You’ve got mail….

You’ve got mail….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Can’t stop long. The wasp buster came out this afternoon to get rid of the big wasp’s nest just in the roof above my head here, and they’re pretty angry now, so I won’t hang around too long! Should be fine by tomorrow morning, in good time for our SHAC Shack session!

Anyway, I am writing extra fast here, so I can beat a hasty retreat!

Did you catch the first hour of Linda’s Children through the Seasons Collection on HOCHANDA? Wonderful samples and fabulous demo. I love that little girl with the post box! And that border looks so achievable. I really want to try it out! The apertures in the corners are very cool. I do like blue Christmas cards anyway, so this is my cup of tea.

And you evidently like the new designs too! They flew out! Thing is, there are 8 plates in the full set, and it takes a long time to etch so many images, so we really cannot add more TV stock; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

I do hope you tune in at 8 to watch Linda’s next tutorial. Because that’s what it is: a fabulous free tutorial, delivered by the designer herself, and Master Pergamano Parcher Numero Uno.

That’s the third wasp that’s dive-bombed me in as many minutes! I’m outta here!!

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

10 thoughts on “You’ve got mail….

  1. Designs look brilliant as usual. Barbara hope the waspman gets rid of your wasps, we had them behind an inglenook fireplace and it was a nightmare and after the waspman came we kept finding dead wasps for a couple of days. And when we had our boat on the broads I stood on a wasp nest and ended up with about 40 or more stings, not to be recommended,

  2. I think they have heard about your meetings, Mondays at 10am, and want seats to watch as well, told all their friends how good it is!!
    Can’t be bad!!

  3. The stamps flew into my basket. Loved your demo’s.
    Beeeoootiful Groovi plates, and Linda’s tutorials are so good and all are being recorded. I think a quick sell out is on the cards.
    Hope your wapsies take the hint and get lost overnight. We had some in our loft last year, nasty experience.
    Happy Birthday to Paul.
    Stay safe everyone.

  4. Hi Barb,
    I hope the wasps have gone by tomorrow. I’m not a big lover of wasps I must say – give me bees any day! Watched your shows this afternoon and needless to say the stamps fell into my basket! I’ve recorded Linda’s shows and would love the plates but will have to decide which to get. I do like the letterbox though. Looking forward to the rest of the shows. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  5. That blue card is beautiful. I can’t wait to try it either. Hope the wasps settle before the morning!! if not, that will make interesting viewing tomorrow morning! Lol. Really appreciate the free teaching from Linda. She is brilliant. See you in the morning. Hx

  6. Hello Barb, oooh, I don’t like buzzy things, so hope you got out of there quickly. The plates are beautiful, the samples are incredible and the Demo’s by Linda are just outstanding, just watching this mornings show. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  7. I was wondering about how the stock worked. When you sell through Hochanda you have a certain allotment of product that goes to them to sell. Do you have addition stock for your customers on the Clarity site set aside. So if we hear Hochanda is on extended orders, or out of their a lot ent does that effect supplies for orders through Clarity? I placed my order through Clarity assuming you had stock available through Clarity.

  8. Wonderful shows with Linda, good job I had them recorded as I had several interruptions during two of the shows. The plates are gorgeous, on my wish list. Linda is lovely to watch and listen to, such a fantastic teacher. Missed you this morning, will have to go on YouTube. Xxxx

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