It will be OK

It will be OK

Hi there

Thanks for popping in.

Just a quick little message from me to you, using one of Tina’s Mandalas Stamps on a scrap of Stencil card with black Archival ink and a dash of yellow. The work is in the detail of the stamp. I don’t have to do much else….

The hardest thing was to make the image imperfect around the edges, make it fade away. The easiest way I found was to mount the mandala stamp on bendable acetate rather than rigid acrylic, and then when laying the stamp on the card, only actually press into the centre of the design. Still ink up as usual, with perhaps a little less attention to the outer edge, but otherwise only apply pressure in the middle.

The Mandala stamps are phenomenal. Check these out! Half Price too, when you get all 4.

CLICK HERE for the special offer.

Cor. I’ve just had a thought. How about one of those Faux gems that we did in the SHAC-Shack in the middle of one of these. Wow. That would be brilliant. Now I want to have a try.

Mmmmm…. Ironing…. Mandala with faux gem…..

Good job Dave’s got loads of shirts!

Stay safe.

Love and Hugs,

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “It will be OK

  1. Great blog today. I do love these mandalas of Tina’s. And they do cry out for a gem in the middle! Moon masks come in very handy for that.
    Have fun doing your gem.
    Love and hugs Xxxx

  2. Ironing? What’s that? Putting a faux gem in the middle of the stamp is a fab idea.

    That card design, especially with that sentiment, really resonates with me. Yes, things aren’t perfect right now, but it will be OK. I need to keep telling myself that.

  3. Hi Barbara
    Just wanted to wish your Mum well this week. I shall be thinking of her and saying a little prayer that all goes well. Thinking of your Dad and you and your brother too. Take care. Love hugs and thoughts. Carol xx

  4. Hubby was out playing bowls so I stayed home with housework, washing and ironing. It will be my time tomorrow so I’ll give it a go. Stay safe Barbara and Dave – it WILL BE OK 💕

  5. Those stamps are wonderful when you feel them. I’m looking forward to the Shac pack to stamp them on. I just need some really fine embossing powder to colour.

    Things mostly work out OK even if the road is a bit bumpy.

  6. Beautiful stamps. You are right that a faux gem would look great in the centre. On balance I think crafting should always win against ironing. Xx

  7. I live the way these stamps are so versatile – it’s all in the application (a bit like life really!). hoping that crafting won out over the ironing 😄

  8. I hope all goes well next week. I and so many others will be thinking of you all und ich wünsche Mutti Gray eine schnelle Besserung!

    We will miss you next week but will be with you in spirit! I’ll be talking to my Austrian mum about you and what your going through , she’s 92 and has been so interested in what we do in the Shac Shack and all your stories especially when you talk about your Oma. My granddaughters call me Omi – makes me feel so old lol and my mum Uhr Omi.

    Take care lovely Barbara!!

  9. Love the Mandala, yes a gem would be great.
    However much we worry it will all turn out OK in the end so chin up, smile and carry on crafting – that’s my motto.
    Got a big pile of ironing to do tomorrow so as it is due to be warmer I will get up early, get it done, then nice bath and relax & craft the rest of the day. Hubby is on kitchen duty this weekend so I am free to do my own thing. Bliss !!!
    Stay well, stay safe.

  10. I hate ironing! Especially when he takes something off the top of the pile I have just done. Gems win every time, or they would if I was any good at doing them. 😂 I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Hugs. Annette. X

  11. Hi Barb, I am lucky my hubby does the ironing for me. I do not like ironing and he is much better than I am at it. Love these stamps, have them on my wish list. Crafting is just so worthwhile. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  12. Ironing????? What’s that lol! Beautiful make there Barbara. Sending best wishes for a safe and successful hip op to your mum. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers xx

  13. Very best wishes to your Mum for the hip op. I had the pleasure of meeting her at your open day. Had my hip replacement 22 years ago…still going well!
    This too shall pass and she will be back home and not in pain. Hope you take some time to chill and relax too.
    Thinking of you all. Pat

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