Clarity Birthday Timetable on TV

Clarity Birthday Timetable on TV

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Mind the piles of demo boxes and stuff as you come in though! Looks like it’s been burgled in here!! I really ought to have a quick tidy up before tomorrow morning. The Birthday celebrations start officially on Friday at 10am, but we’ve got 2 live hours of Pergamano tomorrow before that, and we’re SKYPING LIVE into the studios from the SHAC SHACK!

The Pergamano Shows:

  • Thursday 3rd 11am (Barb) Clever Baubles and Snowflakes in Groovi
  • 3pm (Paul) Clever Baubles and Snowflakes in Groovi.

… So our 10am SHAC-Shack will be just half an hour on Thursday (tomorrow 3rd Sept)

Let me tell you about our Clarity 27th Birthday celebrations which kick off on HOCHANDA with a WOW on Friday, so you also know what’s in store!

Friday 4th THE BIRTHDAY begins officially…

  • Our SHAC-Shac will start early at 9am, and again just for half an hour.
  • 10am WOW (Barb)
  • WOW. Launching something very very special. Remember those beautiful Marina Fedotova Poppets? Wait till you see them printed on parchment! Just spectacular – and not just for parchers! See yesterdays Blog…
  • 2pm WOW (Paul) Printed Parchment Poppets
  • 6pm ODS (Barb)
  • ODS? One Day Special, launching a set of fabulous new diagonal Grids by Josie. Jaw droppers. Absolutely beautiful.
  • 8pm ODS (Paul) new diagonal Grids

Saturday 5th

  • 8am ODS (Barb) new diagonal Grids
  • 11am WOW (Barb) Printed Parchment Poppets
  • 12noon ODS (Paul) new diagonal Grids
  • 3pm WOW (Barb) Printed Parchment Poppets
  • 4pm ODS (Paul) new diagonal Grids

Sunday 6th

  • 10am WOW (Paul) Printed Parchment Poppets
  • 2pm-4pm Crafting with Clarity (Barb) New Birdie Stamps and New Designer Papers. See below for a little look….
  • 6pm ODS (Barb) New Stamps. Flower Poppets and Whimsy Poppets
  • 8pm ODS (Barb) New Poppet Stamps

Monday 7th

  • 8am ODS (Barb) New Poppet Stamps
  • 10am SHAC-Shack Business as usual x
  • 12 noon ODS (Paul) New Poppet Stamps
  • 4pm ODS (Paul) New Poppet Stamps

Ticked a few more demo boxes today. Thoroughly enjoyed playing with the little TWEET Stampsets which are coming up on Sunday afternoon, with the new Amazonia and Antarctica Papers. . They are delightful! So many picture building elements ! Look!

I’ve wanted a set of little silhouette birds all in one place for years – finally they’ve landed! 16 perfect little birds, 4 fabulous frames – and loads of flowers, leaves. dangles and loveliness. Designed by lovely Lucy. I’m so impressed.

Anyway, I hope this gives you a little Clarity TV Guide of what’s coming up! It‘s been months in the planning. Finally it’s here. Now we just have to hope that SKYPE doesn’t fall over!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxxx

26 thoughts on “Clarity Birthday Timetable on TV

  1. Hello Barbara
    Everything looks wonderful. I am looking forward to watching what you have to show us.
    Look after yourselves while you have this marathon to run.

  2. My wish for you
    Everything will go smoothly,everything will sell out. You will get to rest and sleep next week.
    Good luck. 🤗

  3. Ohh I wish I wasn’t going away now.
    I will be driving on Friday hopefully I will be able to join you at some point and get my order in .
    Everything looks fantastic I am spoilt for choice lol
    I must remember to set the recorder.
    Enjoy the rest of the evening. Hugs 🤗

  4. How exciting. I am annoyed because I am away over the weekend and there will be so much to catch up on. I hope everything goes smoothly and you have lots of sell outs ( maybe leave a little for me).
    Do not stress Barbara – deep breathes and a little mindfullness. xx

  5. Definitely looking forward to the birdie stamps and the new papers. At first I liked the Antarctica, but I think I need them both!! I’m so pleased I don’t do parchment work any more or my credit card would melt!! Bea will be watching though. She is interested in the diagonal grids!

  6. I had gone through the TV schedule yesterday to ensure I set my planner as I don’t want to miss a thing. I’m sure you’re going to sell out quickly. I hope you’ve got a huge stock.

  7. Hi Barb..hope the week goes well for you…I love Hochanda and watch it quite often on the website..just for the demos when you guys are on but as they don’t ship to Canada I can’t take advantage of the deals..oh well that’s life…the demos are fun to watch and I learn a lot.

  8. Fabulous! If Skype falls over, the presenter will cover and the goods will be sold out by the time you get back, so no worries there. Aren’t you proud that the goods can sell themselves if necessary? Happy Birthday!

  9. Wow, all looks amazing. It’s my husbands birthday on the 9th, he doesn’t craft, sure he will pass his Clarity presents over to me 🤣🤣🤣👏👏

  10. Thank you for the heads up on what is being shown over the birthday weekend. I love to know what we can look forward to. I am sure the Poppets will sell out both in stamps and printed ones.
    The Birdie stamps look delightful – sure to be another sell out.
    Unfortunately I booked a boiler service for Friday afternoon before I knew all this was happening so thank goodness for recording equipment. My sky box is looking like a Clarityfest. No room for much else.
    Great blog from Dave today, lots of food for thought.
    Take care, try not to worry and stay safe.

  11. Wow, even more great products. I’m sure there will be loads of sellouts. I dont know how you manage to keep up. I have so many groovi plates and stamps not yet used. I know they will keep but by the time I use them I’ve forgotten the demos and the design teams cards. I just got around to making two Christmas cards using Linda’s cute plates, the plates are so amazing. What a week of shows fantastic, I will be there watching and what I miss I will watch on catch up. Hope it all goes wonderfully for you Barbara. How could it possibly not with all the planning you do. xxx

  12. Wow what a great selection of goodies, something for everyone or should it be everything for someone !! See you in the SHAC Shack tomorrow at 10 & then we will follow you over to Hochanda – its going to be a busy weekend – just remember to breathe & you will be fine. x

  13. Friday is my birthday as well so I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share the day with Barbara and the shows. Really looking forward to all the new things especially the new papers

  14. Cann’t wait till the release of the new poppets-they are gorgeous!!!
    As is the picture with the little birds.
    Take care Barbara and don’t overcook yourself!!!😉💝🌹
    Deep breath and relax.
    Till tomorrow

  15. Can’t wait to sit down with a cuppa and watch your shows. We’re handing over our house on Friday and have been so busy packing, cleaning, back and forth to our temp flat and the storage unit and the dump. I’ll be catching up with the shac shack from next week too hopefully! Happy 27th Birthday and enjoy your celebrations x

  16. Hi Barb, well this is certainly a big planned birthday celebration for Clarity. It looks like you have everything sorted and ready to go, so I hope Skype plays nicely. I think there are going to be some very happy Clarity followers this weekend, you have certainly made sure the interest of everyone is covered irrespective of what their particular hobby is. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  17. Hope all goes well for Clarity Birthday t.v., what a lot of hours you will need a good lie down afterwards!!!! We will be watching xx

  18. Hi Barbara I hope all goes well with all the plans you have in place. I think there will be lots of sell outs. Thank you for spending time with us in the Shac Shack. I will be watching it all. Take care. Hugs xxx

  19. Wow, wow, wow! –
    You’ve been slightly busy then!? 😉 😲 Steady up, will you! – Make sure you celebrate YOU too as it’s your 27 years of toil, hard work, stress anxiety and cleverness that got you to where you are today and dont forget to give yourself a huge pat on the back! – and one for team Clarity too! – The shows are amazing xx

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