Flyaway Boy….

Flyaway Boy….

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Sunny day. Mum and Dad day. All round Fab day. Good conversation, great advice. I love to sit with them and just BE.

Tomorrow at 2pm it’s HOCHANDA TV time, and we’re getting some of my all time Clarity faves out of the cupboard. The Flyaway Boy, for starters. Stamped on our new fabulous Stampboard. Blimming excellent. Here’s a little demo which didn’t get recorded for TV. Not because it didn’t cut the mustard! I just got carried away and had too many using the same stamp. That‘s what happens when you LOVE LOVE LOVE a particular image, right?

Ahhh well, I consoled myself, having done the work, that’ll be nice for a blog on Saturday! Et voila!!

A little plaque for the SHAC Shack wall….

to join a few other little bits n bobs by the desk…

It’s no gallery to , but all the little pieces remind me of dear people I love.

Anyway, let’s make the plaque together…stamp the boy in black and the leafery in black, yellow and green in the opposite corner of the largest square Stampboard.

You get loads in the bundle. Look!

Lay a piece of tracing paper over the large stampboard and position the smallest one over the boy and birds. Stamp the boy into place on the mini board again, lining up with the boy underneath. Old is gold. Easy overlay trick, using tracing paper.

Add the leafery too. No need to line up really, unless you fancy.

Dust the edges with Old Parchment ink on a Clarity Brush.

Use double-sided adhesive to attach the two stampboards, and colour in Dream yellow.

Punch, pick a thread, knot, hang, done.

And there’s our lad, Mark, hanging right above my head when I’m working now. Cool. I like that.

Join Janice and myself on HOCHANDA tomorrow, 2-4pm to see which demos actually did make the cut!!

Love and hugs

Barb xxx

PS. Click here for that Tracing Paper pad.

20 thoughts on “Flyaway Boy….

  1. A magic little stamp for a magical little project! Looking forward to playing with the stampboards (on order of course), and looking forward to tomorrow’s Hochanda shows. Glad you had a lovely day with your Mum & Dad, we had a lovely family garden visit too! Now settling down for a live digital concert with Voces 8 – to chill and relax through the evening.

  2. Love this plaque Barbara. I must get some of those stamping boards. They will be on my next order I think. I have a few things on my list.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow.
    Love and hugs xxx

  3. Glad you enjoyed your day. Lazy one for me today.
    Stamp board already ordered. Know I’m going to be glued to the TV for your shows this weekend.
    Stay safe – don’t forget – hands, face, space!!!!!

  4. What a lovely picture. Bit sad today because of the outcome of the PC Harper trial. A truly lovely officer. Sorry if I upset someone who reacted to my post about it on Clarity worldwide , saying it was inappropriate, but think people should be aware. Also I have a small social network. The flying boy is an angel to me flying to heaven. I love it as it has so many uses.

  5. I really love this Barb. I think I’ll have a go at it. I’ve been trying to think of a simple but striking little gift for my sister in her new home. This will be perfect! I’ve been wanting to get the stamp boards, so great excuse eh?! I’ve got one problem… I can’t find my Clarity brushes! I’ll have to get some more. Oh well, c’est la vie!

  6. Have ordered the stamp boards looking forward to having a play. Spent a lovely few hours at my mum and dad’s today , added bonus my sister and 1 of my brother’s came over , brilliant to catch up social distancing in the garden. Got a gorgeous set of Stabilo chalk pencils , had them for years , have just had a play they work brilliantly as water colours using Barbara’s technique on the water mat

  7. Oh boy Barbara this is a gorgeous plaque. I can see why you love that stamp. I am pleased that you had a good time in with your parents. Take care. Hugs xxx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Glad you’ve had a lovely day with your Mum and Dad. It would have been my Mam’s 103rd birthday today, so 1st August is always very poignant for me as I miss her ( & my Dad) very much indeed. I love the plaque that you have made and I have already ordered some of the stamp board shapes although being me I can’t remember which ones! Still regardless of shape, I could still do something like this. I’m really looking forward to the shows tomorrow – I would like the butterfly and bird trees and the texture plates ( I already have this boy) . Linda’s plates look fabulous too ( oh dear!!!) Love and hugs,Alison xxx

    1. Thinking of you Alison as I know just how you must feel, my Mum would have been 104 tomorrow, it still hurts after all these

    2. Thinking of you Alison xx So glad I am not the only one who can’t remember which shapes I ordered!!🥴🥴

  9. That looks great Barbara. I think I’d like to get the boards later. In the meantime I seem to be behind on lots and need to catch up. Look forward to seeing the shows tomorrow. Glad you had a lovely day with your Mum and

  10. Love the plaque, stamping boards are on order & I have the stamp so I can see me trying this technique. They would make nice gifts as well.
    Its been a better day heat wise today so have managed to get a few cards made using some of my bits & bobs stash. I hate throwing bits of card & paper away but my box or rather boxes are overflowing so I need to be focused & not use any new pieces until the pile has shrunk a bit. I think a few paper piecing projects are needed so will have to dig my dies out & have a play whilst watching the shows tomorrow.

  11. Lovely plaque. I was intrigued when you announced the launch of these stamp order shaped as I wasn’t sure how they should be used – is it a smooth alternative to the canvas boards? I look forward to seeing more examples.

  12. Hello Barb, so lovely to hear that you had a great day with your Mum and Dad. Love this little plaque and what a great technique. Thanks for the step by step, I was wondering how you had them lined up given the dimension of the stamp board. Will be recording the shows, as off to see our daughter today. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  13. Just catching up on the blog from the last few days. That is just gorgeous! Despite this being my first week of retirement, Ive been so busy I haven’t done much crafting! I thin I’m missing the routine of work, so maybe need to start planning my diary each day so I get more focused…. Anybody else got tips for switching from work to retirement?

    1. It’s strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to it and wonder how you ever found time to work! It’s just lovely to be able to go where you want, when you want ( well in normal times anyway!) . Enjoy it!
      Love Alison xx

  14. A beautiful stamp and hanging!
    Was so busy with things that I forot to watch you at Hochanda so have to watch it on youtube.
    Stay save and see you tomorrow in the Shac!
    Greetings, Trijntje Huppel

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