Last hour at 8pm

Last hour at 8pm

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just sitting here, waiting for the last TV Live Skype link of the day, and thought I‘d blog a little thank you note while I wait.

Thank you. Thank you for watching and supporting and buying our products this birthday weekend if you did.
Thank you for giving me a reason to keep going, although I am pretty cream crackered this evening !

tomorrow at 8 am I will be back on Hochanda with these lovely Poppet stamps and fresh as a daisy again. Paul takes over at 12 noon, if there‘s any stock left ! So glad you like them! What‘s not to like?!

I am writing on my phone here. Wonder if I can add a photo….


Mmmm….. Wonder if I can take a photo and add a photo …..

Double Bingo!

But now I ought to go get my head together. It‘s paint time !

See you on the other side xxxx

Love and Hugs

Barb xxxx

25 thoughts on “Last hour at 8pm

  1. Ordered everything I didn’t already have and when hubby totted up my spend I knew I was in trouble !!!!! Never mind, he loves colouring so I will let him colour some of my stamped images when the stamps arrive. It has been a wonderful weekend Barbara, lots of inspiration and ideas. So…..
    Stay safe, 🍒🍒🍒

  2. What a fantastic Clarity birthday, loved the stash, loved the demos and gonna love my purchases when they arrive!
    Thanks for all you and the dream team do, you’ve been my antidepressant for years, although you cost more than a prescription costs at the pharmacy, your worth so much more.

  3. Just wow wow wow what a weekend, you must be exhausted. Fantastic products love them all so pleased it has all gone so well truly deserved results. Xx

  4. Thankyou Barbara for the great shows and the wonderful birthday offers this weekend.Have ordered one or two items! couldn’t resist the flower poppets to go with the Christmas ones from a few weeks back. Happy Birthday to all the Clarity family. On a different subject, have just made your plum crumble cake for tea, really nice and one I will make again,thanks.

  5. Well, it’s been an expensive weekend! However I shall have loads of fun with the stamps etc.
    I love your photo showing your furry friend up on the camera too 😂
    I know Gill W is over the moon to see her box card behind you!
    Thank you Barb and Paul for giving us all such an action packed weekend. Lots of fun to be had with the products!
    Now lie down in a dark room until we meet inside the shack tomorrow!

  6. Well done, Barb. You have had a fantastic weekend and I have, too! Thinking of changing my address and not telling the bank manager!! You must be absolutely exhausted but still you keep going. Enjoying your demos as I type. Final one of the night. Love Dee’s poppet. So sweet. Sleep well, Barb, tonight. At least you don’t have to head out to an hotel room and then travel home tomorrow night. That’s got to be good. See you in the morning. Hx

  7. Wow, what a busy, but fantastic weekend you have had. Wonderful shows and beautiful products and art work. Well done and thank you to you and the whole team. See you in the SHAC tomorrow. Hugs. Annette X

  8. Loved all of it and cannot wait to get going lol thank you so much for everything
    Well worth the time and celebration here’s to many more birthdays xx

  9. My goodness. I have spent such a lot!! Can’t wait for my goodies to arrive. Love the poppet stamps and the one day special Bought the glitters couldn’t resist! and the wee people. On top of that I joined the design club! Not even going to look at my bank statement. Looking forward to tomorrow. Love the SHAC shack. Xx. Brilliant Barbara

  10. What a weekend youve all had. I will catch up on the shac shac tomorrow evening. Are we taking bets on how long it will be until you have your pencils in hand and breathing.Lol. Thankyou. Xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    I am supposed to be on holiday not ordering more craft goodies but who could resist these beautiful little poppets and the new grid plates now I may just need the floral poppets to keep my Christmas ones company lol
    I may catch your last show in the morning if I am up in time loved tonight’s. Take care. Hugs. T

  12. What a lovely birthday with so many new and exciting things. I’m so pleased they sold so very well – it must make all the work you and Paul do, as well as those behind the scenes , worthwhile. I got just what I wanted and look forward to them arriving in due course -no rush as I am behind with my eagles and have been playing with the bauble stamps today (the overlay ones)! Best wishes for tomorrow and, wishing you all many more birthdays!

  13. So happy you have enjoyed your birthday celebrations. I had to go out and buy a recorder so I don’t miss any shows, but haven’t had a chance to watch them yet. Almost unpacked and sorted in our temporary home now, so maybe next week I’ll get some time to enjoy them. X

  14. Well done Barbara I have really enjoyed watching you & Paul this weekend. Bought a few things so I’ll be having a go at being creative. & building my skills. Thank you x

  15. Great shows with brilliant products and wonderful art work from the design team, inspirational. Off to do a second order from Clarity, as I just cannot sit on my hands anymore, the little flower poppets are calling me, along with a couple of other things. Take care. xx

  16. Hi Barb, only just catching up on the shows, such beautiful stamps, I am sure that there are going to be so many happy people when those boxes start arriving. Looking forward to todays shows too. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Happy birthday Clarity. My wish list has just got bigger……. love the bubbles and flower stencils…..hhhmmmm

  18. Great shows and you so enthousiast as always!!!
    You must be very tired after all these shows. Will watch now your show this morning.
    Take care!!!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  19. Dear Barbara, you must be tired after all those show. I couldn’t watch them as I had the pleasure of my daughter for two days, before she returns to Singapore next Sunday. I didn’t think the poppets would be for me as I only have three great grandsons. But learnt this weekend that the grandchild due February, is a girl. Hurrah. So they will be coming my. way after all. Going to watch today.on catchup.
    Couldn’t get Facebook this morning don’t know why. So will have to catchup on that as well. Thank you all the team, wonderful designs. Enjoy a rest. .xx

  20. Brilliant shows! Have given in and ordered the papers – they are so gorgeous. Hope you manage to get a good rest this week – you’ve definitely earned it 💕

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