A Tree Stencil Step by Step

A Tree Stencil Step by Step

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Many thanks for supporting our HOCHANDA TV shows yesterday. The Stamps and Stencils are among my absolute favourites.

Here’s another easy step by step demo using the Tree and birds stencil which didn’t make the demo cut! Like I said, got carried away and made too many – even for a 2 hour show!

Ready? This is pretty cool actually….

Place the stencil on an 8×10 Gelpress. Cover the whole stencil and the Gel Press with Distress Oxide ink. Then use a Spot-on Sponge to spread the ink out and get rid of any ink pad lines. Blend the colour areas into one another.

Lift the stencil off the Gelpress and spritz it lightly with water. Lay it down on a piece of our 7×7 inch stencil card and run the sandwich through a die cutting machine, to transfer the ink from the stencil to the card.

Take another piece of 7×7 inch stencil card and lay down on the ink left on the Gelpress. Rub the back of the card to transfer the ink, and pull your tree print.

Two prints: one from the Gelpress, and one from the stencil.

Let’s finish the stencil piece. Not sure about my choice of colours here. But it ain’t over till it’s over, now is it…

Let’s add a drop shadow with a grey Polychromo, to make the tree and birds pop….

Next, let’s dry brush a little blue over the tree, to catch the edge of the raised tree and birds….stencil brushes

Time to trim right back. It’s always a bit unnerving to cut away half the art, but it will look much better, you’ll see. Darken the trimmed edge with a dry black brush. When I say dry, I mean there’s enough ink on the brush without even waving it at an ink pad!

Mount on a white card blank.

Add a fitting sentiment from Barb’s sticker collection.

Done. Like it now. Like the colours, too. And there’s still the other tree print to work on too.

I have spent the afternoon compiling a new set of FEEL GOOD stickers, to celebrate the SHAC-Shack. Off to the printers with them this week then too!

One day at a time, this is going to be okay. We just have to stay safe, be sensible and have a care.

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

19 thoughts on “A Tree Stencil Step by Step

  1. I did not get to see all the shows over the weekend, so that gives me something else to look forward to. I am a bit like a kid in a toy shop right now. I just did a quick check on my vision and can read number plates clearly much further than the legal 20 metres, and I have worn glasses since the age of 2. Colours are fantastic, so I might get back to crafting this week. I need to catch up in the Shac Shack. Take care everyone. xxx Maggie (Silvercrafter)

  2. looking forward to the new stickers – will there be a few more chrismassy ones too please? (to go with my poppets when they arrive).
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite) Bendycat is skpping about like a daftie – methinks his teeth must have been a bit painful before the vet took them out – and that’s why I’m slightly skint this month, (hence only the poppets, vets ain’t cheap!)

  3. Ive still got to watch the shows from the weekend- always nice to think there are more treats in store! You’ve made me think I need to dig my gel press out – I always get inspired on the Retreats and then never get round to using it once I’m home. Now I’m retired again there shouldn’t be any excuse…. 🤔. I did do some catching up at the weekend with the watercoloured parakeets from last week, and have vowed to keep practising. Got my order in for the half price sale last week, so patiently waiting for a happy parcel to arrive.

  4. Oh wow Barbara this is amazing. I really want to give this a go. Thank you for all the inspiration. I am very much enjoying the fish. See you tomorrow. Hugs xxx

  5. Really looking forward to the new stickers. We need the positive emphasised now. Thank you for still more inspiration. Hope you and Clarity are recovering well.

  6. Ooh, I love this, another great technique I need to find time to try out.
    Thank you for being an every day inspiration Barb 🙂

  7. Didn’t manage to watch all the shows as it’s been a day of disasters. Good job I recorded them all.
    Eagerly awaiting my orders but must be patient as I know you are super busy.
    Time for bed. We were sorting plumbing problems 🚽 ⛲ at 1am so both energy and cash spent out now.
    Stay well, stay safe.

  8. Missed the Hochanda-sorry 🙈
    Can you put the gelliplate through the cutting machine???
    Never heard of that, but I like what you have made and like the shading.
    It’s beautiful how it turned out.
    See you tomorrow in the Shac and have a piecefull night
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

    1. Hi there, You don’t put the gelpress through the cutting machine, just the stencil on a piece of stencil card with a piece of paper on the other side of the stencil so that the ink doesn’t go on your mat. Hx

      1. Thanks Hilda for your answer.
        Didn’t understand why you should do your gelliplate through the machine. 😊

  9. Ordered the water brushes Barb, mine leaked, hopefully I can save my parakeet postcard when they arrive. After catching up on yours and Linda’s shows from yesterday I just had to order the Christmas plates from Clarity, they are so adorable. Amazing shows and still have to catch up with todays. Lovely step by step today.xxx

  10. The colours look pretty perfect to me. Wee update!! The fish lost out today. I had to tackle the filing cabinet so I can move it to paint behind it! Almost four black bags of shredded paper later, I have just finished for the day! Another two drawers to empty yet but they are not filled with files so they won’t be as bad! My annual leave was supposed to start today but has been delayed by a week thanks to new guidance that has been issued and needs to be put into practice! However, at least I can use this week to clear out rubbish and make more room for crafting!! If I don’t stop buying, I’ll need an extension! Lol. See you in the morning. Hx

  11. Love it. Trees are my favourite and these ones that turn into butterflies and birds are top of my pile. I do love projects on the Gelli plate. Xx

  12. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for the wonderful step by step demo, you really inspire us all to have a go at so much more.
    I love the tree stencils, I can’t wait to give this a go.
    Love & Hugs

  13. Hello Barb, Wow I love this idea, must have a go this week at some of the doodles and some arty play, as my parcel arrived with my watercolour pad and pens and my Designer paper and as I have a couple of days off work, time to indulge my creative spirit. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  14. Thank you for this step by step. Thank you for my two separate water colour bundles ordered separately, delivered pronto. My husband is hooked too and wants to join in! Wanted his own set of tools didn’t fancy sharing. X

  15. Fantastic artwork and technique , must try this. I still have the shows to catch up on from sunday as we’ve been on our jollys x

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