Need a shave? Nah – just the shaving foam!

Need a shave? Nah – just the shaving foam!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in.

A few of our lovely Clarity ladies have got together this week, and are having a mini retreat at home. They were evidently playing with ye old Shaving Foam, and texted me with a couple of questions, because it wasn’t working as well as they had perhaps hoped…here’s the photo Roz sent me of Karen… hahahaahahaaaahahahaahahahahahahahaha. Good Lord!!

Well, as a little tribute to our ladies, I thought I’d rummage around in my bloggy drawer and get a How-to out today! This goes right back to 2014. Oh boy, how time flies…

It’s a shaving foam background using our castle mask,  so let’s take a look.

I’m a lucky little chickpea, because I have a whole set of Distress Reinkers, and now they even have a home!  

Here’s what I tried: Place the castle mask on a piece of the White stencil card

Squirt some cheap Tescos Shaving foam onto a baking tray  or flat plate.  I squirted it into a tray which was too small to start with; rubbish.  

Drip some Ink reinkers onto the shaving foam,  

and swoosh it around with a coffee spatula. Look out Cosca! Ooohhh!! I LIKE the shaving foam on the tip of the stick….  

Anyway, back to the plan.  

  The first one is always a bit too severe,  so just lay down a piece of spare card and pull it off. Then mix the inky foam up again. Lay the white card with the castle mask directly in the inky  shaving foam,  

and then pull it off. I know! What a mess!   All relative though, eh Karen?!?!?

  But when you wipe away the foam,  you get the most delightful, arty sky!  

  Actually now you can pull several wonderful prints.  When it looks like this,  it just needs a tiny quirt of white foam again.  

With a make-up sponge and Chipped Sapphire /Weathered Wood,  darken the edge of the castle.  Do this BEFORE you remove the mask.  

A stencil brush may help tone the shading down too.  

  Time for the big reveal.  You can use the mask many many times.  

  Dust around the white edge with Weathered Wood.  

  Look! Got a bit carried away… Great stash for Ron though….  

Stick to the plan! Trim the card,   

stamp the Clean out a Corner Stamp in the sky  using Cobalt Archival.  

Colour in the verse …

Layer up on a complimentary blue, then white.  


Back to that coffee stirrer…..

  I randomly smeared it around on a piece of the white card. Wiped it this way, stroked it that way. This is what I got:  

Now there‘s a wonderful landscape, just screaming to be brought to life!!

There you go, Karen, Roz and Sue !! What a lovely way to spend a day !!!! You lucky girls!

Love and Hugs to all,

Barb xxxx

36 thoughts on “Need a shave? Nah – just the shaving foam!

  1. Fab, The shaving foam technique is one of my absolute favourite techniques so much fun and your artwork smells lovely too lol x

  2. Love making these backgrounds.
    Did this with our Ireland group also some years ago and had great fun!
    Take care and have a good rest Barbara!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  3. Love shaving foam prints.
    When I have to “share a skill” at scout leader training courses that I tutor on, I do shaving foam printing as I know it is something that the leaders can take back to their sections to have at a craft night. The leaders all love it, and all want a shot. My favourite thing I have printed on was slate coasters and I used metallic acrylic paint. Although subtle, very nice effect.
    I think there will be lots of shaving foam being used around the country this week!

  4. Fabulous, bet they had so much fun. I love the shaving foam technique but not tried it for ages. Might have to dig some out. X

  5. What a fantastic landscape. What you produce never fails to amaze me! I do like that saying as well, however, tonight I am cleaning out bits of the house! Having a visitor tomorrow so need to get my act together!! Lol. Hope you have managed to relax a bit today. Take care. Hx

  6. Great that some ladies are getting together to craft via the internet and looks like they were having a rather messy but fun I haven’t done this technique for a long time but it does look lovely, and thanks for the recap of an older one you did Barbara, and love the castle stencil and the words which are perfect together. x

  7. Our craft group love doing this…stamping on it, pulling it through stencils and adding die cuts on top. Hadn’t thought of using it with a mask though. Don’t know when we’ll get the group back together. Too many restrictions on our meeting place at present. X

  8. I just knew that was Karen, even before you showed her face! I can imagine the fun she and Ros had. I used to do that technique with my granddaughter and last week, when she moved out, we found a whole stack of card we had made. We loved it and had such fun.
    I had a traumatic visit to the dentist today, so an early night for me, with a couple of painkillers.
    I can’t wait to see what doodle delights are waiting for us in the SHAC tomorrow. Hugs. Annette. X

  9. My god you can’t let those 3 loose with anything. Bet Karen was the instigator. Love those ladies. I use to do lots of shaving foam activities back in the day with children in the nursery where I worked. Can’t beat messy. Yay. X

  10. I’m a newbie to this but I’ve got the shaving foam – I’ve got some re-inkers…. Now I just have to get down and dirty!

  11. I bought some shaving foam at the cheap shop (the £1 one!) just before lock-down but haven’t touched it since. Must dig it out as I love playing. Don’t have reinkers but have various other things including sprays -they give a lovely result too. Thanks for kicking my mojo up the you-know-what. Actually, can’t move much until i see the physio next week -seem to have put a disc out again when I fell last week and have everything crossed she can put it back without the need for further surgery.

  12. This is one of the few “messy” techniques that I get on with and have used it with Brusho’s, inks, paints and re-inkers. The results vary a lot but nothing ends up unusable. Never thought of using it with masks but have used it with stencils.

    I don’t recall seeing this stamp before – please tell me it is still available as I would like to buy it.

    Been very busy today so now I am going to pour myself a stiff drink, put my feet up and reelaaaax.
    Stay safe, stay happy.

  13. Barb,
    I want to tell you that I would not have thought to put mountains and a sky behind those twiglets. I was more thinking it was the ground underneath them, and the eagles flying above the ground looking down, and wasn’t at all sure how I would have tackled the colouring.
    Looking forward to the doodling tomorrow. Please remember there are more regulars watching every day than what you read on the comments, I am not on facebook, but I am there everyday, joining in.
    Hugs x

  14. Lovely trip down memory lane. Remember Maria showing us how to play with shaving foam.
    The coffee stirrer back ground looks like a blue whale.

    1. Hello Janet.
      I am the person who took the photo. I am so glad the blog has inspired you to give it a try. It is great fun and the results are fantastic. Enjoy.

  15. I love the unpredictability about the shaving foam technique & its a great thing to do with the younger members of the family.
    I feel a batch of shaving foam backing papers needs to be done soon – love the smell as well.

  16. I love playing with shaving foam but not tried with a mask before. Might try it with Gill W who is coming to visit me tomorrow. I suppose if we are a craft bubble we should be using the lovely bubble stencil you used on the telly box at the weekend. We’ll have good fun whatever!
    See you all tomorrow in the SHAC xx

  17. Hi Barb, this is such a great technique, and one of my favourites. Did not really think to use it with a mask, must give that a go. Love your multi colour backgrounds, but the blues one with the castle is just perfect. Think I might try have a go today in between work conference calls. I must have about 10 tins of shaving foam, as I stock up when they are on specials. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  18. May need to try this with my Grandchildren. Loads of shaving foam coz hubby’s grown a goatie. Will it work with ink from spectrum aquatint pens though?

  19. Hello Janet.
    I am the person who took the photo. I am so glad the blog has inspired you to give it a try. It is great fun and the results are fantastic. Enjoy.

  20. Hi Barbara
    Oh I love playing with this, haven’t done it for quite a while so must have another play soon. Love the use of a mask, wouldn’t have thought of doing that but it looks amazing and has given me an idea…..
    Hope you have had a chance to relax after the fun mammoth weekend, it was great fun from our end and there were some beautiful new products so a huge thank you from us all.
    Love Diane xxx

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