A new term…

A new term…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Pottery today. I blimming love it. I shot off to class after the SHAC-Shack, and my pottery buddies were already there, and making a plan for the term. It’s candlesticks and abstraction this term. Guess what was in the middle of the table, and what we are all using to create abstract patterns in the clay?


Look!! Here’s my first abstract slab, to chop up next week…

Imagine my delight when I saw our own Clarity designs being used by the group as tools! I cannot wait to get back there with the petite Mandalas and Jo’s Bubbles and the Leafy Swirl and the Ocean Swirl and and and ! Immense sense of pride. Felt good. It really did. And the teacher said “Bring the ones you think we’ll like and just invoice me!” So now I am going to have a think… What do you think? Which ones would work best? Any ideas?

Perhaps, just perhaps we could make a series of potters’ stencils. I think they would be better made out of thinner material than papercrafting ones though….I shall have a play….

It’s so important to keep the old Gray Matter going. Perfect distraction in a perfect storm.

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxxx

28 thoughts on “A new term…

  1. What a fantastic idea – hope they all like what you choose. We will be interested to see the results.

    Stay safe 🍒

  2. How lovely to see your own work used in another way and to give idea for other uses too I bet there are many crafts that they could be used in as well xx glad pottery went well and plans are ongoing and a bit of relaxation time for you the tile looks lovely by the way I wonder if there is a way to use them for pyrography or glass etching xx

  3. Why just stencils? I would have thought your stamps were deep enough too (to make an impression) – but then, I’ve no experience of potting!
    Looking forward to the results.
    Hope you are all well.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  4. Oh how fab! Brick wall stencil would be great. Maybe the fossil leaves too. Loads of stencils would work …..so fill your boots. Chinese lanterns and double bubble ones would also be fantastic.
    Enjoy your evening and relax. Xxx

  5. Ooh, can’t wait to see the finished projects. I reccomend these:
    Harlequin, particle, rings, brick wall, abstract squares, Leonies arrows, Leonies bursts, zig zag & a quartrefoil lol!

  6. Wow, you must be so chuffed. There are so many of your stencils that would be ideal. The chinese lantern, the sprig, the oriental vine, flower power, poppies, the olive leaves from the wreath to name just a few.xxx

  7. Clarity still crossing all boundaries….brilliant bet you did feel chuffed!Looking forward to seeing what transpires. P.S., my Michael joined in the Shac Shack for the first time…I have been kitting him out with all his own micron pens etc., it was like being back in school with the pupil sitting next to you, looking over at your work, asking what to do next! I had to say listen to the teacher! He has beautiful handwriting so given him oodles of praise. Watch this space xxx

  8. I can imagine how thrilled you must have been. Bursting with pride! I am really chuffed for you and it could lead to a whole other string to your bow.
    I love to see what you make in pottery classes, so look forward to seeing the results this term.
    Loved the SHAC this morning, but had an appointment, so had to leave and haven’t had the chance to catch up yet. Take care. Hugs. Annette X

  9. Bet you were well pleased. A lot of you’re stencils will work, Leady swirl is one. Also Leone’s as well. You need to play. Had builders in today so doing this mornings flower now. My poppets arrive tomorrow. Can’t wait to play. See you in the Shack tomorrow.

  10. The abstract squares would look amazing on pottery too. Or your aliums or the chrysanthemum or the club abstract rose for florals. Can’t wait to see the results! X

  11. How lovely that the pottery group are using your stencils Barbara. You really must be doing something right. Enjoy your evening. Take care. Hugs xxx

  12. My first thought was giraffe when I saw the pic! How exciting that they like the stencils and there are so many to choose from ! look forward to seeing the results ! X

  13. Well, there’s affirmation if ever you needed it. Fantastic. I’m not big on abstract so for me a compromise!! The box frame stencils and you could put something else in the middle. The seed heads would be good, maybe, but not sure if that could be classed as abstract.
    Anyway, glad you had a good day and hope you have a relaxing night! Hx

  14. How lovely. You must feel so pleased and honoured. So many of your stencil would work you are spoiled for choice!! I’ll be interested to see the final selection! I like the brick wall and the abstract flowers, but the swirls are all good too -so many, decisions, decisions.

  15. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, just goes to show how far reaching your company has got and how many different art forms can use your products!
    Glad you enjoyed your de stressing afternoon at pottery x

  16. It must have been so good to see your Clarity stencils being used in such a different way. It’s good that pottery can excite you so and take you away from the “washing machine head”! What about the mandala stencils or animal skins? Texture stencils like the stonework or seed heads? So many to choose from! Have fun playing and being distracted.

  17. Wow how do you choose, there are so many to choose from. Look forward to seeing which ones they like best.
    Your piece from today looks great – mixed media on pottery !!

  18. Hi Barbara
    Well, I’m not surprised that they are using Clarity stencils, they are pretty amazing, and the quality is second to none.
    I bet you were smiling so much, both on the outside, but even more on the inside. You deserve to be proud of your products, and just seeing what you managed to achieve today, clearly proves that.
    Maybe that could be another outlet for Clarity? Maybe you could produce a catalogue that you could send to arts and crafts educational classes, and maybe even schools?
    I bet you were buzzing when you got home and told Dave.
    Take care
    Love & Hugs

  19. Hi Barbara

    Just like to says I have seen many of my clarity stencils in Jackie’s potting shed and have sold some of the abstract square as tiles so they work. Jackie has said she would be up for some more especially designed for potters. She did the one of the animals for you which came out pretty well. Keep on enjoying the pottery I know it keeps Jackie mind on an even keel . Well done 👍

  20. I am so pleased for you it’s so exciting , so many of your lovely stencils could be used I love all of them I’m sure your stamps would be great to cannot wait to see finished objects with Claritystamp stencils on pots etc great new adventures love joy xxxx

  21. Hello Barb, that is like a proud Mum moment. So pleased for you that Clarity products are moving into another crafty place. I do agree with Grace about the Dandelion stencil, also what about some of the animal skin patterns? Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  22. Just shows how fantastically versatile Clarity products are. Hope you’ve managed to get some rest after the weekend. Your pottery session looks very productive – love the design

  23. Beautiful Barbara, so happy you are enjoying pottery. I used a few of your die cuts when I did pottery, which made them so special. I love my pots, lemon squeezers, dishes, even though they are a bit rough and ready. I used chip paper or old book paper to cut them out as I didnt have the stencil film then xxx love your designs. Xxx love your blog and seeing how the pottery is moving on. xxx

  24. Yes, I think die cuts for masking must surely work. You could try if stamping with glaze or slip works, but probably not with very intricate stamps. One could do interesting impressed patterns in wet clay with
    a lot of the Pergamano tools. Impressions from stamps might be tricky. Maybe dusting with starch or dry glaze could help to prevent the stamp sticking to the clay. Or maybe stamping on rice paper laid on the wet clay? Even if the rice paper sticks to the clay, it would simply burn off when fired. I tried stamping on polymer clay, that did not work so terribly well. Might try stencilling, that should work better. Exiting.
    I would love to see what else your Potters come up with.
    Greetings from Hamburg

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