Work more…achieve more…

Work more…achieve more…

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just got back from Mum and Dads. Decided last minute to drive over and spend the afternoon with them. It was either work more or visit them. Mmm… Work more. Achieve more. Two very different things actually.

I had spent the whole morning thinking, “really ought to go see Mum and Dad, but have got so much to do”, “Mum is getting fed up with being in isolation – a visit would cheer her up. But that meeting on Friday needs serious thinking about” “Should just check in on them and make sure they’re ok. But it’ll take all day and I’m up to my arse in crocodiles at the minute!”

And then I heard myself. Honestly Gray. When will you figure it out? And within an hour, there I was, outside their house. And there they were at the side door, full of hugs and smiles.

We sat for 5 hours, drank tea, and generally put the world to rights. I confided in them about a couple of things that are getting on my pip, and asked them their advice. They thought before responding, but came back unanimous.

We reminisced and laughed, and had the best afternoon! Mum tried to feed me, I stuck to my guns, so Dad ate all the biscuits! Now why oh why would I even consider passing up a wonderful time like that with my oldest and best friends, and think that work should take precedence.

Thank God I came to my senses. Worked less, but achieved a whole helluvalot more.

Reality check. Those poor people have been locked in their home since March. It’s August now. Apart from a couple of runs out, THAT IS IT. They are amazing actually. Still upbeat, uncomplaining, hanging in there, smiling, getting on with it and grateful for any assistance. Survivors.

Tomorrow I’ll get back in the Clarity saddle. Whatever work I failed to do today will be smiling at me tomorrow. But today I was smart. I got it right.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

46 thoughts on “Work more…achieve more…

  1. Arh thats lovely to pay your mum and dad a visit, i wish I could. Enjoy them while you can. I used to love a cuppa or two with my old mum bless her.
    Im sure your mum and dad were very pleased to sit and chat for a few hours. Especially if they cant get out much. A nice old gossip does you the power of good. 🙂

    1. So lucky to still have your mum and dad. Never pass up a chance to spend time with them and you’ll have nothing to regret…. family first… always ❤️

  2. Hello Barbara
    You made the right decision, work will always be there. For ever and ever. Nobody stood in front of the pearly gates wishing they had missed a visit with family in order to go to work, lol.
    I hope your parents advice helped you with whatever is bothering you. They always have your best interest at heart.

  3. Mum and Dad always know best and hope their advise has helped. I am sure that an afternoon with them was much better than work as was an afternoon making snowflakes and stars for me. Need to go and bake some cake for our anniversary tomorrow can’t believe it’s 100 hours thanks Barbara xxx Catherine.

  4. I wish my Mum was still here to pop and see, you are very fortunate to have them both. You did the right thing.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)
    Kids and grandkids are coming up for a couple of days tomorrow, it will the first time I’ve met the baby! (he’s crawling everywhere apparently!)

  5. Yes you did make the right decision and I’m sure you feel better for it. My daughter came to see me today and it was great. We spent a good few hours lunching and sipping wine . We haven’t hugged since March but oh I so wanted to. Our day will come I’m sure of this. I hang on to days like this when I’m feeling down. I hope you have a lighter heart tonight Barbara xx

  6. You did right. Parents first. I only have Dad and he is thousands of miles away in the WI’s. Work will be there tomorrow. Of to practise snowflakes for tomorrow. God bless.

  7. It’s strange but today I looked at a whole heap of stuff that needs doing and decided it could wait. Instead I phoned my Aunt and Uncle, the last surviving family members of their generation. My uncle has a hospital appointment tomorrow. I asked how they were going to get there and my Aunt said “I’m driving him there.” My Aunt is 93 and my uncle 96. They have been married for 74 years and have known each other since childhood. The things I needed to do will still be there tomorrow. I’m glad I phoned them. xxx

  8. Your priorities were right on, the break and a relaxing afternoon with your parents will have refrshed you and you will work better tomorrow.
    Finally found the Make a Wish plates, such a relief, but they were not where they were supposed to be. The house elf had been at work again.
    Received the Linda’s hearts stamps. They are beautiful. Supposed to be cooler today but instead it has been very hot and clammy all day so I took the afternoon off.
    Stay safe 🍒🍒🍒

  9. I have a beautiful little picture which says ……
    The work will wait while you watch the sunset
    The sunset won’t wait while you work

    ‘nuff said. xx

  10. You made the right decision Barbara. Work will always be there, your Mum & Dad won’t. I think that this terrible situation has made us realise what is really important and it is people, friends and family not work or possessions. As they say, “There are no pockets in a shroud”xx

  11. Hi Barb,
    I’m certain that you did the right thing in going to see your Mam and Dad. They are vulnerable and probably scared ( probably won’t admit that) and seeing you is the most important thing for them. You are very lucky to have them and your support for them is important. Business will still be there tomorrow and the day after. It is very strange times for everyone. Love and hugs,Alison xxx

  12. You did the right thing Barbara. Lack of social contact is not good for us oldies. I’ve been shielding alone since March 22 and am fed up with it. Then eldest daughter arrives, masks on , we’re going out to see the sea which is just boiling around our coast today. Only 5 miles, 2 hours out made such a difference.( And thank goodness for the shac shack!)xx

    1. I would choose my family over work any day. Make the most of them whilst they are there.

      I deeply regret as a young girl not going to see my grandfather when my mother suggested I should go. I never got the opportunity again that has kind of haunted me all my life xx

  13. No one ever lies on their death bed wishing they had spent more time in the office so you definitely made the right decision. Enjoy your parents as much as you can while you can. Lockdown has taught us what really matters. Hang on to that. Lots of love. Hxx

  14. Had text message last night from our Son, “are you doing anything tomorrow, it being your birthday.” ” We are going to Monmouth for an afternoon out as holidaying in the Forest of Dean for a few days. Woud you like to meet us midday.” So excited to be seeing out two grandchildren and Son and Daughter in law, jumped at the chance. Went in Gregg’s bought loads of food for a picnic, wonderful day, browsing and sitting by the river eating our picnic. Went in a beautiful little cafe for coffee and cake before going back home. Barbara your decision was the right one, as our Son’s was for us. Made our day, simple but wonderful, meant the world to us, probably the same for your parents. Will catch up tomorrow on our stars etc. Couldn’t miss that opportunity, could we? God Bless xxx

  15. I made the same decision today. I talk to her everyday, but hadn’t actually been with my mom in two weeks. I helped her with a few things and then sat and chatted for a couple of hours. It felt wonderful. Need to do it more often.

  16. Don’t ever turn down the opportunity to spend time with your parents when you can. My father passed away of a heart attack at the age of 62 While on holiday in Malta 15yrs ago now. My Mum now has vascular dementia and is in care home. I’ve had to sell the family home of 48yrs to pay for her care. Although it gave me choice it was a nightmare 2 yrs. At the moment I get to see her from
    a distance for an hr once a fortnight..Make the most of your special bond. Never doubt the right thing to do Xx

  17. Perfect decision and you’ll reap the benefits of your visit tomorrow as I’m sure your mum and dad will have right sided you.
    Sleep soundly Barbara and then face the world refreshed and full on.
    Love and hugs xxx

  18. Right decision for today Barbara, office and work will still be there tomorrow and I’m sure seeing them has helped a whole lot more than a few hours in the office!
    stay safe, x

  19. Hi Barbara
    What a wonderful way to spend your afternoon. I really am in awe of you and your wonderful relationship that you have with your parents and your brother and your children, totally filled with love and respect for each other.
    Love & Hugs

  20. Glad you had a lovely afternoon with your parents, I am sure both you & them feel so much better for the chat. Work whether it is house or office will still be there tomorrow .
    I missed the SHAC Shack this morning as we went down to Crickhowell to see our new granddaughter born at the beginning of June & her big sister who is just 2 who we hadn’t seen since Christmas. It was lovely to have cuddles with baby & play in the mud kitchen with the older one. I have now caught up with my snowflakes ready for tomorrow & the 100 hour celebration.

  21. Work definitely needed to come second today Barbara, and your Mum and Dad will have so enjoyed seeing and chatting with you, and vice versa, especially if you had things on your mind which they helped you with. You have to make the most of having them around, and you will find you will get far more done tomorrow having had a lovely day with them today. x

  22. Family first and always! Wish mine were closer. I’m only an hour and a bit away by plane, but don’t want to do that just now, so it’s phone calls only for me. Luckily my siblings are all able to visit x

  23. Hello Barb, definitely the best decision you could have made, work will invariably always be there, and there is nobody better to get advice from other than your parents. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  24. Yep the right decision. So so precious time with parents wish I had mine around lost them both at 73 years of age and I’m 70 which does shake you up a bit! Your parents must feel extra special and needed as you pass things by them and listen to them which in turn gives them such a boost. Glad for you. X

  25. You made the right decision Barbara. Your parents are important and like you say also your best friends. I’m glad you had such a lovely afternoon with them!
    I wish I could just pop over to see my Mum but she is in Germany and because of Corona I’ve not been able to go and see her (and the rest of my family) for months. Do miss my Mum but thanks to modern technology at least we can have regular video chats which helps. Could get on a flight, of course but don’t feel comfortable doing that right now. Still don’t feel it’s safe. So all being well, my boyfriend and I will be going to Germany next month – by car.
    See you in the SHAC Shack at 10. Hugs xxx

  26. Family is my priority. I would always put them first. Glad you enjoyed the time with your mum and dad. X X

  27. Yes work is important but family are the priority and our parents can be the tonic that helps to clear our head. Much hugs.xx

  28. Made me cry reading your post about your mum and dad Barbara. What I would do to have a cup of tea and chat with mine. My mum has been gone since late 80’s and dad early 90’s, but only allow myself to think deeply about them occasionally as it still hurts. I know you treasure your moments. We also treasure our moments with you in the shack shac thank you. Cried this morning as well 100 day. I am not normally a person that cries easily, except as I get older. Loved seeing Dave and you interact. Beautiful couple and soulmates x have a wonderful day xxxx

  29. Right decision – family always comes first 🙂
    What a wonderful 100th Shac this morning – so lovely to meet Dave. How lucky you are to have him. You have made us one big family; always there, giving support and encouragement; wise words of advice. Thank you so much Barbara and the Clarity team xx

  30. I totally understand , and you got your priorities right! You probably achieved more than the meeting ever did anyway, as your mind would have been with your lovely mum and dad. I never saw my mother for almost 20 years before she died, though we were in touch by telephone -she’d never use any media -when my brother tried to link us for her 95th birthday she got up and ran away!! My friend hasn’t been out more than a handful of times since March and only saw ‘other people’ (podiatrist and then 2 new friends) twice. She is still frightened of going out and even more frightened of me going out -so I don’t! Clarity has kept us sane. We’ve doodled every single session since the birds on the wire, and loved you for the laughter, tears, stories and sense of community. Now to see if tomorrow’s blog has appeared yet!! Big hugs for your parents when you next see them -and one each for you and Dave as well.

  31. You defo made the right choice. Got no parents to go to with anything now and at 58 still feel I need em. When I was well and worked in the corporate world I hate to think back on all the things I could’ve done and things I missed with Mum and Dad cos of work. Shame on me.

  32. you so made the right choice, i so wish i had my mum, but i have photos all over my craft room so i know she can see all i do and yes she would be very proud of things i can do as she always was. I always know no one dies whilst just one person remembers them, they live on in us, with us, and around us, i am my mum i have part of her in me and my dad i’m so proud

  33. Barbara I made a card quite early on using the air ballon doodle and used the saying “And just like that, the world tipped on its axis and everything fell off the table”. This stands on my work unit to remind me of what’s happening. The SHAC to me is a reason to be up and ready for 10 o’clock each day, and even my husband sits within ear shot and listens to you.. This daily commitment by you is a selfless act of Charity from the First Lady of Clarity and although you aren’t in it to sell I hope our occasional purchases have helped. So maybe “Clarity begins at Home” is appropriate. Thank you and Bless you and your family.

  34. Got to be said you are an inspiration, you deserve a knighthood, how proud your parents must be, a funny, kind and giving person, never missed a shac shac though often has to be later on in evening, even if I dont manage to draw on given day, listen and learn, my friends Ive shared with love you and what you do. A massive thank you from me 💜

  35. Take care of yourself and family and the rest will take care of its self! Well done on the weight loss Barb wish I had the will power! Lock down loungers can be worn to work when I eventually have to get back to the office so I really need to start thinking of eating less or maybe more of the healthy food instead of the comfort food! Love from a crafty chocoholic! Xx

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