their lovely paws coming to you. I love cats and have a soft spot for gingers so I think you’ve done well there. Wishing you all happy times together, you now have two wonderful full time distractions to bring joy and variety to your days.

  46. Welcome to the fluffy additions to your family. They are absolutely adorable and they have certainly fallen on their little paws to find you both. They will never be short of love and we all look forward to following their progress. I think they deserve a blog of their own!! love to you all. Pam x

  47. Its a wonderful story about these two little orphans and now they have found a great place to live and be loved . Maybe we will have a chance to see them in the shac shack…..🐈🐈

  48. Two great little lucky chaps. Wish you every good wish for loads of happy times. Can’t go wrong with fingers she said as she looked in the mirror xxx🥰⚘

  49. Hello Barb and Dave, and welcome to Eric and Ragnor, what brilliant names, they are adorable, and it already looks like they have Dave wrapped around their little paws. I am sure they are going to be very happy having been given a forever home. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  50. Congratulations, they are adorable. So lovely that you took them both as they will be company for each other when you and Dave are working.

  51. We have a ginger tom. They are very special. Those little Vikings will add another delightful layer to your life. Enjoy. Xxx

  52. Hi Barbara
    Aren’t they gorgeous, I think they are going to take over your lives! I know you’ve often talked about Romeo so I know these two will find a special place in your hearts too. Love the names.
    Love Diane xx

  53. How lucky are you both to have 2 ginger bundles of fun!! We had a ginger called Charlie who was the also the son of a feral. He gave us much pleasure and gifts over the 17yrs we had. Sadly we lost him 3yrs ago and just haven’t found anyone to fill the void he has left. Enjoy them for all their characteristics you will love it.. xx

  54. How cute are these two ginger kittens and how lovely of you to go all that way to get them and offer them a home Barbara, mind you who could resist these two gorgeous bundles of fluff…lol. x

  55. Lovely photos! Your little Vikings are just gorgeous, Barbara!😊 I’m sure they’re settling in fine and are loving their new home and family. Hugs xxx

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