From me to you – Classy Bling

From me to you – Classy Bling

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Wednesday’s blog is from me to you. Since Mandalas are very topical in the SHAC-Shack right now, I thought I would put a very different spin on one of Tina’s wonderful Mandala Stamps, turn it into really arty wall art….from me to you xxx

Doesn’t that look beautiful?! I love it. Here I used the Mandala stamp entitled Devotion…

There are four in the series. And by the way, they are HALF PRICE on the website! I just saw that!! Click here.

What a fabulous set of four you could make as Christmas gifts. Let me show you how easy it is.

You need Pentart Metal Leaf Glue, Gilding Flakes, the yellow sponge daubers and some black cardblanks.

  • Place the stamp on a piece of copy paper.
  • Lightly dip one of the smaller yellow daubers into the pot of Metal leaf glue.
  • Dab the dauber on the copy paper, to spread the glue.
  • Lightly dab the gluey dauber all over the stamp.
  • Lay the black card down onto the sticky mandala stamp.
  • lightly rub the back of the black card
  • gently peel the black card off the stamp.

The image is on the black card now.

Lay the gilding flakes down on the glue and pat all over the glue.

Leave it like that, and go wash your stamp quickly in warm soapy water. If the glue has started to dry already, nail varnish remover (acetone) will remove it 100%.

Back to the art.

  • Use another one of the larger yellow daubers to start brushing away the excess flakes. The larger pieces put back in your pot for the next project. The sprinkles and dust aren’t worth keeping.
  • The mandala design will start to emerge.
  • Buff until you think you can see enough. It looks magnificently antique when not all the image is revealed.

The Pentart variegated gilding flakes I used are M2.

I think you will agree that when mounted in a 12×12 black frame, this really does come to life…we stil have a few left of the 12×12 frame mounts.

That’s it. Took 5 minutes from start to finish. The yellow sponges are just the right hardness and consistency to hold the glue and spread it onto stamps – even super detailed ones like the mandalas.

So here’s a little treat from me to you. If you add just one pot of any Gilding Flakes and a pot of the metal flake glue to any order between now and midnight tomorrow (Thursday 8th October), I will make sure we pop a set of the yellow dauber sponges in as a little gift. rrp £4. FREE.

There are superb variations of Pentart gilding flakes on the website; I’ve gone in and dropped the price there too…

Gotta go! Late for pottery!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

14 thoughts on “From me to you – Classy Bling

  1. Oh Barbara this is amazing. It is just so gorgeous. I love it. Enjoy the rest of the day. Take care. Hugs xxx

  2. A beautiful result with this really ornate mandala by Tina, and so dramatic on black card using these really pretty flakes. Thanks for the inspiration Barbara. x

  3. Thank you again Barbara, lovely step by step. I would not have thought of using glue that way. Enjoy the pottery. xx

  4. Thank you was just asking about glue for gilding flakes yesterday. Have to tell you woke up in the middle of the night because I wanted to see what a gold gel pen Gently veined through an imitation gem would look like. Really good was the answer but my husband now thinks I’ve really lost the plot.

  5. Looks great, wish I had known you were going to drop the price though bought them last week! Never mind, they arrived today so will have to have. Play xx

  6. Wow, they are amazing. Would make beautiful gifts.
    I am so loving this week in the Shac and mandalas will keep me busy for weeks.
    I don’t know why, but when I watch on Facebook live, I can no longer see or make comments, but I have been there and enjoyed each day.
    I am off now to lie with my legs up the wall. You had me at flat tummy – I wish! 😂 Hugs. Annette X

  7. Hi Barbara love the mandala gold looks beautiful been a bit out of stuff but been watching hope to catch up soon. With drawings . hope you had a good afternoon at pottery love love Joy x

  8. Love this gilding mandala–it’s gorgeous!!!
    Hope you were not to late to your pottery and are very relaxed by now.
    Take care and stay save–we will see you on Friday!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  9. Hi Barb, this is certainly a Project with the wow factor. Love the gilded mandala, so opulent. And well, what a fabulous offer as well. Will have to see what I can do about that. Hope you were not too late for pottery. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  10. You’ve come up Trumps as always Barbara, love Tina’s mandala stamps.
    This card would bring a bit of joy to a loved one of friend this Xmas.
    Thank you😀

  11. The gold on the black looks stunning – gilding flakes at their best. Love the technique but have sooooo much stash that I haven’t used yet that I think I will have to sit on my hands this time round. Very hard but I have to be sensible.
    Hope you made it to pottery for a relaxing afternoon in clay world. Loved the bowls you sent to Grace.
    I haven’t tried the legs up the wall yet – having problems locating a suitable space – but whilst writing this I have just spotted a bit of wall – just need to move a couple of craft bags & a lamp. If I am not in the SHAC tomorrow you will know I am stuck on the floor with my feet in the air trying to get back up – a bit like what happens to sheep !!

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