WOW !!!

WOW !!!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Typing extra fast here, because I’m back on telly at 3pm with those adorable Printed Parchment Poppets. Yep we knew you’d love them!

Got a bit tongue tied earlier, trying to explain that the front of these is like the back of our coloured parchment, and that you have to use the back as the front if you want to emboss patterns into coloured areas!! Hahahaha! Clear as mud, right? Maybe I’ll do a Youtube, because it is really effective!

Look! This is the front. She is printed on the front. There are white and very light areas in the printed image, so when you do whitework with ball tool from the back, it does come throught white. Very white where there is little or no printed colour

If you want to add patterns to more coloured areas, like the dress or clothes, you have to pretend that the front is the back, and emboss from the brighter, ink loaded front, so that the duller side becomes the front. Get it? We always emboss from the back, don’t we? So we have to make the ink saturated front the back – that’s it in a nutshell!

So to make flowers or patterns within her dress, you place the dull side down on the diagonal grid, and you use the No. 2 ball tool to make flowers or stripes over the dress.

view from the brighter, inky side.

Then, when you flip to the NEW front, they will come out perfectly white.

Fantastic birthday celebrations in progress. Thank you so much for liking what we do. Makes it all worth while.

Must dash!

Love and Hugs



21 thoughts on “WOW !!!

  1. Loving all of it and beautifully explained we knew what you were trying to say always hard on live tv xx thank you so much for bringing all these fabulous images to us and the plates are just amazing xx

  2. We all knew what you were trying to say – its a bit like the poem explaining the game of cricket except that is in & out rather than back & front !!
    The poppets look so pretty with the added white work & go nicely with the new frames.
    They all seem to be going well if not already on extended delivery so a brilliant weekend for you so far. Looking forward to the rest of the shows

  3. Hi Barbara
    I caught a poppers show late last night and really love these beautiful girls and what you can do with them. Hope you are having a wonderful day with not too much stress. The samples as ever are gorgeous. Happy birthday Clarity.
    Love Diane xxx

  4. Well done Barbara, you are doing well. Loveing the showes. New to Grovi, have the starter kit. Looking to bur one of the girls as not much founds, at home for 6 monts. Enjoy the rest of the shows. See you on monday for Shack Shack Xx

  5. They are stunning Barb. I have been enjoying watching you and Paul demonstrating Josie’s plates. Great job and the samples from the DT are beautiful, as always. Enjoy the rest of your birthday weekend. Hugs. Annette X

  6. Poor you and Paul this afternoon when Skype went down. I can see how skyping on Hochanda is much more pressured than the SHAC Shack. The time pressure must be awful but you do a great job and we are all happy no matter how it goes! Your products sell so well and after reading the blog a couple of times, I have back and front sorted!! It will be so clear to all of us when we get our parchment so no worries there. Hope you are able to put your feet up now before it kicks off again tomorrow for you. I have a horrible feeling that it is going to continue to be a really expensive weekend but hey ho! It’s all worth it! I’m going to have to keep working tonight for Tuesday – hope it’s dry as I will be outside – and then I’ll do my reflection tomorrow and that will be the weekend over! Take care. Feet up with a cuppa! Hxx

  7. Hi Barbara
    I adore these little poppets and ordered them all while traveling to Cornwall yesterday well I did not want to miss out now did I
    I had to have the new grid plates at 6pm too
    Aww well I needed them
    Happy 27th birthday. And you thank you for the great prices. Hugs 🤗

  8. Watched all the shows so far. Shame skype went down but the presenters filled in nicely. Very professional. TV must be quite stressful at times so try to rest this evening.
    The designer samples were stunning, so many different ideas and inspiration, and of course the tuition from Paul and yourself was excellent.👍
    Looking forward to the next few days. More sell outs predicted.
    Thank you for these few happy days.

  9. I’m tv’d out but you have all done a great job for Clarity’s birthday weekend and I have watched every show. Very entertaining, thank you. Now rest up!

  10. Hi barb, these are really lovely, just watched a bit of the show, what a great idea. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  11. Ive already brought the xmas poppet stamos as a set and would really love to get the whymical and flower poppets on parchment , any chance a set will be available in the future with just one of each onstead of 3 of each as i wouldnt ever use them all. That would be amazing

  12. Good catch by Janice at 3 but the shows have been great. Thanks for the blog but I knew what you meant. You probably felt more tongue tied than it came over. Can you emboss with the new stamps on parchment, so I can feel the lines to place the image and colour? Glad to see the sell outs but Steve will need a holiday….er, rest (holidays don’t sound that safe)!

  13. Everything is stupendous wow you’ve all been so busy perfecting all the goodies. Well done fantastic shows typical Clarity masterpieces. Just rest and catch up on those energy reserves xx

  14. These are so beautiful. I don’t do parchment, but might be tempted by these! The shows are such a great way to celebrate Clarity’s birthday – really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon’s stamping celebration. Don’t forget to enjoy it amongst the onslaught! 😍

  15. Watched you at Hochanda today and oh my so much easier to do the parchment than when I started in the 80th!!!
    Love the plates but the poppets are gorgeous!!!
    Stay save and take time to rest!!!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

  16. I love these printed poppets. They are so pretty and even if you don’t do anything to them they are fantastic as a topper.
    Great shows all weekend so far and although I love the parchment and groovi, personally the best is yet to come. Good luck with the rest of the shows. X

  17. Happy birthday to you and Clarity. Just one problem – I failed miserably to sit on my hands. I just could not resist. The postie needs to do some weight training to cope with the deliveries. Everything is just beautiful. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

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