Another year older…

Another year older…

Hi there.

Thanks for joining me. So that was it for another year. We celebrated being in business for 27 years this weekend. Being in business or staying in business? Well, right now it certainly feels more like the latter! Running a business certainly got more challenging this year! Just got to go with the flow…

All good though. Our new printed poppet parchment went down well, as did Josie’s new diagonal grids, the new Designer papers, Lucy’s new Tweet stamps AND the fabulous new Pergamano Poppet stamps!

There was great excitement about the new Designer papers and card, Antarctica and Amazonia! Here’s a super simple little card, which shows off how well they work with the lovely poppets…

What did I use for the white highlights? Our Pergamano Gelpen:

Lots of new lovely products to commemorate our birthday occasion; all available on our own website. CLICK HERE TO INVESTIGATE

I spent the afternoon with my good friend Carron, who cut and coloured my hair, and made me look 10 years younger! Hahaha. She was very gracious about the hacked fringe and the chopped back. Haven’t been able to get to her since February, so had to get radical myself. There was so much hair on the floor round the chair when she was done! Must have lost 5lbs in weight! Perhaps that’s why the bathroom scales have been so off….

Time to stop for the day, do a bit of the jigsaw. Ironically, it’s a hairdresser one!!!!

Love and hugs

Barb xx

19 thoughts on “Another year older…

  1. Congratulations on a fab weekend of celebrations and steering the good ship Clarity through such an uncertain time we have had this year. Feet up and large cup of tea!
    I have yet to get to my hairdresser, but looking forward
    to it when I do!

  2. I envy you your hair cut – I look like a yeti at the moment but will have to wait a bit longer for mine.
    What a weekend. I don’t normally exercise but I think I will lose weight jumping up and down in anticipation of the delivery of all my orders. Such super irresistable items so I just kept coming back for more.
    Pleased your birthday event was such a success as you all worked so hard. Here’s to the next one.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  3. Good evening Barbara
    Brilliant shows all weekend I think it was the first time I have ever ordered in the car on my way to Cornwall on holiday on Friday lol
    And so it continued ordered loads of stuff .
    Glad you are now chilling and look 10 years younger
    The things we take for granted are the things we miss most .
    Have a lovely evening Hugs T

  4. Can’t wait for the SHAC tomorrow, so see the new you! You deserved an afternoon of pampering and chat, after the weekend you had. There has been so much positive buzz about the latest products and I hope that it bodes well for a return to normal for the Clarity business. Have a good evening. Hugs. Annette X

  5. Lol. Hope you had more luck than me at losing weight after a haircut!! I think my scales are faulty! Loved the shows and the products this weekend. Glad you are getting a well earned rest. Take care. Hx

  6. Dying to see the new you tomorrow – lucky thing! My hair is an utter horror with no hairdresser appointments available in the foreseeable! We’re also doing a great jigsaw at present – of old advertising brands – great fun.
    I urgently need to sort out my craft room to make space for all my new purchases!
    Take care xx

  7. Oh my what a weekend eh??? You must be shattered. I learned lots of hints and tips and love the little Fedova characters. I too look forward to seeing the new Barb in the morning…x. Have a good rest this evening.

  8. I don’t know how you do it time and time again! Love all your new plates and stamps. I’m now totally broke! It’ll be worth living on bread and beans though. Try and catch your breath now x

  9. Is your hairdresser jigsaw a Wasjig one? If so I think hubby has done that one (I did help a bit). Can’t wait to see the new you in the Shac tomorrow. Hope the pampering helped to relax you after a manic weekend

  10. Bet you feel fantastic after your haircut! I also had a go at mine during lockdown as I missed my appointment in the first week of April. My hairdresser will do her best with it on Thursday 🤞

  11. A great weekend of shows and great goodies. I’ve yet to make a purchase as I need to decide which ones to go for, can’t have it all ! Running out of space for a start ! I’ve got my second hair appointment on Friday and I need it ! 6 weeks since the last one and I used to go only 4 ! Look forward to seeing yours in the morning xx

  12. Wow 17 years is certainly something to celebrate, even more so in the current climate. Glad the weekend was a success for you. Those new paper pads look lovely. Xx

  13. Glad things flew. I hope that got the ship back on an even keel. Isn’t it wonderful to have you hair cut!? Mine was done last week and the feeling of lightness is amazing. Let’s hope we don’t get locked down again, though I’m happy to Stay Home and Craft.

  14. I thought the cutting of hair would make a difference to the weight but my scales told me different – oh well it was worth a try !! Look forward to seeing you in the morning – although I will have to catch up later as its my day for going to my Mom’s with her shopping. I have had notification for some of my orders wending their way from Clarity Towers – well done team for a speedy turn round of orders.
    I also need to have a sort out of my stash – something that I planned to do back at the beginning of lockdown but still not got there – always something better to be doing.

  15. Hi Barb, oh how lovely to get your hair done, it always seems to make you feel better right? The shows were a real celebrations for Clarity’s 27th Birthday. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  16. Well done with the birthday celebrations. 27 years, well done. In am new to grovi, bought the parchment poppets, could only afford one set, rest on my list to buy, not working due to the virus. Who knew you could stamp on parchment, and I have over 250 stamps. Can practise my parchment shadeing. See you in the Shack Shack. First on the bus. Thanks for being with us. Xx

  17. Wishing you our company a belated Happy Birthday. I am supposed to be sitting on my hands but the lovely Mandalas and the Shack Shac positive words jumped into my basket. Can I raise a virtual glass of Champagne to you and your company for the next 27 years

  18. Happy Birthday.Loved all the programmes.l had the most wonderful day with my 13 year old grand-daughter teaching her how to do shac shac snow flakes and stars.Christmas presents are sorted for her,sticky ink,glitter,micro pens and lots more she wants.The downloads she loved.THANK YOU BARBARA for the ideas.She has started her Christmas cards.x

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